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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 135

After Li Qingyue opened the door, she found it was Xiao Tam.

Just when she was surprised, she saw Little Tam looking at her seriously.。

“What’s wrong? ”

Li Qingyue touched her face and felt nothing.。

“Qingyue, I have something very important to tell you! ”

Little Tam’s voice was rare and serious.。

“……What’s up? ”

Li Qingyue’s eyes widened.

Could it be…

that one?”

“that is……”

Little Tam said this, and then said solemnly: “If you go out like this, you are likely to cause commotion again! Sister Gu asked me to buy you a mask and sunglasses. Remember to bring them when you go out tomorrow!” That’s it

! this!

Only then did Li Qingyue remember that she had forgotten something. Ever since the last time she picked up a courier and caused a commotion, she had developed an awareness of her own popularity.

That is, she seems to be at the point where she would cause a commotion if she just goes out casually!

This matter is not a big deal, so Li Qingyue is also very serious。

“I see! ”

After saying that, he saw Xiao Tam taking out a gift box from behind with a smile, which contained a black toad mirror and a large mask. After putting it on,

Li Qingyue made a pose: “How is it?”

“……Why do you think it still looks good? ”

Little Tam stared at Li Qingyue and couldn’t help but touch her chin.

Why does she still feel that Li Qingyue looks so good-looking after wearing big sunglasses and a mask?

It’s the kind of thing where people would exclaim “big beauty” when walking on the street.

But not It should……

“What to do? ”16 Li Qingyue couldn’t help but be surprised, is it so exaggerated?

“Hmm… It should be a matter of temperament. The aura you give people is that beautiful feeling. ”

After pondering for a few seconds, Little Tam finally came to the conclusion that it was useless.

Li Qingyue was helpless. It was impossible for him to change his temperament casually.

And because of the hot weather, he wore a mask and sunglasses. After that, I always felt very hot and stuffy.

I couldn’t breathe easily!

“Try wearing another hat? ”

Little Tam took out another baseball cap.


it looked even better!

“Damn it, it feels useless! ”

Little Tam couldn’t help but despair. In her opinion, Li Qingyue looked good no matter how she dressed up, and she couldn’t take her eyes away.

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but raise her forehead when she saw this, but she suggested: “Why don’t you go shopping? ? I think it’s your misunderstanding……”

“That’s right, it’s still early anyway, just enough to see how the situation is now. ”

Little Tam nodded quickly.

The two beauties went out together and were noticed again.

And just like what Little Tam said, Li Qingyue’s turnaround was really high when she walked on the street!

There were even many people holding mobile phones. Secretly taking photos.

But it was probably because of the mask and glasses that they were not recognized. Although everyone was curious, they were not as crazy as before.

Sure enough, star effect does exist…

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw this. In daily life, no matter how beautiful a girl is, she will not cause too much of a stir. At most, she will be talked to or something like that.

But when you have a certain degree of popularity, it is different. When a group of people gather to ask for autographs, others People will inevitably come over to join in the fun.

But after wearing a mask, this kind of degree is avoided.

The only uncomfortable thing is.

It’s really hot!

In this weather, even at night, it will feel like a steamer, but Li Qingyue She wrapped herself up tightly again!

After returning home, Li Qingyue took down all the decorations and took a cold shower, which relieved her.。

“Even though I have superpowers, I can’t seem to apply them in my daily life.……”

Li Qingyue sighed while washing her hair, “It would be great if I could use my super powers in places that are not afraid of heat, but unfortunately I can’t. As expected, productivity is the first factor!””

“But then again, even Xier and Bronya have been cosplayed, who is the next character? It seems that Bengtie doesn’t have many characters left for me to cosplay.……”

By the time Li Qingyue started blow-drying her hair, she was already deep in thought.

Currently, the only five-star female characters should be Himeko, Kagiri, and Topa.

It seems that there is a new version of Huo Huo coming.

Well, first of all, we exclude Himeko and Topa. After all, their bodies are not suitable. They are going to celebrate their anniversary next. You can’t suddenly become super big and sexy and amaze other people, right?

What’s that?

Did you grow suddenly overnight?

It’s impossible even if you think about it!

It should still be possible for Jingliu and Huohuo. Although Jingliu is the Yujie type, her figure is quite similar to her… Forget it, we will talk about it

when the time comes. I don’t know what the system will do for me.

When she returned to bed, Li Qingyue saw the message Gu Yusheng sent her, saying that he would pick her up tomorrow.

After replying, Li Qingyue lay on the bed seriously.

Be sure to have a good rest today


After all, I have to catch a flight tomorrow, and if I stay in bed…

well, it would be a nightmare just thinking about it.

And at the same time.

Next to Gu Yusheng, the assistant looked nervous。

“Mr. Gu, can we see Qingyue tomorrow? ”

The assistant’s real name is Lan Ying. She is twenty-five years old. She is female and has a cute appearance. However, she has short hair because of her work. She looks smart and capable. She is Gu Yusheng’s capable cadre, especially after Gu Yusheng signed Li Qingyue

. After that, Gu Yusheng was too busy with many things, so he left some things to Lan Ying.

However, Lan Ying was also a fan of Li Qingyue!

After following Gu Yusheng and seeing Li Qingyue, she had long wanted to see Li Qingyue with her own eyes. , but she never had the chance. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

And when she learned that Gu Yusheng was also going to take her with him, she was already quite excited. She felt

like she was looking forward to meeting her idol!

“Well, there is something going on with Little Tam, and since the Demon King is from a certain fish, he left with a certain fish today, so the three of us will go together. ”

When Gu Yusheng said this, he saw Lan Ying’s nervous look and couldn’t help but smile: “Don’t worry, Qingyue is very easy-going, don’t feel pressured. And judging from your age, you can be considered her elder, right?”

“I, I get it……”

Lan Ying nodded, but she still couldn’t help but beat her heart.

Although I know Li Qingyue’s character, I haven’t met him yet, so I will always think about what kind of makeup I should wear tomorrow, what should I say as the first sentence… In short, I have all kinds of thoughts


Seeing her look, Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but shake his head and said nothing more.

After all, there seems to be real pressure for a girl to stand with Li Qingyue, even herself.

But what the two didn’t know was.

On Li Qingyue’s side…

she has insomnia!

I really have a bit of insomnia, especially when I know that I have something to do tomorrow morning, so once the thought of going to bed early comes up, I can’t sleep even more.。

“Damn it, I only maintained a perfect routine for a short time! !”[]

Li Qingyue shrank a little irritably.

Fortunately, this kind of insomnia didn’t last long. Li Qingyue felt like it was dawn in a daze, and she didn’t know how long she had slept.

never mind.

Just let it go with your schedule and rest, and just catch up on some sleep on the plane.

After finishing breakfast and saying goodbye to Little Tam, Li Qingyue took her sunglasses to Gu Yusheng’s car.。

“Didn’t you sleep well last night? ”

Seeing that Li Qingyue kept yawning, Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but be surprised. Li Qingyue, who always got up early, would still have trouble sleeping.。

“Yeah…I kept thinking about catching a flight and getting up early, and then I couldn’t sleep because of it.……”

Li Qingyue was sitting in the back seat, her head was dizzy.。

“……Sometimes it does. ”

Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but laugh. She had also suffered from insomnia because of such strange things, but Gu Yusheng was very moved by Li Qingyue’s state.

This child doesn’t have dark circles even if he has insomnia!

His skin is too good 090, right?

“Let’s take a nap in the back seat. We have to go to the airport for a while. ”

After Gu Yusheng said this,

Li Qingyue ignored it and leaned aside with her eyes closed.

No, why is there a shoulder?

In fact, the person sitting next to her was Lan Ying! Originally,

she was still thinking about how she would greet Li Qingyue later. , and even rehearsed it ten thousand times in her mind.

Because she usually watched Li Qingyue in the live broadcast, she was inevitably a little nervous.

And because of this, her heart was beating fast from the beginning.

As a result, after seeing Li Qingyue She was stunned.


it’s so cute!!

Even without any makeup, her skin was hydrated, and there was a scent of lavender when she got close. Even she couldn’t help but lose consciousness after looking at it.

She was already in In this state, before she could react, she found Li Qingyue leaning on her shoulder.

In an instant, Lan Ying’s brain shut down.

Mom, I’m sitting with the angel!

“Eh? ”

At this time, Li Qingyue also noticed something was wrong. After taking a closer look, she discovered that there was a good-looking young lady next to her. She couldn’t help but said awkwardly: “I’m sorry, I didn’t disturb you, right?”

“No, no, no, no! ”

Lan Ying panicked as soon as she opened her mouth. She is usually a very resolute person, so why did she stutter when she spoke now?

“Sorry, sorry, because I didn’t sleep well……”

“It’s okay, you can lie on my lap! ”

After saying that, Lan Ying’s brain instantly entered an overload state.

What were she talking about?


What can I say?

The air became very quiet, and Lan Ying’s ears turned red.

Li Qingyue Then he blinked his eyes, a little confused.。

“You two! Gu

Yusheng was a little helpless, and turned around and said, “This is a business car, and the seats can be adjusted to recline!””



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