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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 137

When Wang Chengren raised his eyes and looked at the surveillance screen.


The sea of people moving across the screen directly occupied his field of vision!

Compared with the fan group in Area A just now, the number of people in Area B can only be said to be larger and even more exaggerated!

This is because security guards have started to set up a cordon at the scene. It is really not an exaggeration to say that it is a sea of people!

“Hiss…so many people? ”

Wang Chengren felt outrageous when he saw this scene!

You must know that as the leader of the airport, he has not seen any big scenes on weekdays.

Like those celebrities, and even various idol groups, log in to Chengdu It’s not uncommon, there will be many fans coming to pick her up.

But it’s the first time for him to see someone like Li Qingyue who is so exaggerated!

“Allocate more manpower, and safety must be considered. ”

Wang Chengren was stunned for a moment, and then he quickly reacted, “Don’t cause any stampede then, keep an eye on me no matter what.。”

“yes. ”

The little secretary nodded aside.。

“By the way, these are not paid fans, right? ”

Wang Chengren suddenly asked as if he thought of something.

In order to create some big scenes, many celebrities will deliberately spend money to pay for their support, just to create a sensation for themselves.

Wang Chengren has also seen similar situations Yes, that’s why he felt a little unbelievable。

“According to on-site feedback, these people organized themselves……”

When the little secretary said this, he couldn’t help but pause for a moment, and then said: “Leader, in fact, there are 630 people outside the airport who want to come in, but they are all stopped. If they all rush into the pick-up gate, I’m afraid the situation will be worse than now. It’s several times more serious……”

Wang Chengren:“……”

This is really awesome!

He no longer knew what to say.

However, I suddenly had a new concept of Li Qingyue’s popularity.

As famous as a celebrity!

No, it may be beyond the stars, but not necessarily。

“Those fans outside must not let him in just because it is full.

After regaining his composure, Wang Chengren nodded, and then as if he remembered something, he suddenly said: “Do the fans know which flight Li Qingyue took? “”

“According to feedback from the Magic City, it should be the eleven o’clock trip. The words of the fans should not be clear. Li Qingyue’s scarf only said that he would come today, and he did not say that he wanted fans to pick him up at the airport. ”

When the little secretary said this, he couldn’t help but said: “But we only have those two flights today, and there are only two planes coming from Shanghai in the morning. Fans can guess it.。”

“In other words, fans are all self-organized, right? ”

Wang Chengren couldn’t help but feel dizzy.

This situation is the most terrifying!

The super large reception organized by fans was even separated from Li Qingyue’s announcement.

Just from this point of view, we can know that Li Qingyue How strong is the cohesion and execution of fans?。

“The future generations are terrible. ”

Looking at the crowds of people on the surveillance screen, he couldn’t help but say.

Wang Chengren is also very optimistic about the anchor Li (bhfb) Qingyue. If he were young, he would probably join these support groups and become one of them. It’s a pity

. Older.

The little secretary smiled and nodded.

At this moment, Wang Chengren suddenly felt his phone start to vibrate.

When he opened it, he found that someone in the airport group chat was in the airport group chat, and he also sent a voice message。

【Lao Zhang: Lao Wang, I heard that a celebrity is going to our Chengdu Airport today? ]

When he saw the message from the other party, Wang Chengren immediately became happy. This old Zhang, who is almost sixty years old, actually knew that this person was Li Qingyue?

Start replying now。

【Lao Wang: Yes, that’s the kid who’s been popular recently, his name is Li Qingyue. I said Lao Wang, do you also watch other people’s live broadcasts?】

【Lao Zhang: What the hell? I’m talking about celebrities, that one! Bird, do you know? The queen of singing! He posted on his official blog today that he was coming to the airport, and I saw many fans came to pick him up! ]

Wang Chengren was stunned when he heard Lao Zhang’s voice.

No, who is this bird?

The queen of singing?

【Lao Wang: No, Lao Zhang, what are you talking about? Aren’t the fans all here for Li Qingyue’s kid this time?】

【Lao Zhang: What the hell, isn’t it another bird? I saw that her scarf specifically said not to let the fans exaggerate… Ang, that’s it, it might be a coincidence between the two of them.。】

【Lao Wang: It doesn’t matter who he is or what a celebrity he is, we are not star-chasing, we treat everyone equally!】

【Lao Zhang: That’s right. You can be busy then. The boarding gate here is quite busy. See

you later. 】

The chat is interrupted.

Wang Chengren couldn’t help but touched his chin and looked at the little secretary beside him。

“What is a bird again?”

“Another bird? ”

The little secretary was confused for a moment, but quickly realized, “Boss, you’re talking about spicy yin, the one who sings that…I’m conquered by you like this~drink the poison you’ve hidden~that。”


Wang Chengren immediately understood, “His grandma’s hot pussy is hot pussy. What else can you say? This Lao Zhang is really… But I remember that this hot pussy has been scolded by the whole Internet, and it can still be like this Hot?” (If you want to read cool novels, go to Feilu!)

This kind of question is difficult for the little secretary. After all, the celebrities she watches now are either young fresh meat, or Li Qingyue, who is not interested in spicy women. I really don’t know much about it.

Wang Chengren didn’t expect her to answer. After thinking about it, he gave up thinking.

No matter how hot and sexy he is, he can’t even compete with me.

It’s these fans…

Order must be maintained well, and gathering a crowd can be quite troublesome!

“Add more people to patrol and try to keep them from getting together! ”

After giving the order, Wang Chengren also walked directly towards the airport reception hall.。


at the same time.

Li Qingyue woke up.

After taking off the eye mask, I immediately felt refreshed!

But at this time, she could hear various whispers from the nearby flight attendants.。

“Wow, did you see that? That little sister is super pretty!”

“Is it Li Qingyue? It’s definitely Li Qingyue!”

“She took off her blindfold. Isn’t it so pretty? Can we take a group photo?”[]

“Shh… Do you want to be scolded by the steward?”

“I watched the Demon King’s live broadcast before. No wonder the Demon King insisted on ruaing her. I also wanted to go up and rua her.……”


Whispers kept coming and going.

After all, flight attendants would walk around the first class cabin from time to time to see if each passenger had any requests.

So it was natural to notice Li Qingyue.

Especially when Li Qingyue took off her blindfold, her identity was directly confirmed.

This made Li Qingyue a little embarrassed, but what else could he do?

You can only pretend you didn’t hear it…

Gu Yusheng next to him also showed a smile when he saw Li Qingyue waking up.。

“How about Xiao Qingyue, have you had enough sleep?”

“enough sleep……”

Li Qingyue rubbed her eyes, and then remembered that a younger sister suddenly appeared during the live broadcast, and couldn’t help but said: “Sister Gu, I almost forgot to tell you, there was someone who suddenly appeared during my live broadcast and gave away a lot of carnival gifts. , and then he said he would come to Chengdu to find me.。”

“You talk about her. When Gu

Yusheng heard this, he immediately rolled his eyes, “That person is my biological sister!” Didn’t we say before that she was coming? But when she saw that we were going to Chengdu, she changed the route directly.。”

“Your biological sister? ”

When Li Qingyue heard this, she instantly became energetic.

Good guy, no wonder she called herself her sister as soon as she came out. Is there such a layer of relationship in the relationship?

“Yes, it’s the chuunibyou I mentioned before. ”

Gu Yusheng was speechless when he talked about Gu Qingxue, “She is the one who talks weirdly, but she has good intentions, and she seems to be your fan.。”

“So that’s it……”

Li Qingyue breathed a sigh of relief.

I was still guessing the other party’s identity before, but now it seems that they are acquaintances to some extent, right?

The two of them were talking at the same time.

A flight attendant had already walked over and reminded her carefully: “Hello you two, we are about to descend. Remember to fasten your seat belts.”……”

Gu Yusheng nodded to the stewardess and then began to fasten his seat belt.

As for the stewardess, she looked at Li Qingyue curiously.

But when she found that Li Qingyue was also smiling at her, she suddenly became excited.。

“Hello, I can tie it for you。”

“Is there such a service? ”

Li Qingyue tilted her head, and then tied it up with a click.

Stewardess: …

Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth when he saw this. After the stewardess left, he couldn’t help but smile: “I should really be able to see you this time. She did. But there is no rush, she will probably have some fun in Chengdu first anyway. As for after getting off the plane, Lan Ying said just now that a fan was coming to pick her up. What do you think we should do?”

“What should I do… No one knows when I will get off the plane, there shouldn’t be many people there, right?

Li Qingyue thought for a while: “Let’s just say hello first. After all, we are at the airport, so we can’t take photos or anything like that. “……”



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