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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 127

In fact, this issue is somewhat complicated for Li Qingyue.

After all…

she really doesn’t know how to put on makeup!

For her, whoever she wants to cosplay can be transformed directly. It is even divided into two modes, one only changes the makeup, and the other can also change the body shape.

So, in a sense, the barrage was asking her.

However, everyone thought that Li Qingyue was in Versailles. After all, this was too exaggerated!

However, the barrage was surprisingly exciting. For them, the answer to the question of how Li Qingyue did the cosplay and who looked like whom was not important at all.

Because Li Qingyue is very good-looking!

At this time, the number of likes has been growing rapidly, and it has exceeded 100 million in just a few minutes. At this rate, the main task should be easily completed.

After being tricked by being cute, Li Qingyue said: “Ahem, this kind of problem is like this, it has no solution… I won’t talk about it anymore, but tomorrow I may… Qingyue can tell me how she was recommended to Qingbei. ? I was also exposed to high school courses at the age of fifteen and was shocked by the new knowledge.……”

Seeing this question, Li Qingyue first fell into serious thought.

After all, academic matters are very important for a fifteen-year-old, especially in high school. There is indeed a lot of pressure.。

“Well… first of all, I have to say that I didn’t go to high school. No, or rather I should have signed up and then studied by myself at home.。”

“Then you will know that I was self-study and live broadcasting at the same time. Then I felt that I was almost ready, so I went to school and took a test. The result alarmed the professor. After taking another test, I was directly admitted to 780.。”

“So I feel like my process has no reference value? If you insist on speaking, everything else doesn’t matter. Try not to lose points in English and Chinese, especially English. After all, you only need to memorize it by rote, and it should be the best subject to learn.……”

Li Qingyue was indeed considering it, because she had not gone to high school in this life, so she also specifically made reference to some experiences in her previous life.

In the past, because I hated English very much, I didn’t pay much attention when studying.

It was only later that I discovered that English was probably the easiest subject to score. If I had scored higher, I might have been able to go to the school I wanted to go to. Unfortunately… But her words seemed a bit dumbfounded by the barrage

. .


Never attended high school? ?

【I hate it! Why is Qingyue so beautiful and so smart? !】

【Damn it, you skipped the most painful part of high school life!】

【I don’t listen, I don’t listen! It feels like I am an NPC! Is it possible to reach this level directly by studying at home? !】

【Qingyue has tricked her again… But the way Qingyue is thinking seriously is so cute that she can’t be disliked at all!】

【Doesn’t anyone think that Qingyue, as a talented girl but serious about studying for idiots, is particularly attractive?】

【Stupid mortals, you cannot understand the world of genius!】

【What the person above said is right, we all listen to the same class, and people will pick it up immediately. I already started listening to the Book of Heaven as soon as I picked up a pen!】


The barrage was full of wailing, obviously high school life is painful。

(beah) Seeing this scene, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but laugh softly: “Okay, you guys, I said it so sincerely, but you actually thought I was in Versailles! And… Can Qingyue perform that, It’s the scene where Yaya curses people.……”

Seeing this barrage, Li Qingyue didn’t refuse, because cosplay is just for restoration!

Maybe it will be related to hidden tasks.

Thinking of this, she stood up. In front of the skirt formed by a white windbreaker, black boots and black silk outlined the perfect thigh curve.

Her body proportions are already quite perfect, and they are even more highlighted under this outfit.

But Li Qingyue didn’t feel anything. She just imitated Broni’s tone, a little serious: “I represent the will of the city builder. I will poke the gun into your nostril!” It was originally from Xi’er’s teaching Broni

. It was a scolding scene, but after saying it, Li Qingyue felt something was wrong.

Why do you feel so coquettish?

Damn it…

Sitting back with her cheeks slightly red, Li Qingyue said awkwardly: “How is it?”

【ohhhhhhh My wife, if you scold me more, I will listen to this!】

【Shishasha, can you stick your boots into my nostrils? Your Lady Queen!】

【This black stocking! These boots! Something strange is about to awaken!】

【My wife scolded me well! ! Please scold my wife more!】


Seeing the strange barrage that filled the screen, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but said: “You guys are so weird! In other words, Beng Tie is only 12+ and his swear words are not very offensive. How come there are still people who can be scolded?” Li Qingyue said when talking about

this I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It seems that all the characters in Bengtie are not as good as a traffic ligh

t when it comes to swearing.

From Fu Xuan to Black Tower to Bronia, not a single word was offensive.

When talking about this, Li Qingyue saw a person giving a reward and left a message to herself。

【Did Qingyue see the little black guy who had a good flow yesterday?】

“Is there such a thing? ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but wonder when she saw this: “Speaking of which, I vaguely knew about this yesterday, but I never looked at the scarf. As you know, I only registered for the scarf after the live broadcast was started, because I usually don’t know how to do it. When using social software, I haven’t even posted a single message to Moments.……”

“Qingyue, don’t worry, he fell down before we even exerted our strength… Well, thank you for your support, but next time I encounter this kind of situation, just ignore him. After all, I have practiced in Zaun, and I have the ability to withstand pressure. First hand. By the way, I almost forgot to get down to business.。”

“That is to say, isn’t our certain music channel going to hold an anniversary celebration? Then I participated, and I will probably arrive in Chengdu tomorrow, ahem, so, um, the live broadcast will still be very unstable these days, please forgive me! ”

By the time she finished speaking, the barrage had started asking questions like crazy.。

【Qingyue, are you influenced by Ace Pigeon? !】

【How can I live without Qingyue’s live broadcast? Qingyue, you are so cruel!】

【Anniversary? Is it the same as Comic Con?】

【I didn’t make it to Comic Con last time, but I have to go to this anniversary celebration! !】

【ah? ? Is Mouyin’s operation so secretive? Where are the tickets sold?】

【……】(To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

As the barrage exploded, Li Qingyue also felt a little embarrassed.

After all, she just asked for leave yesterday…

After thinking about it, she had to give a transit plan: “Don’t worry, everyone, although there is no guarantee of stable live broadcast, some outdoor broadcasts may be opened by then. Besides, this matter has nothing to do with the Demon King. , after all, I have signed a contract with a certain sound. According to Sister Care, is it an official announcement in a sense? Well, I don’t know the specifics.。”

“As for the tickets… I’ll take a look, I may be a little late in telling you the news, but there should be an official website. ”

With that said, Li Qingyue clicked on a certain sound, swiped left to enter the mall, and saw a pre-sale advertisement.

This should be quite a large built-in recommendation, it is full screen, and after clicking in, you will see a purchase interface.。

“This is it. Li

Qingyue said and couldn’t help but laugh: “But since we are all here, how about buying a hundred tickets and giving them to everyone in a lottery?” ”

There are more “Okay” in the barrage.”,“Li Qingyue also clicked to add to the shopping cart.

But then a paragraph was displayed above.。

【The goods are sold out. 】

Li Qingyue:?

【Just gone? ? I haven’t even gotten in the car yet!】

【Damn it, the second time! Is this intentional? Haven’t you learned your lesson from what happened at the last comic exhibition? !】

【No, how many tickets were sold, and they were just gone? ?】[]

【I can’t get it, I can’t get it at all!】

【I didn’t get a ticket twice in a row, I’m really going to be angry! ! A certain voice, do you know how to be a good person? Can you vote secretly? ?】


The barrage of resentment is really going to the sky this time!

Originally, many people didn’t get tickets for the Comic Con. Now that they heard that Li Qingyue was going offline again, naturally many people were looking forward to it.

But what about the second…


There are no tickets at all!

But actually.

A few minutes ago, everyone in a certain voice was quite confident.。

“Are you all ready? ”

Gu Yusheng stared at the staff aside with some solemnity.

She clearly remembered Mi Huliu’s lesson last time.

Three hundred thousand tickets were completely snatched up in just a few seconds, and many of them were used as wedding dresses for scalpers.

But not at all this time!

The anniversary is not a comic exhibition, and the venue cannot be that big. There can only be 100,000 people at most.

This is only after taking into account Li Qingyue’s popularity and the linkage with a certain fish that such a large venue was rented.

After all, , in a sense, this is actually a kind of pure publicity, the focus is on the anchor, and it is completely different from the free exhibition like Comic Exhibition.

However, for the sake of fairness, he sold 100,000 tickets in ten times, and a certain news The big data function of is very powerful. If it is marked as a scalper, it will not push the ticket purchase entrance directly.

In this way, scalpers can be avoided to the greatest extent. Therefore

, Gu Yusheng is still very confident.

Selling tickets quietly and arrogantly No!

“Ready! ”

Xiaoji next to him nodded seriously.。

“Get your vote! ”

After shouting this, the ticket sales interface appeared immediately.


“Mr. Gu, it’s sold out!”




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