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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 139

Although the people nearby had lowered their voices, they couldn’t stand it anymore and they were so close. She could clearly hear those scolding her!

She had a bad temper before, but now she was almost furious!

What’s wrong with kicking fans?

She also wants to beat up her fans!

What on earth do these people mean that such a big star like themselves is here and they can’t see him?

She looked at the large group of people in front of her, and her face darkened instantly.

By the way, he glanced at the bodyguard beside him.


the bodyguard was timid.

Just kidding, what can they say with so many people?

I’m really not afraid of being beaten…

Facing Youniao’s eyes, I just whistled helplessly.

It’s just a part-time job, who cares about working hard?

At this time, the people who followed Youniao had already come out one by one.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t care less. They immediately turned on the scanning mode again and kept looking at the people coming out of the passage.

The fan who was holding the flowers just stayed away from Youniao. After all, she had also heard about Youniao kicking passers-by. She was afraid that it was too late. How could she send flowers?

Especially the look in Youniao’s eyes…

He wants to kill someone!

“A bunch of unqualified people!”

“”807″ Seeing this scene, the bird’s lungs are about to burst with anger!

How early did she debut? She is also a veteran in the entertainment industry, and because of her prominent background, she does things in her own way without any regrets. It would give others face.

But this time, because of the impact of kicking a passerby last time, she specifically wanted to show her people-friendly side and hired some support to show off her fame. Originally,

look She was quite excited when there were so many people picking her up at the airport.

She thought she had not expired and could be welcomed by so many people.

But now…

no one is criticizing her!

Forget it, there are still people scolding her?

There are still people who want to Hiding from yourself?

This is such a crazy idea!!

The most important thing is that these people are here to pick up an anchor?

When will anchors be comparable to celebrities like me?

Isn’t this pure nonsense ? ?

As a star, Youniao is quite arrogant, especially since she comes from a very large family. Seeing this scene, jealousy and doubts suddenly emerged in her heart.。

“Please get out of the way, all of you fans of the anchor. If you are blocking me here, what will happen to my fans? ”

Youniao almost shouted, and at the same time he kept looking for his support around him.

With so many people, it’s impossible for them to be fans of that anchor, right?

In other words… She is just unlucky, and her fan base is still huge.

Thinking of this, Youniao felt much better.

However, the people next to her recognized Youniao, and immediately shouted back in disgust: “Brothers, please give way! If anyone is here to pick up this Youniao, take her away quickly! ”

As soon as he passed the message, the people behind him followed suit, and then the entire airport reception hall began to roar.。

“Are you a fan again? Hurry up and say something!”

“Another bird? Who is the bird again?”

“It’s just a hot pussy. Damn it, where are her fans? Pick her up quickly!”

“What about fellow fans of Youniao? Stop hiding and come out quickly!”


After yelling for a long time.

There was a sudden silence.

Then everyone just looked at me and I looked at you.

at last……

“Who is her fan? ”

After I don’t know who said this, the atmosphere suddenly became more depressed.

No one spoke!

Even Tuo was embarrassed to stand up!

When Youniao saw this scene, he was stunned in place.

What is this? What’s the situation? There are

so many fans in front of her…

not even one of her own?

Impossible, didn’t she buy a toy…

Thinking of this, she suddenly saw her phone vibrate and found that it was a message from an agency.。

【Accepting requests from fans and passers-by, the price is cheap: Hot lady, I’m sorry, those people said they quit, it’s so embarrassing… I’m really sorry, I don’t know what the situation is, how about I give you some replacements? ]

Seeing this news, Youniao’s eyes widened almost in disbelief.

What’s going on?

You are a veteran star. You have appeared on so many variety shows and have so many representative works, but you have no fans?

Moreover, who did this group of people pick up? Isn’t it the recent internet celebrity anchor?

Youniao had heard something about Li Qingyue, but she had always been disdainful.

What is an anchor?

What happened to the hot searches in the past few days?

He doesn’t have any representative works, and he hasn’t participated in film, television or variety shows. No matter how popular he is for a while, he will be forgotten by everyone in a short time!

However, the scene in front of her directly gave her a heavy blow.

No one in the hall came specifically to greet her!

Not only that, when everyone saw her gaze, they couldn’t help but sneered, and then looked away as if nothing had happened.

This is normal…


er all, Youniao gives people the impression of being a big star and showing no emotion on the screen, and because of the recent incident of kicking a fan away, everyone’s dislike of her has reached a peak.

What kind of celebrity is not a celebrity? Why, when he becomes popular, he becomes more awesome than everyone else?

Of course, she might still have some fans now, but…

they are all negative fans! (To read cool novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

I want to rush up and scold her!

“Okay, okay, get out of the way quickly. Let’s see if you, the bodyguard, are blocking the road we made. Can you leave? ”

I don’t know who said this.

In an instant, the resentment of the whole audience broke out!

“I haven’t settled the matter with you for kicking fans yet. Why are you standing here? We still need to see Qingyue!”

“That is, you have kicked all the fans away!”

“Are we here to watch you lose your temper? ? This is not a variety show, so just stand aside and go!”


Many people are scolding!

After all, there were originally a lot of people around here, so it was already very difficult for everyone to finally make way for an aisle.

But Youniao took a dozen bodyguards and stood in the middle. Isn’t this a joke?

What’s more, everyone knows her temper well, so what else can this bird do besides act like a big star and have average abilities?


Youniao’s temper suddenly rose, and he felt a mouthful of old blood clogged in his chest, and he immediately wanted to curse.

But everyone’s attention was not on her, they just stared at the entrance。[]


“Damn it, it’s Qingyue!”

“The absolute best is Qingyue! ! ”

When someone said this, all eyes were fixed on the corner.

Although many people were wary because of the bird…

But after hearing Li Qingyue’s name, they still couldn’t help but look at that corner. While watching……..

And, it seems to be suddenly different this time!

Because just around the corner, when a girl suddenly appeared, everyone held their breath involuntarily.

She was a slim girl. She was wearing a simple sweatshirt, short skirt, and a ponytail. She didn’t look well-dressed overall.

But when it appeared, it was like a shooting star streaking across the night sky, surprising everyone, and the world seemed to suddenly become gorgeous.

And when Li Qingyue stood there because of surprise.

The exclamations came one after another instantly!

“This is so beautiful too! Damn it, I’m really going to fall in love!”

“Hahaha, it’s not worth buying a ticket! ! This is much better than the live broadcast! !”

“The Internet will not deceive me, Qingyue is indeed the cutest in the world!”

“Wife! !”


Everyone’s exclamations came one after another.

Then there was the clicking sound of the camera.

Then someone suddenly burst out shouting。

“I am Qingyue’s dog! ! ”

Everyone was excited instantly!

All the noise was gradually replaced by the three words Li Qingyue, and everyone’s shouts almost shook the entire airport reception hall.

This scene is simply crazier than the concert!

Moreover, the camera and video , everyone holding a mobile phone or camera kept pressing the shutter button excitedly.

This scene was such a surprise to them!

“Let me go, these melons! ! ”

Inside the second floor, Leader Zhang couldn’t help but feel numb when

he saw this scene. He has never seen such a scene in his life!

This group of people is simply crazy!

But when he looked at Li Qingyue with a telescope When he saw her, his old face couldn’t help but smile into chrysanthemums.

This little girl…

was so beautiful!

She was several times more beautiful than the celebrities he had seen before. He didn’t even know what adjectives to use.

No wonder so many people were so beautiful. It was to greet her. With this appearance, he suddenly understood why there was an allusion to the beacon fire opera princes in 0.1.


something more terrifying than this came.

Because, the ground was shaking!

“earthquake? ”

Leader Zhang was startled. Although Chengdu is not an earthquake-prone area, it is a mountainous area after all. This situation shocked him.

But he soon realized that this was not an earthquake, but a large number of people. The sound of running.

The people in A seemed to have heard the shouting of Li Qingyue, and they were rushing over here!

The scene was too terrifying!!

But what was even more incredible was Youniao who was stunned on the spot!

She was She really didn’t expect that these people were all fans of Li Qingyue!

That kind of voice made her deafening. She

just felt like the world was spinning!

She was a big-name star… but she was not as good as an anchor?

Are you kidding…

However, no matter how unwilling she was, , the airport security had already come over.

Seeing this scene, she didn’t even dare to stay, because these people were obviously here to drive her away. If she continued to stay, she would be completely embarrassed!

However, Biyouniao was even more shocked. , it’s actually Li Qingyue, Gu Yusheng and Lan Ying.

Who has seen this scene before?

I didn’t expect it at all!



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