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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 136

Wait until you arrive at the Magic City Airport.

After everyone passed the security check, they came to the waiting hall to wait.

During this period, Lan Ying secretly looked at Li Qingyue from time to time.

Even though the knee pillow failed…

it still looks great!

But at this moment, she suddenly felt her phone vibrate.

I clicked on it and found that it was a message from my colleague Xiaoji.。

【Subtotal: Have you boarded the plane?】

【Lan Ying: No, what’s wrong?】

【Subtotal: There are so many people at the Chengdu Airport! 】


Lan Ying was stunned for a moment. Isn’t it normal for the airport to be crowded? Rather, it’s unusual for the airport not to be crowded, right?

When I was still thinking about what the huge crowds of people at Chengcheng Airport had to do with me…

I saw a picture of the scene sent by Xiaoji.

At the airport pick-up gate, many people gathered together and held fan signs high. The words written on them were particularly eye-catching:

【The leader of the Chengdu Knights, here to report!】

【Welcome Qingyue~]

Damn it!

Only then did she realize that she had just misunderstood.

Xiaoji said that many people are these fans!

They came to see Li Qingyue!


there are too many people!

Just from the picture, you can see a group of people holding various signs and sending flowers. Everyone even formed an orderly square formation, like a cheerleading team.

This scene even alarmed the plane’s security guards.

What the hell is this?

【Xiaoji: Did you see that many fans in Chengdu know that Li Qingyue will come to Chengdu today, and they have specially arranged to pick them up at the airport?……】

After reading it, Lan Ying felt her scalp numb.

This is a real sea of people. Will we start a temple escape after getting off the plane?


However, it is unrealistic to think of countermeasures for this kind of thing by yourself, so Lan Ying immediately moved next to Gu Yusheng and whispered: “Mr. Gu, just now Xiaoji said that there is a place at Rongcheng Airport.……”

With that said, she showed Gu Yusheng the chat messages on her phone.

After Gu Yusheng glanced at it, his handsome brows couldn’t help but frown.。

“How many people are there?”

“I don’t know. It looks like there are thousands of people there.……”Lan Ying said cautiously.

Judging from the scene, there were at least several thousand people.

These people were very large just arranged in a square formation… and they could almost fill the airport pick-up area, otherwise they would not alert the security guards.

Gu Yusheng’s head suddenly felt heavy. Although this kind of thing was somewhat expected, it happened too quickly, didn’t it?

After thinking about it, Gu Yusheng said: “Don’t tell Qingyue yet, let her catch up on her sleep. As for how to deal with getting off the plane… let’s talk about it after getting off the plane. Anyway, that girl is wearing a mask.” Lan Ying took the phone and took another sneak peek

. He glanced at Li Qingyue and felt a little nervous.

Although Li Qingyue was wearing a mask and sunglasses, she was too dazzling in the crowd!

Even if appearance is put aside, the body proportions that are close to the golden ratio can attract the attention of many people.

In particular, even though Li Qingyue is sitting in the terminal and snoring, her cute appearance still attracts many people to sit beside her.

There were even a few who wanted to strike up a conversation, but Gu Yusheng glared back…

This kind of charm is too exaggerated!

But if you think about it carefully, it’s not a big deal for fans to pick you up at the airport.

The most I can do is say hello to the fans. As for taking photos and signing autographs, the airport is probably not willing to do that.

What else can you do?

Fans won’t eat them up!

Thinking of this, she felt relieved again.

So be it!

As for Li Qingyue…

Although she was in a daze now, because of her very good hearing, she could hear the conversation between Gu Yusheng and Lan Ying, and she had a rough imagination in her mind.

Fans came to pick me up at the airport…

Well, this kind of treatment is quite exciting. People who don’t know it think they have become a big star.

Thank you fans for your support…


Until then, nothing matters!

The sky is big and the earth is big, sleeping is the biggest!

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue yawned and then changed her position.

It’s a pity that she didn’t have much time left in the terminal, and she would have to board the plane soon.


it’s first class!

It was the first time in Li Qingyue’s life that she came to first class, and she immediately felt the difference. First of all, the seats were very spacious and not as crowded as economy class.

The second thing is…

it’s easier to sleep!

Wearing an eye mask, Li Qingyue quickly started the super fast charging mode.

However, they didn’t know that the scene at the Chengdu Airport was already exploding!

This is a real sea of people. Looking over, you can see all kinds of heads, long hair, short hair, bald, and some uncles and aunts!

Everyone gathered together and could hear

various exclamations from time to time.。

“Is this class Qingyue?”

“No, no, please give way, don’t delay others’ pick-up!”

“As the Qingyue Knights, our first rule is to never embarrass Qingyue!”

“Listen to my order and retreat! ! ”

When the person holding the head of the Rongcheng Knights said this from a high place,

there was a crash… (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Everyone immediately gave way to the first batch of people who stepped out of the plane. A passage leads directly to the underground exit.

The people who walked out of the plane were numb. Where had they seen such a scene?


After walking through this passage opened by people, they could feel countless pairs of eyes. His eyes were scanning his body like a fiery eye.

What was even more exaggerated was that when a beautiful woman wearing a mask appeared,……

“Is it her! ?”

“No, no, Qingyue’s legs are longer, I’ve been to comic expos, believe me!”

“The eyes are wrong and the body shape is wrong, pass!”

“Well, my hair is a bit shorter too…too!”

“Can anyone give me accurate information on where Qingyue came from? I suspect we entered the wrong airport!”

“Believe me, even if Qingyue is tightly wrapped, I can definitely find her among ten thousand people!”

“Awesome! !”


Everyone kept talking like a door god.

The leader of the Rongcheng team once again shouted with a loudspeaker: “Don’t judge other people’s figures casually! Put quality first!!”

Hearing this, everyone said “yes” again.

This huge scene directly shocked the people in charge of the airport!

“What’s going on? Get your claws! ”

Wang Chengren, as the senior leader of the airport, was supposed to check the order of the airport on a routine basis.

But when he saw this scene, his whole jaw dropped to the ground.

Is this an A-list star coming?

Especially when he passed The surveillance cameras were shocked when they saw fans occupying the entire airport reception hall.

This is too exaggerated. I have never seen such an outrageous crowd before.。

“.Leader, I had a chat with those fans just now, and I said that they all came here to pick up Li Qingyue. “The female airport employee on the side whispered.。

“What? Li Qingyue? ”

Wang Chengren’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard this.

He may not know anything else, but the name Li Qingyue…

is like a thunder to his ears!

Even though he is almost fifty years old, down to his grandson, his son and daughter-in-law, it is also Everyone has watched Li Qingyue

‘s live broadcast. And because of Li Qingyue, his wife no longer watches Xiucai. She squats in Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room every day, which makes Wang Chengren have a good sense of Li Qingyue. Of course, he also watched it himself, and

even I bought gifts secretly, but I didn’t dare to let my wife���road。

……Do you want to go get an autograph later?

No, my identity is here. If I take the lead in signing, I’m afraid there will be a riot at the airport.。

“What, where is the security captain? Wang

Chengren clasped his hands behind his back and looked at the security captain on the side, “Take some people to set up a cordon, pay special attention to those who want autographs and photos. You must not block the exit. You must consider the experience of other passengers.”。”

“yes! ”

The security captain nodded, but he felt a little weird in his heart.

Why did the leader feel like he was deliberately not letting others sign?

But… forget it, he is just a wage earner anyway, and he should just do whatever the leader says. !

Wang Chengren looked at the security captain leaving (Manuohao), and his heart suddenly became balanced.

He couldn’t sign, but he could not let others sign!

But after he finished speaking, he saw another wave of people with Flowers and other things, I hurried to the pick-up hall and couldn’t help but touch my chin.。

“Speaking of which, I remember that Li Qingyue was the anchor on a certain music channel, right? Are anchors so famous now? It seems that the celebrity a few days ago didn’t have such a pomp.。”

“Leader, it may be that many young people are not very star-chasing anymore. On the contrary, anchors have quite a lot of people who like them because they interact with the audience during live broadcasts. ”

The little secretary thought for a while and said。[]

When she was about to add something, she suddenly received the message and her eyes widened.。

“Leader, there seem to be more people in the pick-up hall in Area B… It is said that someone on the Internet speculated about Li Qingyue’s itinerary, and the probability of arriving in Area B is greater, so many fans went there. ”

Wang Chengren was stunned.

Isn’t that all!?

He glanced at the little secretary and said, “The scale of B is just bigger than here, isn’t it a small farmer?”

“Only big, not small. “The little secretary said with certainty.

Wang Chengren took a deep breath, and then said to the monitoring technician next to him:“……Monitor, adjust the screen to area B and take a look. ”

The technician nodded, and then the screen changed.。



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