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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 131

Li Qingyue turned into a three-no girl!

In other words, her temperament has completely changed!

Those silver-gray eyes looked clear but emotionless, but they didn’t make people feel cold.

Because everyone could see that she was trying hard to smile on her cherry red lips.

When the three attributes were combined in Bronia…

no one knew how to describe it!

All in all, it’s super cute!

Indescribably cute!

Even her almost perfect body was perfectly displayed under this dress.

It immediately made everyone dumbfounded!

“Now Bronya is the real Herrscher of Reason! How is it? Does it look good? ”

Li Qingyue said this towards the live broadcast room.

Because Bengsan’s Bronya and Bengtie’s Bronya have completely different personalities.

The former is a three-no girl who cannot have feelings due to genetic defects, so in When she appeared, she symbolically restored her character.

Her voice also revealed a unique feeling.


the barrage exploded!

【So cute! ! ! I’m about to faint. Brothers, this bronya is really beautiful! !】

【ambulance! ! Where is the ambulance? !】

【Qingyue, I kneel down for you. Please give me v. I fell in love with you at the first sight. You are the beacon in my life, illuminating my path forward. If I can’t see you for one day, I will I feel suffocated and live in darkness all day long. You are my tomorrow. My world will not blossom without you!】

【Crazy, crazy, is everyone crazy?】

【How can anyone who likes Qingyue not be crazy? Just hold on! I don’t care, I’m going crazy! ! !】

【I’m going to take a screenshot and make it wallpaper! It really feels like every frame after Qingyue appears is like a painting, so beautiful!】

【Damn, oh, oh, oh, no wonder Qingyue has so many fans. It would be unreasonable if this is not popular!】



Many people in the live broadcast room are going crazy!

And it’s getting crazy!

Li Qingyue could no longer see the specific barrages. The fonts were so densely overlapped that they couldn’t even interact… The most frightening thing was that the

viewers in the live broadcast room didn’t even know they were there. Why are you crazy?

Even Li Qingyue had already sat on a chair and interacted with the barrage.

But many people are looking at the screen, because…

it’s so similar!

It was as if the real Herrscher of Reason had come out of the screen.

Whether it’s white silk, shoulders, or even three nothings, each of these three is a big killer.

But when combined together.

No less powerful than a nuclear explosion!

This is Li Qingyue’s lethality!

Even the audience in the live broadcast room couldn’t stand it anymore.

What’s more, the anchor who is also watching Li Qingyue?

“Holy shit, it’s amazing, brothers, it’s amazing! ! ”

The little girl was dumbfounded!

She was just thinking about what clothes Li Qingyue would change into later, but when Li Qingyue came out, she saw the unique temperament of a three-no girl.

She, an old woman, also All of a sudden, I felt my brain buzzing, as if the two meridians of Ren and Du were being opened.

My whole body was in a state of excitement.。

“I have to catch her on our anniversary! ! After saying this

, Dai Xiaomei saw the barrage reminder again, “Qingyue’s cosplay looks very similar… Oh, yes, you are talking about this, right?” I remember this Bulonia is also available in Bengsanli. Let me take a look.……”

As she said that, she started looking for pictures of Bronia on the search engine.

When the results came out, she couldn’t help but exclaim.

so similar!

No, it can’t even be said to be similar.

They are clearly carved from the same mold!

“This is a person! ! ”

The little girl’s eyes widened, she looked at the picture and then at Li Qingyue, “Brothers, this is too exaggerated, the level of restoration is super invincible! I said this is 100% unobjectionable, right? Qingyue’s talent in cosplay is amazing, she is definitely a cosplayer!”

“She is also a super genius in other fields… I definitely know it. I heard Qingyue say it before. She was completely self-taught at home… The old woman still wants to arrest Qingyue. It’s a beautiful idea.……”

“Get out of here! ! I’m a little older than Qingyue, but I’m not old, okay! ! ! ”

Similarly, in Fu Xiaotuan’s live broadcast room.

To be honest.

As a professional cosplayer, she feels that she is quite reductive sometimes.

Especially her understanding of some characters, such as being charming when she should be charming, and sexy when she should be sexy .

But after seeing Li Qingyue appear on the stage, she was stunned subconsciously. How did you make

this three-nothing expression? It seemed very simple, but Li Qingyue gave people a natural feeling, even at once. It makes people feel as if they are facing real principles!

“This is the soul of cosplay……”

After Fu Xiaotuan said this, he couldn’t help but im

itate Li Qingyue’s expression, but he quickly posted a bunch of question marks.。

【Fu Xiaotuan, why are you acting like a Sima? 】


Sima face?

The Fu Xiaotuan exploded in no time!

“Bastard! I’m just imitating Qingyue! ! Can’t you see it? ?”

【ah? Are you imitating?】

“I’m just imitating! ! “Fu Xiaotuan couldn’t help but wailed.

Oh my god, she was really trying to imitate seriously, but I don’t know if it was a matter of appearance or temperament. She just gave people the feeling of imitating a cat and imitating a tiger. How on earth did she

achieve those three attributes? (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

However, the comments from the barrage made her understand one thing.

There are also differences between cos!

“Wow, please stop talking, Qingyue’s temperament is really natural. And I don’t know if you have noticed that when she cosplays as a girl, she can really fully interpret the expressions of various girls.。”

“It’s that kind of strictness of little Fu Xuan, the cool Silver Wolf, the weak Clara, and now this one, Sanwu Bulonia, all make you feel like they are real。”

“……This is pure talent…yes, it is talent! I’m really not praising you. If other cosplayers could have half the demeanor of Qingyue, they would definitely be top-notch in the field of live streaming! ”

While saying this, Fu Xiaotuan has already started to take screenshots, “I want to use this screenshot as a collection! The Demon King couldn’t bear it anymore and was about to faint… Is that an exaggeration?”

“But the Demon King seemed to have gone to Qingyue’s house with Little Tam and the others before. When he went back, he called me for a long time. He always regretted that he didn’t have the courage to give Qingyue a good beating.……”

She was talking here.

On the Demon King’s side, the barrage was quite calm.

The Demon King is also called the King Pigeon, because the live broadcast is always about three days of fishing and two days of surfing the Internet, so usually everyone is very happy about the return of the Demon King.

But now, no one is happy for the return of the ace pigeon.

Because what greeted them was…

the devil with a nosebleed!

【Demon King, your nose is bleeding, why don’t you wipe it?】

【Brothers, this woman has been abnormal and crazy since she came back from Qingyue’s place!】[]

【Demon King, please say something, my nose is bleeding, I’m scared!】

【Stop looking, stop looking. Didn’t you just finish posting with Qingyue yesterday? You’re still looking at it!】


The barrage went on for a long time, and some people even said that the Demon King was recording or performing performance art.

But soon, the devil made a sound。

“.ah! ! ! I regret it, brothers! ! ! ! ! ”

As she spoke, she wiped the nosebleed, and then regretted like a child, “If I had known that Qingyue was wearing such cool clothes today, I would have lived with her! Look at this face, look at these shoulders!”

“What is fragrant shoulder? This is called fragrant shoulder!”

“I can’t wait to take a lick! ! !”

【No, guys all thought they were crazy enough, but didn’t expect you to be the crazy one?】

【Damn it, brothers, the devil is really crazy!】

【Wai Ri, Demon King, you are so perverted!】

【That is to say, Qingyue is not by your side. If she is by your side, you are not allowed to have sex with your relatives?】

【Brothers, I remember the Demon King was a pretty good-looking anchor. Why does he look like a female gangster now?……】


Looking at the barrage, the Demon King directly hugged (Hello, King Zhao) his arms and confidently prepared to refute.

As a result, I saw a special effects barrage: “Demon King, admit it, you are just greedy for Qingyue’s body.……”

“Wow, you are on to something! Qingyue is really pretty. Have you seen her cosplay as Clara? When I saw it offline, you don’t know, I almost fainted!”

“That body shape, that sense of fragility! I couldn’t help it at that time, so I went up and gave it a fuck. It was really like a kitten. Qingyue was so cute, I couldn’t help it as a woman!”

“I don’t know what you are thinking, but I really like Qingyue’s expressionless face. If I had known about it, I would have lived with her, and we could even sneak up on her at night.……”

“I like this expression so much, Demon King, why don’t you make one yourself… me? Haha, to be honest, my cosplay is also top-notch! ”

When the Demon King said this, he also showed a touch of confidence, and immediately imitated Li Qingyue and put on a blank expression.

But soon he saw the question mark on the barrage.。

【Demon King, why are you staring?】

【Thank you Demon King, I suddenly calmed down。】

【You’d better continue to have nosebleeds……】

Demon King:? ? change?


PS: The name of the anchor needs to be changed, otherwise it will be easy to fail the A review.、



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