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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 124

The bright moon is in the sky and the stars are dotted.

While Li Qingyue was sleeping, there was another commotion in the scarf.


Li Qingyue really didn’t put pigeons on her scarf!

She just posted the update a short time ago, and it already has over 100,000 comments!

All kinds of data are quite explosive, and can even be said to be outrageous.

However, this kind of data is no longer surprising to netizens. However, after seeing the selfie posted by Li Qingyue,……

【Damn it, you big duck?】

【This black stocking! ! I want it, brothers!】

【I declare that Qingyue is the new generation of black silk holy body. Who agrees and who opposes?】

【Shut up, I think she is the holy body of white silk, the best white silk in the world!】

【Any other outfits? I’m knocking, are you going to make a bigger move?】

【When will Qingyue cosplay?】


The comment section is almost ruined.

Li Qingyue had been on air every day before. Even if he didn’t go there once, it was because he went to the Comic Expo and appeared under Mi Huyou’s lens.

Netizens have become accustomed to this.

But when Li Qingyue took a day off…

they discovered that other live broadcasts were no longer good!

Now when I see the photos posted by Li Qingyue, I feel like I have been injected with blood every moment.

It is completely different from the cute “893” style before. The photo Li Qingyue posted shows Bronya in military uniform, which actually gives people the temperament of a gentle big sister.

In particular, when Li Qingyue played the form, all the details were perfect, and it looked like the real Queen of Bronya… Everyone was

completely blown away, and some people even went to the official comments of a certain news channel to denounce Li Qingyue for being in the role. Just posting pictures of the scarf is not enough, so I asked Li Qingyue to take a video and send it to a certain voice…

But I don’t know if it’s because this scarf is too explosive.

The unscrupulous media that suddenly appeared to criticize Li Qingyue suddenly disappeared.

Although there are still various comments below that continue to criticize, the heat has immediately cooled down.

However, luckily, this public account suddenly issued a scarf again and announced it on the entire network.

No amount of popularity can make up for the gap between internet celebrities and celebrities! Qingyue Aki, I don’t believe that an Internet celebrity can cause a commotion just by picking up a courier. If you have the ability, are you just showing off by coming out to testify?

This public account called Guoran Video originally had more than 2 million fans.

But as soon as this news was posted, the number of more than two million fans suddenly began to plummet at an alarming rate. Within a few hours, it was cut off in the middle, and the zombie fans were cleared out again with the scarf.

Suddenly it became over 100,000!

However, this scarf has become a hot search topic.

It’s not that many people agree with it, but it was directly scolded by netizens and became a hot search topic!

【I am Zha Zhahui: Why are you so popular with your mother? Take a pee and look in the mirror to see what kind of virtue you are!】

【Save Hutaoba: Sorry everyone, my dog came out and barked. I scolded him and came out to clean it up.。】

【Zhuojiu soothes throat: When did you **?】

【Gray Witch Ireina: I have long thought this public account is disgusting. I don’t need a household registration book just for the sake of popularity. You are even more disgusting than the last time’s shady anchor!】

【Buy a man in pants: What a piece of shit, no wonder Qingyue doesn’t look at the scarf, brothers, please report it!】


The swear words in the scarf are actually quite restrained.

In fact, among Li Qingyue’s various fan groups, countless Zu’an madmen have even driven him to heaven.。

【Leader of the Knights of Dongshan Province – Qingyue’s Dog: This kind of beast is simply a thing that will kill the whole family. Did his mother throw him into the latrine when he was born?】

【I want to eat Fu Xuan’s small ice cream: Mao Hang is not so disgusting, why is this shameless thing so thick-skinned? Just hard black, right?】

【Have I taken a photo with Qingyue? Am I proud: MD! ! Qingyue didn’t broadcast live today, I’m going to die! Is it Bronya tomorrow? Can I lick black stockings?】

【The idiot who wants to become Qingyue: It must be him who did it not start airing! And this guy is in Qiaqingyue Flow. He wants to take the black and red route. Isn’t this against him? ?】


It’s early morning now.

But netizens’ ability to stay up late is nothing short of miraculous.

What’s more, as major fans began to charge…

fans on various other platforms also began to act at the same time!

The original official account of Guoran Video still has a good foundation on various platforms.

But it was quickly exploded!

The Tieba that originally had only a thousand people suddenly received a lot of abusive posts, and even the accounts of Youyin and Kuaishou were not spared.

So many people insulted each other at the same time, even directly alarming the platform’s top management.

Then, the biggest unscrupulous media was directly silenced.

After this battle, the Internet turmoil that Li Qingyue was completely unaware of has been completely quelled.

And what’s even more interesting is… some people who were originally led by this public account suddenly stopped talking, and most of them even started frantically deleting their traces on the Internet.


private messages were scolded.

This battle also made other platforms realize once again the terrifying cohesion of Li Qingyue’s fans.

For a while, Chen Rui’s face was filled with sadness, and short videos such as Slow Shou and Xiaohongshu also started to panic.

If this continues, their traffic will really be sucked up by Li Qingyue!

However, Li Qingyue, who was enjoying a sweet dream, had no idea about these things.

At this time, she was touching her ears unconsciously, and murmured softly in her sleep from time to time.

What should I do with my ears?

Early next morning.

When Li Qingyue woke up, she couldn’t help being startled.

It’s already nine o’clock!

Wow, yesterday’s tea was really harmful. Li Qingyue’s adjusted routine was suddenly disrupted.

It’s very uncomfortable.

However, the nutria seemed to be carrying out the order honestly after receiving the order from the spirit-talking technique. At least Li Qingyue was not woken up.


“The ears… are still there? ”

Li Qingyue was a little lost.

She had actually thought of a countermeasure yesterday. For example, she could simply transform into Bronia or Fu Xuan. In short, she could use her transformation ability to cover up the past. But now that she thinks about it, how can anyone be so big

? Have you dressed up as a cosplayer for a long time?

It always feels weird… (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

But after moving his ears, Li Qingyue unexpectedly discovered that Little Tam was not there.。


After carefully opening the door and walking into the living room, Li Qingyue found that the dining table was filled with exquisite breakfast and a letter left by Little Tam.。

【Breakfast is ready, meow~ But because the video inventory is not enough, I asked me to shoot a few videos first and come back when I’m done! I’ll bring you something delicious by the way. 】

So that’s it…

Li Qingyue nodded. Little Tam is also the main force in her and her sister’s company. No matter what, the video update must not be left behind…..

Very good, don’t worry about the fox ears for now, let’s have breakfast first!

But after washing up and just sitting down, I saw my phone started to vibrate. It was a call from Gu Yusheng.。

“Sister Gu? ”

Li Qingyue yawned.

Because she was a little sleepy, Gu Yusheng noticed it immediately and couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Is it rare for little Qingyue to stay in bed? Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

“Hmm… It’s a new environment, but I’m already up and eating breakfast. ”

Li Qingyue didn’t explain the fox ears thing. After all, this thing is a bit beyond common sense.。

“That’s it, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of going to Chengdu anyway. Have you booked your flight tickets for tomorrow? We have to go there first. ”

Gu Yusheng said while looking at the phone。[]

“So fast? ”

Li Qingyue suddenly came back to her senses. She was talking about the anniversary, “Didn’t you say that there is a younger sister coming? If we leave tomorrow, wouldn’t that just happen to be off schedule?”

“It doesn’t matter. If she arrives early, you can meet her first. If she arrives tomorrow, let her wait. In short, there will be no delay. Gu

Yusheng said this and added: “By the way, the song you sang seems to have been noticed by some people. Have you ever considered making a debut?””

“ah? ”

Li Qingyue was startled for a moment, then shook his head, “No.……”

“I think so, but what about copyright? There are some music companies who want to buy the copyright. ”

Li Qingyue: …

She then remembered that the song “Swear with Hooks” did not exist in this world, so she became original. But

Li Qingyue didn’t really want to be a copycat, and she said it was someone else’s song. I sing it myself, but it always sounds a little weird.。

“As for copyright…I don’t have any idea. ”

After saying that,

Gu Yusheng was not surprised. After all, in her opinion, Li Qingyue was really not short of money. She immediately nodded: “Then just turn it down. Little Tam will probably come back to bring you a meal at noon, so don’t order takeout!”

“Also, the account of the sand sculpture in the bib has been blocked, and Mi Huyou has picked up the doll. I can tell you about it when the live broadcast starts on 5.7. by��……Oh, by the way, the linkage thing has been settled, but the specific things can’t be settled until we go to Chengdu.。”

“Just like that, I hung up first, and Mr. Zhang asked me to negotiate the contract! ”

Li Qingyue blinked, and then replied uncertainly: “Is there nothing else to explain? ”

There was so much information that she couldn’t help but start digesting it.

She could understand the fact that Mi Huyou took over the doll.

But… what does the fake account in the scarf refer to?

Is it the unscrupulous media that Xiao Tam and the others talked about yesterday?

Well, I didn’t pay attention at all。

“Uh… It seems that there is another thing, that is, I brought you into a certain fish anchor group, you can take a look. ”

When he said this, Gu Yusheng was already talking to the people next to him. While talking about something, he said to Li Qingyue: “That’s it. If there is anything else, I will tell you in Weixin. You can eat first. ! ”

It’s really dead this time.

Li Qingyue ate a piece of toast and subconsciously looked at Weixin.

Sure enough, she found that she was pulled into a group.

Looking carefully, pdd, Da Sima, Baby Xuxu… all kinds of familiar people The anchors are all here。



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