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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 130

After thinking for a while, Li Qingyue decided to communicate for a while first。

“Thank you Qingyue for being my wife’s reward… Is your sister from Rongcheng?”

【Qingyue is my wife: Yes! Qingyue is guessing my identity now, right? You will definitely be surprised then! 】


Hearing this statement, Li Qingyue was surprised.

She was indeed thinking about the other party’s identity, but she didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to say it.

This made Li Qingyue a little surprised, but he quickly smiled and said: “Okay, see you then.” It seemed that the

other party meant that he wanted to retain a sense of mystery…

But since the other party had said it to this extent, Li Qingyue I won’t continue to ask anymore. Anyway, I will know when the time comes.

When Gu Yusheng saw this barrage, she was also stunned.。

“This ID…why does it feel familiar? ”

She looked at her phone with some doubts, and then she saw a message, and she couldn’t help but frowned.

It was from her sister. It said that she happened to be in Chengdu today and might go to the Magic City for a few days.

This Gu Yusheng was filled with questions.


n’t it be such a coincidence?

After thinking about it, she sent a message to the other party.。

【Gu Yusheng: Why don’t you come?】

【Gu Xueqing: Humph, my sister is really slow. Of course she just wanted to catch a glimpse of the rumored genius girl.。】

【Gu Yusheng: Please speak normally, I’m afraid。】

【Gu Xueqing: Just to see Li Qingyue! And aren’t you also coming to Chengdu? I will go to a magical city. How boring will I be then?】

【Gu Yusheng: Then you were the one giving rewards in Qingyue’s live broadcast room?】

【Gu Xueqing: Yes, how do you know?】

【Gu Yusheng:? ? ? ]

16 [Gu Yusheng: That’s 40 million. When did our family become so rich? Why didn’t I know? ? ?】

【Gu Xueqing: Hey, hey, you stupid sister, is it so hard to get money? Since returning from studying abroad, I have earned enough money to be financially free for the rest of my life.。】

【Gu Yusheng:……】

She almost forgot that even though her sister was a chuunibyou.

But in a sense, he seems to be very smart?

It’s just too weird……

【Gu Yusheng: Forget it, I will explain it to Qingyue later. Also, can you change your middle school accent? Although Qingyue also watches the second dimension, her words are not as outrageous as yours!】

【Gu Xueqing: I know, I know. 】

The chat ends.

Gu Yusheng was still a little confused.

After not seeing each other for a few years, his sister suddenly became a rich man?

What is this?

But considering the other party’s situation, she sighed again.

Forget it, Gu Xueqing is the kind of person who understands things anyway, so she can’t control herself.。


And on Li Qingyue’s side.

Suddenly, someone claiming to be my sister popped up and offered a reward of 40 million, which directly caused a sensation in the barrage.


the other party could directly become Li Qingyue’s number one in one day, which directly refreshed everyone’s world view.

But for everyone, it was just an interlude. After all, everyone mainly came to watch Li Qingyue’s live broadcast.

Also, regarding the tickets…

Youyin’s pretending to be dead really works!

After everyone was angry at first about not being able to get tickets, they gradually realized that there was really nothing they could do to get tickets, after all, the venue was so big.

Even if a certain artist expands the venue, what’s the use of selling him a million votes?

You should not be able to see Li Qingyue, but you still can’t.

There is another good news, that is, the big data of Mouyin is really in a mess. After grabbing the tickets, many scalpers prepared to trade backhand, but they were soon dumbfounded to find that the tickets were directly invalid.

Originally, some people planned to use this incident to create a new wave of music, but they soon discovered that… a certain audio site would actually issue a full refund. They were eager for scalpers to refund their tickets.

This kind of operation has actually made everyone’s perception of Youyin improve a bit. After all, in terms of curing scalpers, Youyin is indeed the only scorpion to shit.

However, these have nothing to do with Li Qingyue.

However, Li Qingyue was not without his own troubles.

She is confused now.

What the hell is a hidden mission?

There are no small tasks at all!

In order to try to find some clues, Li Qingyue also deliberately re-enacted previous performances, such as playing a symphony, singing hook finger swearing, being silly everywhere, and even singing the confession balloon.

And he also specially interacted with the barrage.


Still don’t have a clue!

“Even the main mission has been completed.……”

Li Qingyue sighed in her heart.

The live broadcast has been going on for about an hour now.

But I haven’t encountered any side quests.

Forget it, what kind of trouble is going on without even a reminder?

The only thing worth celebrating is that maybe it’s because Li Qingyue worked very hard on this live broadcast.

The number of people in her live broadcast room completely exploded!

The number of viewers has been fixed at around five million.

There are already three million people in the fan list alone!

What’s even more terrifying is the number of likes.

A total of four billion likes!

Moreover, I don’t know if it’s because she didn’t do much live broadcast yesterday, but her fans are also skyrocketing.

So far, the number of fans of a certain sound has reached 17 million.

Added another two million fans!

But compared to these, the most exaggerated thing is probably the flowing water.

Even excluding the 40 million reward from the first person on the list, Li Qingyue’s current reward still totals as much as 40 million!

And the scary thing is that these are no

t accumulated during the carnival.

Instead, I kept accumulating a dollar each, a few dollars for sunglasses, etc., and finally I got so much.

Just relying on these data, it doesn’t matter if Li Qingyue lies flat!

According to common sense, Li Qingyue should be happy that his live broadcast room is welcomed by so many people.


what is the situation of this crappy mission?

The only thing worth celebrating is that today’s live broadcast was extremely smooth. Even if the screen was filled with barrage, there were still no glitches.

This is gratifying.

However, what Li Qingyue didn’t know was that at this time, Xiaoji, who was responsible for managing the server in a certain sound office, was already breaking out in a cold sweat.

The pressure is still too much!

Especially after so many special effects have been released, even two servers have a tendency to be unable to withstand it at this time.

It made him swallow his saliva.

But fortunately, it’s safe this time.

After all, the cost of the newly added server is extremely high, and there is no reason why it would not be able to bear it. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Li Qingyue’s mentality has changed somewhat at this time.

Forget it, just mess it up!

Anyway, there are no clues about the hidden mission, so why not start changing your clothes now?

After all, I still have to cosplay Lili in the main mission, so I’ll finish this first.

What if mission two can also reward a hunting buff?

Li Qingyue only needs one now to unlock the echo of fate!

What’s more, someone in the barrage was asking her what the other Brogna costume was, and they were looking forward to it.

But most of them were exclaiming about Li Qingyue’s big ducky temperament just now, and some people asked Li Qingyue to continue cursing…

No matter!

Li Qingyue said directly: “Well, everyone, didn’t you give out scarves yesterday? There are two sets of Brogna’s cosplay clothes. I’m going to change my clothes first. How about a moment?” After Li Qingyue finished speaking


The barrage suddenly boiled!

【There is even one! ? Qingyue is really the most good person in the world!】

【Wow, Qingyue has been broadcasting for an hour today and has not yet downloaded it. Very good, keep it up!】

【Could it be…Silver Wolf! ?】[]

【I guess it’s not Silver Wolf, there are too many Bronia, I guess it’s Beng San Big Duck!】

【Big duck? I think it’s salted duck!】

【Shut up, Qingyue has breasts! !】

【Hold on, brothers! ! I feel like the big one is coming! Although I don’t know what it is, I just have this hunch! !】



Li Qingyue said it was a change of clothes, but it was actually a transformation.

After all, to a certain extent, she has always regarded herself as a Kamen Rider.

If you are in doubt, transform!

Of course, time had to be managed. For this reason, Li Qingyue came to the next room and lay down comfortably for a while.

In the office of Mouyin at this time…

Zhang Yiming had returned from the board of directors. After hearing Gu Yusheng’s report, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Although we have absorbed Mi Huyou’s experience, we still underestimated Li Qingyue’s charm. I

feel It won’t be long before she can go international.”

Gu Yusheng smiled bitterly and said: “In fact, some foreign exhibitions have paid attention to it, but now is not the time. I plan to put it aside first.。”

“Well, that’s correct. After all, it didn’t take long for Qingyue to officially sign with our 3 platform. ”

Zhang Yiming nodded.

Gu Yusheng said with some hesitation: “Mr. Zhang, there is another thing I am worried about. At the previous comic show, many fans even squatted on trees to see Li Qingyue.

Although the official didn’t say anything at the time, Mi Huyou was still criticized later. I think we have to avoid this kind of thing. Zhang Yiming was stunned for a moment: ”

Isn’t the tree cleared?””

“But there are still people climbing to the roof……”

Zhang Yiming:“……”

When he heard this, he remembered that during the Comic Exhibition, Li Qingyue actually climbed to the roof of the building without fear of death. At that time, everyone mistakenly thought that he committed suicide, and the fire department was called for this.

Although it turned out to be a farce, it is inevitable that this kind of thing will not be controlled by someone with a heart.。

“I get it, let’s put a big screen outside so people who haven’t bought tickets can watch it. ”

Zhang Yiming nodded, and immediately chose this compromise.

Although this is no different from a live broadcast…

But when everyone is watching outside, the atmosphere becomes particularly different.

Gu Yusheng nodded.

Zhang Yiming stopped after seeing that the matter was resolved. To say the least, he has grown enough up to now.

Especially after witnessing the miracle of Li Qingyue’s live broadcast in the past few days, Zhang Yiming even feels that his threshold has been greatly improved, and it doesn’t matter when he sees beautiful women. He was moved.

But when he turned around to watch Li Qingyue’s live broadcast……

“Holy shit! ! ”

He couldn’t help but exclaimed.

In fact, everyone in the office who was busy checking the data was shocked

when they saw the changes in Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room ! Because after the current Li Qingyue appeared, everything completely changed She changed. She was wearing a blue and white mechanical battle suit, full of science fiction elements. When Li Qingyue stood in front of the camera, everyone could see her appearance clearly, and the white skirt swayed like a cluster of flowers. , his eyes moved slightly downward, and white stockings appeared on the mirror. Originally, this was nothing. But when everyone noticed Li Qingyue’s expression… without exception, they all exploded!



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