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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 132

another side.

Saozhu pdd live broadcast room。

“Ya’er, this is too awesome. Brothers, I’ll just start the carnival, okay? It’s really invincible……”

PDD slapped his thigh directly, then lit the carnival, and sighed with emotion: “Seriously, I know all the characters of Mi Huyou. Didn’t Mi Huyou ask me for investment at the beginning? Later, I found out that Mi Huyou was suddenly so awesome. I went to check it out and learned a lot about cosplay……”

“To be honest, none of those cosplayers can compare to Li Qingyue. From my point of view, I really am not bragging. Shen Lingmin was watching and screaming, okay?”

“Look at Sanwu’s expression. Holy shit, after reading it, I suddenly understood why many people liked Sanwu before. It’s outrageous, you know?”

“Li Qingyue just stood there and did nothing, but you just feel so cute… And I just saw that Demon King and Fu Xiaotuan also followed suit and became facially paralyzed. It can’t be restored at all! ”

When talking about this, pdd looked���One glance at Demon King and Fu Xiaotuan, both of them were screenshotted and made into emoticons, and they immediately laughed like pigs.。

“Hahahaha, have you seen that the Demon King and Fu Xiaotuan are pretty enough, right? But the temperament is different, it is the kind that feels inconsistent no matter how you look at it, but Li Qingyue has that kind of natural feeling, it is really incomparable。”

“How about saying that he is popular… indeed, with such top-notch looks and temperament combined, it would be unreasonable for him not to be popular!”

“And… Sao Pig, you can try it too… I’ll try a geoduck. Do you want to see pig facial paralysis or something? To be honest, most people can’t learn this kind of expression. Talent is really important. I’m not bragging.……”

“The most important thing is that she is also good-looking. Hahaha, if your appearance is not that good, isn’t it just a copycat? ”

pdd couldn’t help but take a puff of cigarette, and then sighed: 193 “To be fair, this expression can make you a god, right? It will definitely be on the hot search list tomorrow… What the hell, it’s already on it?”

“Holy shit, is it really true? Are you moving so fast? ”

pdd was wondering, but when he clicked on the hot search, he saw a brand new title appeared in the tenth position.

Li Qingyue, the three-no girl, who can imitate this temperament?

“Ya’er, holy shit, isn’t this too fast? ? Is it trending just after I changed my clothes? ? Damn it, Li Qingyue is going to kill this hot search! ! pdd

shouted, and then suddenly remembered the anniversary celebration later, and couldn’t help but swallowed, “You know about the last comic exhibition, right?” It was such a big event at that time, how awesome will the anniversary celebration be? Now Li Qingyue has twice as many fans as before!”


at the same time.

I don’t know if it’s because of the scarf, or the reason why Li Qingyue’s cosplay of Bronya was screenshotted and circulated again on the Internet… In short, the

download volume of a certain music suddenly started to soar!

Not only a certain voice, but also a certain fish who can watch Li Qingyue’s live broadcast openly, the download volume has begun to reach a new peak!

Such a terrifying increase made the technical departments in the office of Mouyin, who had been staring at the server’s carrying capacity, stare straight in the eyes.

At this time, they were staring at the detection bars of the two servers, nervously watching the pointers approaching the red zone.……

“Damn, it feels a bit dangerous.……”

The technician on the side suddenly spoke in a low voice.

The live broadcast room seems to be stuck?

But Xiaoji immediately glared at him.

What words is this!

Can a new server bought for 100 million be so weak?

As for Zhang Yiming on the side, he was also looking at the pointer with fear, fearing that his voice would affect something mysterious.

But fortunately…

it has calmed down!


Xiaoji exhaled on the side, feeling relieved.

This is too scary…

I never thought that one of their servers would become this bad because of one person.

And everyone is still living on tight nerves!

This was unimaginable before.

You know, they are one of the top Internet giants in the country, and their servers are already quite powerful.

There was even an extra one added.

But even so, because of Li Qingyue, the pointer was approaching the red zone again.

This is outrageous!

The two servers combined are at this level. If it were one, it would probably not be powered off and restarted, but directly paralyzed!

“This terrible fan cohesion……”

Zhang Yiming couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

Li Qingyue’s audience is the most exaggerated he has ever seen, with an almost astonishing willingness to pay and ultra-high viscosity, which makes him, the boss, feel deeply pressured.

Moreover, there are two servers, if it crashes again.

Not to mention the netizens, even he himself wanted to give himself a slap in the face!


when he focused on L

i Qingyue’s live broadcast data.

I originally thought that I was used to big scenes and there wouldn’t be any surprises at this time.

But I still couldn’t help but feel a little thump in my heart.

Four million fans list!

The number of viewers is really close to six million! !

The most basic likes are already approaching the 4 billion mark, and they are still soaring.

And the number of barrages.

There are more than two billion!

Damn, this kind of record is unique in the entire Internet, right?

Li Qingyue’s live broadcast record may only be broken by Li Qingyue himself!

“Mr. Zhang, is this the live broadcast data of Li Qingyue alone?……”

At this moment, a person walked in from outside the office and was looking at the big screen dumbfounded.

Zhang Yiming looked back and saw a man about his own age wearing glasses standing blankly outside the door, shocked by the data in front of him.。

(bgff) This is one of the shareholders of the board of directors, Su Liangguo!

“It turns out to be Lao Su. What’s going on? ”

Zhang Yiming also smiled when he saw Su Liangguo and invited him in.。

“I am here to verify the data on behalf of the shareholders’ meeting, but what is going on? ”

Su Liangguo was stunned, “I think the data reported by Yusheng just now are terrifying enough, but how long has it been before so many people suddenly increased? Look at this fan list. These are genuine rewards. In a short time, it’s four million? ? ? ”

When he spoke, he was completely confused.

Originally, he wanted to come over to witness the exaggerated data, so that this year’s financial report would probably be quite good-looking.

But now that I have seen it,

it is more than good-looking.

It is simply a miracle. !

Zhang Yiming saw that Su Liangguo was already a little confused, and couldn’t help laughing: “It’s normal to come here to visit some music frequently. ”

He said this, but he didn’t believe it himself. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

What a ball!

Li Qingyue’s live broadcast record is refreshed every day, and every time he watches it, people will doubt himself!

Zhang Yiming also I’ve only been here a few days, but everyone is numb when they see this data!

Only Gu Yusheng is snickering from the side. She has been in contact with Li Qingyue for so long, and she is the one who knows Li Qingyue’s charm best.

But even so, it still feels too powerful, Li Qingyue is always creating miracles……



compared to the shock of others, Li Qingyue has become a ruthless gratitude machine。

“Thank you Teacher Prostitute for the carnival, thank Qianhuang for the dream castle, thank Qingyue my wife for the carnival, and thank Xiao Tam for the carnival.……”

Li Qingyue read for a long time, still full of questions.

Didn’t I just change my clothes? Why did there suddenly be so many gifts when I obviously didn’t do anything? ?

But looking at the gifts that filled the screen, she had no choice but to continue thanking them in a Sanwu voice.


I can’t finish reading it at all!

Moreover, the gifts are constantly beating, and it is already very difficult to detect the traces of gifts from the extremely large number of barrages.

What’s more, these gifts will be pushed down by another ID as soon as they appear?

As a result, Li Qingyue could only vaguely see a name, and then relied on his strong memory to write it down…

Why did a good live broadcast turn into a puzzle game?

Li Qingyue couldn’t help clenching her fists.

Are you all going crazy?

I just changed my clothes and appeared, obviously the big duck just now wasn’t so outrageous!

Could it be that…

they like Lili more?

Li Qingyue couldn’t understand it at all.

However, everyone in the live broadcast room has completely become a lunatic. They can see all kinds of lunatic quotes and the reward list is completely blown up.

Even leaving aside those big carnival gifts, sunglasses, glasses, etc., the total amount is 30 million!

If you don’t thank me, you won’t thank me at all!

But as he continued to play, Li Qingyue felt that something was not right.

Why hasn’t there been any response to this hidden mission?

What about the small tasks you agreed on? []

not a single one!

Damn it, is the system lying to itself?

Why don’t we just broadcast it like this!

When Li Qingyue thought so……

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden mission。】

【You get special rewards, the Juggernaut Bunny has arrived, and you get motorcycle driving skills, as well as the Lili skill set! 】

Hearing the sound of the system, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but tilt her head.


Is that done?

She had no idea what was going on…

However, her subconscious move of tilting her head made the audience in the live broadcast room exclaim again.

In the eyes of the audience, Li Qingyue was acting cute all of a sudden.

This is too cute!

The people who were already going crazy became even more crazy now.

However, Li Qingyue heard the voice of the system again.……



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