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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 125

Because she had just joined the group, Li Qingyue was still looking at other people’s messages.

As a result, I don’t know if it was because I got up late, but someone was already active in the group, and then I saw Li Qingyue coming in.

Suddenly the group became lively。

【Fu Tuan’er: Welcome Xiao Qingyue! ! Hehe, now we have two groups!】

【Wuhu Da Sima: Qingyue, welcome. I heard that Qingyue is going to celebrate her anniversary? 】

Seeing the messages from the two people, Li Qingyue subconsciously began to reply one by one.。

【Qingyue: Sister Fu Tuan’er, how are you?。】

【Qingyue: Wuhu Da Sima, ready to go, seems to have a flight ticket tomorrow. 】

Originally, many anchors have unusual schedules, and there aren’t many people in the morning.

But with the appearance of Li Qingyue.

Some people who originally planned to peek at the screen suddenly exploded。

【Damn it pdd, Qingyue actually joined the group? Going to the anniversary celebration? At first, I was thinking about why a certain voice suddenly invited me. So it turned out to be because of this? I am coming!】

【Wuhu Da Sima: A certain voice has linked up with our certain fish, saying that there is an event coming, pdd, shall we go with Daxu?】

【Shao pig pdd Daxu is coming too? ?】

【Wuhu Da Sima: Daxu has been transferred to a certain voice a long time ago, have you forgotten?】

【Saozhu pdd14 Ya’er, I just remembered! I haven’t seen Qingyue at the comic exhibition before, but I must meet her this time!】

【Baby Xuxu: Then the three of us share a room?】

【Female stream 66: Huh? Can we still see Qingyue on the anniversary? Then I’m going to take Zhuangzhuang with me to have some fun.。】

【Pineapple Saidong: Wow, why is the group so lively today? Qingyue actually joined the group! Well done Shaojie, this linkage is truly invincible。】


In just a short moment, there were nearly a hundred more messages in the group.

Seeing this situation, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but smile. Is this a face-to-face meeting?

【Qingyue: Does everyone want to go? Let’s have dinner together then. ]

Her words instantly made the group more lively.

However, on the other side…

Gu Yusheng fell into deep thought as he watched the anchors of a certain fish who declined the anniversary celebration one by one.

I almost forgot that although Mouyin and Mouyu have reached a joint cooperation, they are still essentially two competing platforms.

And because of the hot weather, many certain fish anchors didn’t want to come over at all.

This made Gu Yusheng a little helpless.

That’s all, if you don’t want to come, don’t come. Anyway, this anniversary celebration is, in a sense, a way for a certain news agency to announce Li Qingyue to the outside world.

But just when she didn’t think about it.

The pdd information was suddenly sent over。

【Boss pdd Mr. Gu, I was the one who was confused just now. I have already bought the tickets for the anniversary celebration. Please let me go!】

“ah? ”

Gu Yusheng was stunned for a moment.

Then he saw the prestige of Da Sima again.。

【Wuhu Da Sima: Mr. Gu, I didn’t read the news just now. I can go. ]

Then more and more information suddenly appeared.

Gu Yusheng’s head was full of questions.

What is the situation? Can we give two different answers on the same day?

But she didn’t pursue it anymore. It was a good thing that she came, but the promotional posters needed to be changed.。

“Go and put pdd Da Sima P behind Qingyue…well, you can also place him behind Daxu. Later, post other certain fish anchors and make a row. ”

After giving the instructions, she started to deal with other people who wanted to cooperate with Li Qingyue.。


And on the other end.

Li Qingyue was lost in thought.

How about starting the show earlier today?

This way you can go to bed earlier so you can adjust your schedule.

Forget it, let’s wait for Little Tam to come back and eat some food first!

So we waited until noon.

During this period, Li Qingyue put on her hat and ran for a while in the yard.

Because… the fox ears and fox tail are still not eliminated!

But what did Xiaoqing say?

Just exercise can promote absorption!

So Li Qingyue kept running…

until the moment before Little Tam came back, she suddenly felt something in her heart. She touched it carefully…

the fox ears disappeared!

No, that shouldn’t be said to be disappearing, but a special ability similar to acting, but different.

All in all, as long as Li Qingyue thought about it, fox ears and tail would suddenly grow out of thin air, looking a bit like Tingyun.

But if you don’t want to show this feature, they will disappear and they will look like ordinary people.。

“Why does it feel like something written in a novel, that I suddenly gained some fox bloodline? “(To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Li Qingyue rubbed her chin and thought for a while.

However, this should be a good thing, right?

Because to some extent, she seems to have really gained the ability to stop the clouds and can give Blessed by myself!

With this thought, Li Qingyue waited for a while.

Finally, she met Little Tam.

Just as Little Tam said, she did come back early at noon, with lunch in her hand.

One day There was only an extra-large turtle and a chicken!

In the morning, Li Qingyue felt that Little Tam was good at cooking. At noon, she was really shocked. It turned out that someone really cooked delicious food! She washed

Little Tam. After the bowl, Li Qingyue was also preparing to start a live broadcast, and little Tam was very curious about it. However,

although he wanted to take a peek, considering that the impact was not very good, he finally gave up.

After Li Qingyue closed the door, a thought came to his mind, cloth Lonia Rand’s costume appeared on her body.

At the same time, the system task suddenly appeared。

【Ding! It is detected that the host is playing Bronya, triggering a new main quest。】

【Main mission (Part 1): Live broadcast as Bronya, and the number of likes reaches 1 billion. Get random rewards after completing the task。】

【Main mission (Part 2): Live broadcast as the Herrscher of Reason, reach 2 billion likes, and receive random rewards after completing the mission. 】


Li Qingyue was stunned for a moment when she saw the prompt that appeared in the system.


It’s a like!

Compared with the various previous requirements, this task is much simpler!

You must know that likes do not require any reward, only a number of viewers, and similarly, as long as a person keeps clicking likes for 600, he can continue to increase the number of likes… And Li Qingyue previously broadcast

live At that time, the number of viewers was not as exaggerated as it is now, but the number of likes could easily exceed 500 million.

What’s more, now?

“System, you finally understand that live streaming is not very simple.……”

To be honest, Li Qingyue was a little moved when she saw this kind of system task.

Compared to spending 100 billion, there are other requirements such as singing a love song of a cute girl. This is simply too simple.

It’s like it’s a free gift!

But the system rewards seem to have become random rewards?

Forget it, as long as there are blessings, it’s not a problem!

“I hope it will be an easy task like this every time in the future, and I won’t do those shameful things again.……”[]

When Li Qingyue said this.

The system sound suddenly sounded again。

【Since this is a two-form play, you triggered a hidden mission。】

【Hidden task: Please find the host during the live broadcast。】

【Mission reward: After completion, you will receive the Herrscher of Reason reloaded bunny, which can be transformed into a motorcycle.。】

【System prompt: Hidden tasks are not part of the main tasks and you can choose not to complete them. Also because it is a hidden task, the host needs to find it by himself. Please look for key points during the live broadcast.。】

【System Tip 2: Because the difficulty of this task has increased, the probability of triggering a small task has greatly increased. After completing the small task, the host may get a hint of a hidden task.。】



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