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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 134

“Is it off the air now? I haven’t seen enough yet! ! ”

Dai Xiaomei looked at Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room with a black screen and couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Brothers, how about I form a group to go to rua Qingyue tomorrow? It depends on what you said… just watch, I will definitely give you a good beating when the time comes! ”

On the Demon King’s side.

The Demon King finally stopped his nosebleed and wailed: “I stopped looking at my brothers, I’m a little dizzy… To be honest, I always feel that Qingyue is getting cuter and cuter. Do you feel this way? ? This Bunia is awesome…”

“What kind of cosplay is needed for Qingyue’s anniversary? No, brother, you ask me, I don’t know, but the comic exhibition is so explosive, the anniversary should be a little more outrageous, right? ”


Baby Xu Xu took a long puff of cigarette, and then looked at the screen and found that Li Qingyue was off the air.。

“That’s it? ? ”

He looked at his DNF enhancement interface and jumped up, “I’ll go, I wanted to pay homage to Qingyue and add a weapon, but it ended up being downloaded? Then I’ll just download it. See you guys on the anniversary!”

“You’re such a big mouth, and you follow others’ example of downplaying, and then downplaying to get off… Fuck you, you’re a hipster, I’m just kidding you. But to be honest, a lot of anchors have to go to the anniversary celebration this time. Does my old club, a certain fish, know about it? Lao Ma and the others also bought tickets for “630”, it will definitely be lively this time。”

“There are also those female anchors, I think they are all planning to form a group to go to Rua Qingyue… It’s not my fault. With Qingyue like this, even Qianhuang can’t help it. Guess how spectacular the scene will be then! ”

Baby Xuxu said this, and then threw a reinforcement to his mat.


The mat is ready.

His expression suddenly felt as if he was eating shit: “No more broadcasting, no more broadcasting, Qingyue has no luck at all. Okay, I really can’t stand it this time. Brothers, I’m going to run away and buy tickets! ”

Countless anchors have different reactions.

But without exception… they

just can’t get enough!

And it’s not just them, netizens have endless aftertaste about it.

After watching Li Qingyue’s live broadcast, many people will flock to other live broadcast rooms to go Look at the reactions of those anchors.

The traffic even formed a feedback.

After all…

Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room had too many people! As

soon as she finished, the fans who were still interested turned into stars and dispersed in an instant, bringing a lot of traffic to other anchors. .

This made a certain fish who was originally worried suddenly become excited.

Good linkage, this linkage is so awesome!

The upper management of a certain fish wanted to build a monument for Li Qingyue.

But here at station B It’s the complete opposite situation.

Chen Rui is still being scolded…

But fortunately, the flow can be adjusted. No matter how uncomfortable Chen Rui is, he can only pinch his nose and endure it.

However, all this has nothing to do with Li Qingyue.

Next broadcast After that, Li Qingyue looked at the system rewards. She

kept praying in her heart.


It must be hunting!

She only needed the last hunting buff to activate the echo of fate!

Although it was only a basic echo, this thing How powerful Li Qingyue is, he has witnessed it countless times in the simulated universe.

It can be said that even if he is not good, Fate Echo can directly assume the position of the main C!

Regardless of functionality, lethality, auxiliary abilities, etc., Fate Echo can almost every Each one has different characteristics, and they are extremely powerful.

And the most important thing is that when he first played Bengtieda Simulated Universe, Li Qingyue didn’t even dare to open an elite monster without the echo of fate. This shows how important

this thing is.。

【Ding! It is detected that the host has completed all tasks and rewards are being distributed.……】

【You have completed the main mission (Part 1) and received random rewards, with the overall role-playing degree +5%. As a result of completing the hidden mission, you will receive an additional reward, Blessing: Blind Sight (One-Star Blessing of Nothingness). 】

Li Qingyue: …

Okay, okay, so crooked, right?

It’s useless to wish for nothing…

but luckily there is a second chance.

She continued to stare at the system。

【You have completed the main mission (Part 2) and received random rewards, with the overall role-playing degree +5%. As a result of completing the hidden mission, I received additional rewards and blessings: Sanghu Pengya (Hunting One-Star Blessing)。】

【Since you unlocked three Blessings of the Hunt, you have started Echoes of Destiny: The Hunt。】

【When the Echo of Fate is charged 100%, you can summon the Echo of the Hunting Resonance. Based on your strongest attack, you will unleash a rain of wind-attribute arrows on enemies in a large range in front of you.。】

【Note: This ability is extremely destructive and can destroy urban areas, so use it with caution! 】


Li Qingyue couldn’t help but exclaimed that her first destiny echo was finally unlocked.


so strong!

It’s simply ridiculously powerful!

It is different from the game. The respon

se in the game is to attack all enemies at once, but in reality, it becomes a large-scale arrow rain.


is a small city!

And unlike in the game, the arrows created by this destiny echo can be controlled by Li Qingyue.

For example, she can control the range to become very exaggerated, and she can also focus on one target and let all the arrows attack one unit at the same time, thus avoiding accidental damage.

But at the same time, the power will become very powerful.

This horrific description gave Li Qingyue an indescribable feeling.

She had never known what her full firepower level was like before, but now that she was described by the system, she suddenly felt…

so exaggerated!

Didn’t you expect that your attack could cover a small city so far?

Although it is an attack that uses echo, is it too strong?

It’s almost like a humanoid self-propelled weapon……

“In this case, the ability cannot be used casually. ”

Li Qingyue felt it, and she could clearly feel that when she sank into her subconscious, she would find that there was an extra star in her consciousness. There was a hunting symbol on that star, like two arrows crossing each other. Pattern.

The charge at this time is 100%, which means that you only need to move your thoughts to trigger the echo of the hunting destiny. It is just like a

strategic missile!

“However, although it cannot be used, it is the best way to save life. ”

Li Qingyue snapped her fingers.

She is so strong now! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Unfortunately, she has no idea what the danger the system is talking about.

Forget it, it would be nice if she could improve her strength.

In short Just keep getting stronger like this, wait until the end.

After the first destiny echo is unlocked, there are other echo constructions.

Compared with the simple hunting echo, the abilities of these echo constructions are more exaggerated, especially the patrol Hunter’s ability to recharge after killing a unit made Li Qingyue feel the terror of his future self……..

“Let’s do some more hunting next time… But to save our lives, it’s best to add Abundance and Preservation, so that we don’t have to worry about safety issues. ”

Li Qingyue murmured.

The protective abilities of Fengsheng and Cunshu are stronger. Compared with pure aggression, they will make her feel a little safer. However,

is she thinking too much?

After all, this is just a patrol. Where is the hunting echo?

Just when I was thinking about it, the system prompted me again.。

【In view of the excellent performance of the host this time, you have received a hidden reward: 100 universe fragments. 】


Did the cosmic debris mentioned before actually appear?

Seeing this, Li Qingyue’s eyes flashed���。[]

I have to say that the system’s rewards this time are quite generous. 100 universe fragments are just enough for her robe of pure beauty to increase the damage by a full 16%.

If accumulated, it is also a terrifying number.

By the way, there is also a reloaded bunny.

Li Qingyue thought of this and couldn’t help but look behind her.

As she thought, the heavily armored rabbit immediately turned into a motorcycle, which made Li Qingyue a little bit dumbfounded.

Having said that, this motorcycle should be able to be used in urban areas, right?

After all, she still has a driver’s license…


Very cool!

People like motorcycles to begin with, let alone a futuristic motorcycle full of sci-fi style like the Heavy Rabbit?

Li Qingyue touched it and felt a cold feeling on her fingertips, and because she had all the control over the reloaded bunny, she could even use the floating cannon on it.

This feels so good, I really feel like a wanderer in the city.

Unfortunately, this is indoors!

Looking at the motorcycle that occupied half of the bedroom, Li Qingyue had no choice but to put it away. The space used by Heavy Rabbit and Swaro seemed to be in the same place, and they were both the type that could be called upon at any time.。

“When will there be a super power event that will make me bombarded? ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but murmured 0.7 on the bed.

Just imagine, he has become so strong, but until now he has no use.

The only time was probably to control a mouse.

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue couldn’t bear it. He clenched his fists.

The ability to control rats with the magic of speech is simply too cheap!


“Wait, I’m not the only one with superpowers in this world, right? ”

Li Qingyue suddenly thought of such a thing and couldn’t help but widen her eyes.

She has become so strong, and her perception is also very powerful.

But so far, Li Qingyue has not felt any abnormality.

Any abnormality!

This is too unscientific. Well, if it is really as dangerous as the system says, shouldn’t it be a world where people with superpowers are everywhere?

Is it possible that the system is lying to itself?

But now……

“But maybe I’m overthinking it? After all, when it comes to extraordinary events, I have indeed encountered one so far, and that is Fox Fairy Xiao Qing……”

Thinking of this again, Li Qingyue began to struggle again.

The system should not be able to fool itself.

Forget it, just wait, maybe we can actually find some clues.

Just then…

dong dong dong!

There was a knock on the door。



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