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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 128

“How could this happen? The official promotion hasn’t started yet.……”

Gu Yusheng was stunned.

It’s not like we haven’t held anniversary celebrations in previous years. At that time, there were no fans at all.

After all, a certain channel has a lot of anchors carrying goods, and fans buying things is already the greatest support.

Let them interact with the anchor?

Sorry, there is nothing interactive about this!

Therefore, the scale is also small with a few thousand people at most.

But now because of Li Qingyue, Gu Yusheng specially added a venue.

But the result is still the same!

When Gu Yusheng was absent-minded, Xiaoji on the side exclaimed: “Mr. Gu, our customer service is going to be overwhelmed!” After saying that, he

turned on his mobile phone. In various customer service group chats, almost every customer was giving feedback. It’s almost driving them crazy!

Either they are asking for more votes, or they are saying that the time is simply not enough.……

“I see. ”

Gu Yusheng was a little helpless when he saw this situation. Isn’t this too exaggerated? It feels even crazier than the last comic exhibition.。

“Mr. Gu……”

At this time, a certain fish employee who was in charge of cooperation on the side ran over cautiously and said in a low voice: “Well, we have more than 200 anchors from certain fish who want to come and participate in the anniversary celebration.”。”

“Um! ? ”

This news made Gu Yusheng’s eyes widen even more.

Wasn’t there only a dozen people just now?

Why did it suddenly become more than 200 people!?

“They… decided to go after knowing that Qingyue was going to celebrate the anniversary? “Gu Yusheng looked at each other。

“I don’t know the specific situation, but it seems like this. ”

The voice of a certain fish employee gradually weakened.

Then Xiaoji next to him said: “That Mr. Gu, it seems that he is not only the anchor of certain fish, but also Bilibili, Slow Shou, Mou Ya and the like also want to join in the fun. Just now they He even asked me how he could get there, and he seemed to want to cooperate.……”

Gu Yusheng, on the other hand, felt his eyes go dark.

I even arranged the venue myself, and even negotiated cooperation with the hotel that was supposed to be booked.

But now so many people suddenly come again?

What a joke! !

“Forget it about a certain fish, we are officially cooperating after all, why would other platforms join in the fun? ”

After coming back to his senses, Gu Yusheng gritted his teeth and said: “Tell them that the hotel and venue are not enough. We are not holding a big event. The original intention of the anniversary celebration is to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of a certain music. You can come if you want, but the identity of the guests makes them Buy your own tickets! !”


at the same time.

In the live broadcast room of Xuxu Baby。

“I tricked him, is this year’s anniversary so fierce? The second round of tickets was also sold out as soon as they came out?”

“This damn comic show is even more awesome than the last one. After all, Mi Huliu’s comic show was specifically responsible for gathering fans offline, but this anniversary really doesn’t have that kind of appeal. I can only say that Qingyue’s fans are too cohesive. . ”

Baby Xuxu put the DNF aside at this time, clicked on the ticket sales interface of a certain sound, and saw that the second round of tickets that had just been refreshed was gone. He couldn’t help being dumbfounded. Then he noticed that the first one on the list was for him

. barrages。

“A certain voice is so stingy that Mi Huyou rents a bigger venue than him… Hey, this is different. There are so many cosplayers at Comic Expo, right? If you can’t see Li Qingyue, can you still see other cosplayers?。”

“In previous years for a certain music anniversary celebration, a group of anchors would promote their performance and that would be it. Renting a small gymnasium with a thousand people was pitiful. This time they just built such a large venue. Who knows the result will still be insufficient.……”

As Baby Xuxu was talking, he saw another barrage, “Should I go… Hey, I definitely have to go. Last time I didn’t take Qianhuang with me. She was so angry. This time she said she had to meet Qingyue.” , shouldn’t we take a photo together or something?”

“But don’t even think about grabbing tickets. Anyway, we are now contracted anchors of a certain music channel, so there is no need! Ha ha ha ha……”

“What do you mean by my identity? We don’t need a ticket in the first place, right? Wouldn’t it be a waste to grab it again?”

“What the hell… Qingyue didn’t even grab a ticket herself… Hahaha, I’m telling you, it’s impossible to grab this ticket. She has so many fans, how can one person grab them all? Are you grabbing?”

“This is almost the third round. Did any of you guys get tickets? ”

When Baby Xuxu said this, he saw a group of people who said they wanted to squat in a tree to watch. He almost burst into laughter for a moment, “I’m trying to trick you into a monkey, but you still want to go up a tree and watch? This time everyone was prepared. All the trees outside were shoveled away… OK, OK, you didn’t grab any of them, right?”

“It’s not a big problem. There shouldn’t be many scalpers this time. The e-ticket used by Mouyin this time. If an online transaction is discovered, the ticket number will be canceled directly. It will be useless if it is sold. If there are scalpers grabbing tickets, they will be found immediately.。”

“Are big data kidding you?”


And in a certain fish live broadcast room.

Fu Tuan’er is also staring at the ticket office。

“Wow! Let me tell you, it’s all gone!

She suddenly exclaimed and couldn’t help but say: “Qingyue has too many fans. If you don’t have some luck, you really can’t get them. ” But compared to this, have you seen Qingyue’s live broadcast? ”

Because it was too difficult to grab tickets, she directly switched back to Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room.

Looking at the big duck cosplayed by Li Qingyue, she showed an amazing expression.。

“so similar! Although y

ou all say that Qingyue is very good in studies and so on, I feel that Qingyue’s most powerful point is here. She really cosplays like something.。”

“Do you still remember the silver wolf from Qingyue cos before? Just that little butt of salt-and-pepper duck… Wow, you don’t know how long I was greedy for it, but now when you see Bulonia today, you will find that these two obviously look similar, but their temperament suddenly changed, as if Like a new character. ”

When she said this, she suddenly paused and glanced at the barrage, “Would a girl be unable to resist seeing Qingyue…Yes! Didn’t you see the expression on the Demon King’s face when he met Qingyue? She’s almost turning into a big bad wolf, and I can totally relate to her.

And do you feel it? I always feel that Qingyue is getting more and more beautiful these days, have you noticed?”

“It’s that indescribable feeling. Although Qingyue was originally very beautiful, she just became more and more beautiful… Anchor, you have a nosebleed… Do you have it? ”

Fu Tuan’er subconsciously touched her nose.

It really felt a little wet.

This made her eyes widen for a moment.

What’s going on?

She quickly took out a wad of tissue and stuffed it in her nostrils. Fu Tuan’er saw it. The barrage went dark before her eyes。

“……Female hooligans, I knew you were going to harm someone else’s little sister… Wow, you really are. The weather is so hot now. Isn’t it normal to have some nosebleeds? What’s more… stop talking, I look at your eyes and want to eat Qingyue……”

Fu Tuan’er almost fainted.

What is this all about?

But looking at Li Qingyue in front of her, she suddenly imagined herself holding Rua, and she suddenly burst into laughter.

This instantly made the barrage full of question marks.。


In the same way, stay in the little girl’s live broadcast room。

“Holy shit, the fifth round was sold out instantly! Look what is this? This is the appeal, brothers, I declare that Qingyue is now the national idol! Who is in favor and who is against? ”

Dai Xiaomei stood up directly and said excitedly: “I have to go to this anniversary celebration! And, and……”

As if something suddenly occurred to her, the little girl suddenly showed a rather proud expression.。

“Brothers, I want to announce good news to you, that is… Qingyue wants to treat me to dinner! ” (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“Hey, hey, no need to envy me, after all, as a senior, it is natural to be invited to dinner by Qingyue! Don’t worry, brothers, I will directly take Qingyue for a photo when the time comes. Don’t you want to see Qingyue without makeup? When the time comes, I will take a hundred and eighty photos of her for everyone to see!”


【You even installed it! Qingyue said that she wanted to invite everyone to eat together, you old woman!】

【Brothers, don’t be jealous first, this is what she promised herself, if she can’t be photographed, she will look good again!】

【This is what you said. If you don’t take a hundred photos, I will sue you for false advertising!】

【Okay, I will reward you with a rocket first for what you said, and then you can return it to me if you break your promise!】


Everyone in the barrage had obviously heard that Li Qingyue wanted to treat everyone to dinner. As soon as the little girl said it, she immediately climbed up the pole.

After all, there are indeed too few photos of Li Qingyue’s life, and it is not an exaggeration to say that they are treasures.

When Dai Xiaomei saw the barrage filling the screen, she was a little panicked, and said quickly: “I was joking, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, it’s okay if I’m wrong? I’m not afraid of Qingyue, I’m afraid that other women will treat me killed!”


In fact, it’s not just these anchors.

From a certain sound, to a certain fish, to station B, slow hands, certain teeth, and even CC… The

live broadcast rooms of major platforms were immediately numb when they saw the fares that were cleared as soon as they were released during the anniversary celebrations.。[]

Although many of them came to see Li Qingyue’s Bronya.


this speed of ticket sales still refreshed their understanding of Li Qingyue.

If we talk about the Comic Exhibition, we can barely explain that many fans went there for the Comic Exhibition instead of Li Qingyue.

So this anniversary celebration thoroughly demonstrated Li Qingyue’s cohesion.

Even an anniversary celebration with no new ideas can clear 100,000 tickets in an instant!

This scene also made the bosses of other platforms even more anxious.

Seeing Li Qingyue’s traffic getting higher and higher, what should they do?

They can’t get in the car!

As for Li Qingyue…

although she knew that everyone would want to see her, but… the ticket sales speed is indeed a bit exaggerated, right?

This was divided into ten pieces before being sold.

Unfortunately, she had nothing to do about the venue, so she could only shake her head.。


at the same time.

On a certain audio board.

Zhang Yiming is standing at the round table near the multimedia, introducing the miracles Li Qingyue created during his last live broadcast to all shareholders.

When they saw her data, everyone’s eyes widened.。

“The turnover in one night was close to 30 million, and the number of live broadcasts during the peak period exceeded 5 million? !”

“Is this okay? ? It’s more powerful than carrying goods!”

“From this point of view, 550 million is not only worth it, but we even gave it less……”

Everyone’s expressions became complicated.

Because even though everyone had no objection to the 550 million contract before, they inevitably felt that the price was too high.

But now that I see the data, I can’t help but exclaim.

This can already be said to be the backbone of their sound!

However, before Zhang Yiming finished speaking, he saw a call from Gu Yusheng.

After being connected.

Even he was a little silent.

Looking at the crowd, Zhang Yiming took a deep breath and said solemnly: “Everyone… the 100,000 tickets have been sold out.。”



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