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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 129

“So fast! ? ”

Hearing this data, one person couldn’t help but widen his eyes, “Didn’t it mean that it was sold ten times and then it’s gone? ”

Zhang Yiming nodded: “The data is like this, and according to the report, our ticket sales page has been viewed more than 10 million times.。”

“Ten million times! ? ”

If the ticket sales just now shocked everyone 100%,

then the shock that the number of views has reached 10 million is 1000%!

This is just an anniversary celebration!

Ten million views Even if only 10% of the people are willing to pay, it means that nearly a hundred people are willing to go offline.

This number can be said to be an astronomical number for a lot of people!

“This is too exaggerated. Our venue is already big enough, but compared with so many people, it is simply not enough to see!”

“Now the plan is all in disarray, Li “810” Qingyue’s charm is simply too exaggerated……”

“Can I still add more money? I suddenly felt that 550 million was not enough。”

“No, joining is secondary, because Li Qingyue is indeed not short of money, the only thing we need to consider is harassment from other platforms。”

“Alas, compared to these, I am more worried about this anniversary… If we don’t organize it well, it will be counterattacked! ”

When someone mentioned this, everyone was silent.

I thought it was nothing at first. Isn’t it just an anniversary celebration?

It has been held so many times in the past years, but there were not many people, so why not just end it hastily? No matter

how good it is, There won’t be much applause, and if it’s too messed up, it might even become a hot search.

But now…

so many people are paying attention!

Because of Li Qingyue, this anniversary celebration has exploded. If netizens are not satisfied, they will The sound might really be washed away!

“Mr. Zhang, is there any way? ”

Everyone looked at Zhang Yiming who was standing aside.

And Zhang Yiming was even more numb.

No, what can he do?

Originally considering Li Qingyue’s cohesion, they made the place a little bigger. To be honest, it can accommodate 100,000 people. It’s the limit.

Do you really think this is a comic expo?

If you can’t see Li Qingyue at the comic expo, you can still interact with other cosplayers, and there are 300,000 people around various venues doing whatever they want, so you won’t feel like your time is wasted. .

But for the anniversary, what will you do with the extra audience?

Will they all gather together to watch Li Qingyue?

The people behind will probably not be able to see anything!

In fact, one hundred thousand people is already too many, after all, Li Qingyue There is only one. Even if everyone takes turns to watch, how much time will it take?……

“It’s impossible to expand the venue, and Li Qingyue doesn’t know how to clone. Even if we have a venue that can accommodate 300,000 people, it’s impossible to guarantee that everyone will be satisfied. ”

Thinking of this, Zhang Yiming said in a deep voice: “Now that things have come to this, we must not cause any more accidents. I think it is better to pretend to be dead.。”

“……Playing dead? ”

Everyone was stunned when they heard these familiar words.

Is it so simple…

Under normal circumstances, when the public relations starts to pretend to be dead, it means that the situation is very serious.

Nothing can be said at this time. If The apology is not sincere enough, and may even ignite the anger of users.

But think about it carefully.

It seems that they really have no choice!

Because there is only one venue, it is impossible to rent an additional venue and sell 100,000 tickets, which is a complete fraud. , because the main body of the promotion this time is Li Qingyue…

And the reason why users are lamenting that they can’t buy tickets is because they can’t see Li Qingyue?

So thinking about it this way, pretending to be dead really seems to

be the best way. Good choice。

“Then tell the publicist this way. ”

Everyone was helpless and could only nod in this situation.

Zhang Yiming didn’t say much when he saw this, but secretly glanced at Li Qingyue’s fans.

Fifteen million of them!

And they were just fans of a certain sound. It has soared to 15 million.

If you include scarves…

a total of 30 million!

Of course, many of the fans between the two platforms are the same person, and cannot be calculated by simple addition.

But just This is shocking enough.

After all, there are many bloggers with tens of millions of fans on a certain topic, but it is really rare to have so many fans on other platforms. But

just as he was about to leave the meeting…

In the conference room, Countless people on the board of directors suddenly screamed “Fuck!”

Zhang Yiming was also stunned for a moment and looked up at the big screen. At this time, it had been switched to Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room.

But soon his pupils shrank. He

saw the carnival above. It is soaring at an alarming rate.

A total of one thousand three hundred and fourteen!

You must know that a certain carnival gift is already considered the most expensive gift, just one costs three thousand yuan. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

And now there is suddenly an extra 1314…

Its value is already nearly 40 million!

Everyone on the board of directors stared with wide eyes…….

The live broadcast room also completely exploded!

In particular, many new viewers have not seen the current scene at all, and they feel dazzled just by looking at the special effects that fill the screen.

what is happening?

【Damn it, 1314, whose general is so brave? !】

【Awesome, you jumped to the top of the list in one step, right? It’s outrageous!】

【I originally thought that Qingyue’s number one spot on the live broadcast room list was ruthless enough, but I didn’t expect there would be a master?】

【I almost lost count. How much is this, bro? 40 million? ?】

【Not my brother, is 1314 confessing his love? I was severely shocked!】

【New brothers, don’t be surprised. Let the old viewers be surprised first. The old viewers have never seen so many!】

【Damn it, is this a new account? I went directly from level 1 to level 60, I feel numb!】

【Is it a rich brother or a rich woman?】



The live broadcast room has been completely shocked!

Even Li Qingyue was shocked by this scene. The most rewards she had seen in the past were around a million, but now they were so much higher?

After taking a look at the ID, Li Qingyue said subconsciously: “Thank you, Qingyue, for the gift of 1,314 carnival notes from my wife… What happened? Why did you send so many?” The account in front of her was completely unfamiliar to Li Qingyue

. , and even made her subconsciously think that this might be an internal staff member of a certain music channel, who had paid so much money to herself in order to create publicity.

After all, 5.9…

makes no sense at all!

Because she really didn’t do anything, the rewards suddenly exploded.

But this number had a special meaning, which made Li Qingyue stunned.

As she was guessing, the opponent’s special effects barrage soon appeared.。

【Qingyue is my wife: Qingyue, don’t worry, I’m your sister! I heard you are coming to Chengdu? I’m going to find you! 】

The words in front of him made Li Qingyue blink.

younger sister?

Well, first of all, exclude the blood relationship represented by the other party’s words.

The other party claimed that she was a younger sister, which probably meant that she was a girl…

but also said that she was coming to find her?

That’s not right. In reality, apart from Xiao Tam and the others, I seem to know only Gu Yusheng.

I can’t figure out who the other party is at all.

However, the question now should be how to answer it?



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