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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 126


Li Qingyue was suddenly startled when she saw the system contents.


I’ve known for a long time that this dick system will definitely make trouble at the critical moment!

What the hell is this hidden mission?

What happened to make me discover…

I discovered a ghost!

Li Qingyue gritted her teeth.

You may or may not accept whatever is acceptable… If you leave such a big reward behind, wouldn’t that make you unable to let it go?

Okay, okay, this is how you play, right?

System, you deserve to die!

“Regarding Bronya’s hidden mission…the key should be Bronya, right? ”

After scolding the system in her heart, Li Qingyue began to think about the correlation between the two.

To say that the difference between Bronya should be temperament?



Forget it, just the information that can be found now , are basically inaccurate, and even if you use the Qionguan Formation, it won’t count.

After all, the first criterion for using the Qiongguan Formation is that there are various conditions, and it will take a long time to prepare to help March 7 find his memory. What’s more, there are only a few minutes left before the broadcast starts?

“However, the difficulty of the tasks given by the system seems to be getting higher and higher. ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but frowned.

Thinking back to when he first started live broadcasting, the system only required him to obtain 10,000 popularity points. It was so simple at that time. He could just draw cards and complete it casually. Then the number of fans of Silver Wolf

reached Half a million, and by the way, you have to conquer an audience of 100,000 through games.

Then, Clara’s “Help me, Mr. Swarovski”, Kafka’s violin, the little rich woman spending 100 billion, and yesterday Songs sung by Xier……

“It seems like they really have something in common? ”

Li Qingyue suddenly thought of something, because after arranging the tasks, she found that there is one biggest feature when the system releases tasks. That


the tasks will be as related to the original characters as possible!

After all, it is a role, and the basic live broadcast content is probably to make yourself as possible as possible. To restore their roles?

But if you think about it in this direction, Xi’er and Bronya don’t seem to have this trait?

Very good, still have no clue!

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue gradually gave up thinking.

Whatever the case, Yes, let’s go live first!

According to the normal order, the difficulty of the tasks should gradually increase. In this case, it is useless to think too much.

The system also said there are some small tasks, just follow them and be done. .

That’s it!

Li Qingyue has already turned on the computer. After moving yesterday, she has completed the software that needs to be downloaded, and all the configurations have been set according to her own habits. This means that she does not need to waste time when she broadcasts again

. What time.


because Li Qingyue usually does live broadcasts in the evening, many people subconsciously thought that she was going to live broadcast in the evening today. Therefore, the

number of people was smaller compared to the peak period.

However, many people still thought This was used as a chat room, and the frequency of barrage postings was still very high.

And when Li Qingyue clicked the live broadcast button, Brogna’s image appeared in the live broadcast room.

The barrage suddenly exploded!

【ah? ? Will it start broadcasting at this point?】

【Damn it, Qingyue and I have telepathy! I just clicked on the live broadcast room and saw Qingyue started broadcasting. Is this the legendary telepathy?】

【It’s Bronya, it’s black stockings!】

【Perfect! Why does Qingyue cos look like what? By the way, can you take off your boots? Qiuli Cream!】

【Wuhu! ! I have been watching the live broadcast room since morning. I didn’t expect it to start so early today!】

【Wow, this look! Reminds me of the previous Silver Wolf, so cool!】


Li Qingyue couldn’t help but smile when she saw a lot of barrages appearing. She had formed the habit of watching barrages through live broadcasts, and it felt pretty good.

After all, is this a job?

It would be nice if the live broadcast could continue like this…

Stopping his reverie for a moment, Li Qingyue said hello to the live broadcast room.。

“Good afternoon everyone. According to the usual practice, the broadcast will start in the evening, but I stayed in bed today and planned to adjust my schedule. I may have to go to bed early in the evening. ”

Just finished saying a sentence.

The number of people in the live broadcast room suddenly began to soar, and then you can see a lot of LV60 accounts suddenly pouring into the live broadcast room. It is

worth mentioning that a certain audio user has a level when watching the live broadcast. This thing is divided.

But upgrading requires rewards.

And the amount required to upgrade to level 60 is 20 million.

It’s so outrageous! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Generally speaking, this It was enough for the host to be quite surprised that such a wealthy person could have one in other live broadcast rooms. However, as Li Qingyue started broadcasting, he saw that the sixty-level accounts suddenly poured in one by one as if they didn’t need any money. Then th

ey kept pressing the button as if they didn’t need any money

. At the carnival…

This situation made other viewers a little stunned. Damn, I have never seen so many level 60 bosses from a certain sound on weekdays. Today they are actually together?

But after all, I have witnessed the flow created by Li Qingyue. It’s a miracle, so everyone is very calm.

The only thing they don’t understand is that the IDs of these big guys are so weird!

Qingyue’s leg hair, Qingyue’s stupid hair, etc., can even be called fresh and refined. , the weirdness of the IDs is comparable to that of APEX.

After that, some big anchors also came in

one after another. After seeing it, Li Qingyue also read those IDs seriously: “Thank you for the tip of Qingyue’s leg hair… …Welcome everyone, yes, today I am cosplaying Brogna, but before the live broadcast, I still have some news to tell you.……”

When talking about this, Li Qingyue saw another barrage. Suddenly someone asked him when school started. It seemed that he was still his senior?

“If school starts, it should be around September, which is still very early… I want to hold a welcome party for Qingyue… Uh, is it too exaggerated? There’s no need, I’m just a student……”

Shaking her head, Li Qingyue continued: “Ahem, that’s it. Many friends have rewarded me before. Because I really couldn’t thank them all, I decided to give some small gifts to everyone.。”

“Specifically, they are some dolls and the like. It seems that Mi Huyou took the business order and then produced some peripherals based on my cosplay characters such as Fu Xuan La and Yin Lang La. It should be quite interesting. ”

As soon as she finished speaking, the barrage started to boil.。

【Doll? grateful! ?】

【I, Wang Duoyu, have invested in this plan! !】[]

【Damn it, I want to buy it!】

【How much is it? I want to buy ten, and I want to set up a formation! !】

【Is it too late to reward now? Woohoo, I think I want it too!】


Maybe it was because of some misunderstanding among everyone. When they heard about the doll, they thought they needed to spend money to buy it, and completely ignored Li Qingyue’s thank you.

Seeing this, Li Qingyue couldn’t help laughing and said: “It’s free of charge, because it’s to thank you all for your support, so everyone in the fan list has a share. Hey, don’t give rewards! Little Tam, hurry up and give those student parties Ban!!”

Before Li Qingyue finished speaking, the rewards began to move crazily, which made Li Qingyue quite helpless.

Originally, the reason why she made the doll was to thank everyone, but unexpectedly she put the cart before the horse. This is really… Fortunately,

Li Qingyue’s old fans are relatively sensible and know Li Qingyue’s live broadcast style, so they educated Wei who followed the trend and gave rewards. After I became an adult, I barely got one less gift from the barrage.。

“.~If you don’t have a fan card, don’t worry, because this time the investment is larger, so there will be a lottery in the future, and if you can get it, you will get it for free.。”

“In short, this doll is not for sale to the public. It is a gift for everyone. Thank you for your support. After saying that

, the barrage burst into cheers, saying “Thank you Qingyue””、“Words like “Thank you, Qingyue Meow” filled the screen, and some rich people directly said, “Can a reward of 10,000 yuan be customized?” etc. When

Li Qingyue saw the question about the last special effects barrage, she couldn’t help but said: “It should be customized.” Can? However, the specific plan hasn’t been released yet. We have to wait for Mi Huyou’s artist to finish the draft first, and…

Yaya’s earrings are very nice. Can you take a look? ”

Suddenly seeing this barrage, Li Qingyue gently approached the camera and showed off the exquisite amethyst earrings, “Is this something? ”

When talking about this, Li Qingyue thought, does the so-called hidden mission say anything to him, or is it related to the reaction of the barrage? Then he gently shook his earrings, showing a little shyness

. Smile: “How’s it going? Does it look good? ”

Her delicate fair facial features, combined with the dazzling purple gemstone, and Bronya’s unique temperament, suddenly made everything around her sparkle.

Netizens in the live broadcast room were immediately stunned!

【I really can’t stand it anymore. Is this a critical attack?】

【Good-looking, good-looking, good-looking, I am Miss Qingyue’s dog!】

【This is too similar. Will Qingyue take out a big sniper? I want to see the sniper rifle eight hundred miles away!】

【This smile, aws1!】

【Qingyue, I have a brother who has cancer. His last wish before he dies is to see your black silk stockings. Can you help my brother?】



Great, guessed wrong!

Li Qingyue found that the system was unresponsive and couldn’t help but have a headache.

It’s indeed a hidden mission. There really isn’t any clue at the moment…

Let’s continue interacting with the barrage first.

Then I saw a barrage。

“Qingyue Qingyue, why do you cosplay like a duck? ”

Seeing this barrage, Li Qingyue thought for a while and said helplessly: “It’s just… I don’t know. I probably just thought about it for a while, and then I figured it out like this… Ming” After finishing speaking, the live broadcast room


announced Full of question marks。



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