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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 123

At this time, a message actually came…

Li Qingyue’s eyes lit up. By the way, since it was Xiaoqing who sent the tea, I believe she should know some of the effects, right?

I clicked on my phone and took a look。

【Fox Fairy Xiaoqing: Have you received the tea? I forgot to tell you, if you are not a fox tribe drinking tea, you may have some side effects~……】

【Qingyue: Grow-fox ears?】

【Fox Fairy Xiaoqing: Yes, that’s it! You actually know this?】

【Qingyue: …because I have already drank it。】

【Fox Fairy Xiaoqing:!】

【Fox Fairy Xiaoqing: Well… the problem is not big. That’s right, because grandpa’s special tea has the effect of prolonging life. In the words of our fox tribe, it is a great tonic. As long as the body absorbs it, it can return to normal.。】

【Qingyue: How long will it take?】

【Fox Fairy Xiaoqing: I don’t know. After all, I am from the fox tribe and I have always had ears and a tail.……】

【Qingyue:? ?】

【Fox Fairy Xiaoqing: Don’t worry! Grandpa just saw it and said that exercise can promote absorption!】


After chatting, Li Qingyue felt complicated.

Thank you very much!

What kind of exercise would be better for me to do tonight?

Thinking of facing Xiao Tam, Gu Yusheng and the others tomorrow…

Li Qingyue touched her fox ears and felt uncomfortable.

The world, destroy it!

Moreover, it is too scientific to say that exercise promotes absorption, but I have grown the characteristics of a fox and turned into a girl with animal ears!

What is absorption?

“Forget it, go to sleep! ”

Li Qingyue simply ignored it, put on her pajamas again, shook her tail, and began to plug her ears angrily.

It was different from simple hearing enhancement. The extra fox ears had good hearing, but she couldn’t control it carefully. That kind of thing.

This also means that Li Qingyue can hear nearby sounds at any time.

Damn it, if there really is a fox tribe, wouldn’t they have to live in noise every day? In

that case, the dog he raised before My son’s hearing seems to be good, and he can sleep very peacefully. Is it because he is used to it?



“Squeak! ”

I don’t know if it’s because of his good hearing, but Li Qingyue can always hear the noise of mice.

Those ripples form unique ripples in his ears, and then gradually form an image in his mind, and finally turn into a A scene of a big mouse gnawing at the roots of a willow tree。

“Amitabha, the mind is calm and naturally cool. ”

Li Qingyue lowered her ears and

took a deep breath. From the sound, the nutria shouldn’t be in the villa area. It felt like it was near the road. She didn’t expect that she could hear it so far away. Besides


it’s almost eleven o’clock now!

It’s hard to adjust if you don’t sleep anymore. A good routine will be completely disrupted.



“Zhizhi! ”

What the hell!

Li Qingyue suddenly jumped up from the bed and turned on the computer directly.

People with superpowers also have tempers!

Using the ability of the silver wolf to directly invade the surrounding cameras, Li Qingyue soon locked onto a chubby figure. I saw an oversized nutria munching on a willow tree。

“Hmm… just do it like this? ”

Li Qingyue touched her chin. She had no sympathy for mice, but considering that there were usually a lot of mice, it would be too troublesome to kill them one by one… Forget it, just control it. Thinking of


, Li Qingyue became dark again. The loudspeaker next to him cleared his throat and used Kafka’s magic: “I heard that you should stop chewing on the tree and help me clean up the surrounding area. ”

I’m sorry Kafka, it’s very rare to control rats with word magic. I won’t do it next time!

When the nutria, which was gnawing on the willow tree, heard the sound, it suddenly showed a fierce look, but the next moment it began to look at him in confusion. He started wandering around.


the world was quiet.

Seeing this scene, Li Qingyue felt relieved.

However, this nutria should be the first object for him to release his super powers, right?

This feeling is really subtle.

Because of the change Because of her health, Li Qingyue’s sleepiness subsided a little.

Then it suddenly occurred to her that she seemed to have promised yesterday to post an update on her scarf every day? It

just so happened that there was no live broadcast today, so why not just post a preview…

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue thought about it。

“Transform! ”

Snow-white light emerged, and the next moment, Li Qingyue looked at the full-length mirror in the bedroom.

Her long silver-white hair shawl turned into sexy long curls at the end, turbo-increasing duck*3.

Worth mentioning What’s interesting is that Silver Wolf and Bronya are very similar. Although there is no setting in the star dome orbit, in another Bengsan universe, Silver Wolf looks exactly like Bronya when he was a child. Therefore, the current Li

Qingyue You can easily see the shadow of Silver Wo

lf on her body.

But her body proportions are already very good. After transforming into Bronia, with the appearance of the unique boots and the eye-catching black stockings, her figure instantly became She has become taller.

Although she is not yet in the style of a royal sister, she is more gentle than cute.

Especially, the two amethyst earrings hanging under the delicate ears make Li Qingyue look much more mature. .And

what makes Li Qingyue the happiest is that after playing the role of Bronya, her fox characteristics also disappeared!

“Great, this way there won’t be any embarrassment. ”

Li Qingyue touched her hair happily, that nostalgic feeling…

came back!


at this moment。

【Ding! It has been detected that the host has two similar individuals, Silver Wolf and Bronia, and is searching for similar transformed characters.……】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【Test successful!】

【You got an extra outfit – the Herrscher of Reason costume, do you want to dress up?】

【Note: The Herrscher of Reason’s disguise will not cause the host to gain additional abilities. After completing the task, the reward will still be Bronia Land (Great Guardian) ability, but after the disguise, you can obtain side tasks with a probability. Gain the Herrscher of Reason ability. 】


After hearing the system prompts, even Li Qingyue couldn’t help but become confused.

The character Bronya has appeared many times in the Honkai Impact series, and the most popular one is probably Bronya Zaicek in Honkai Impact III.

But in Falling Iron, her name is Bronya Rand!

Although they look the same, they are not the same person!


“The system has already given Bronya a disguise, so why doesn’t Xi’er have one? If there are prerequisites, then there is only one Xi’er in Bengtie, right? Is it impossible for me to have both the transformations of Silver Wolf and Bronya like Bronya? ”

This is what Li Qingyue is most confused about!

She can understand that Silver Wolf and Bronya look like her, thus unlocking the ability to cross-dress.

But there is only one Xi’er in Bengtie, and there is currently no one who looks similar to Xi’er. , does it depend on a lottery?

【The host can understand that this is a special situation for Bronia. Because there are too many bulonia and they are very similar, it will be easy to get confused if you draw the same type of characters later.。】

【In addition, due to the host’s body shape, the compatibility with the Herrscher of Reason is very high, so this time the cross-dressing can be tried out and the system will be given as an extra gift. 】

I see…

This explanation is much more reasonable.

Whether it is Bronya or Lili, their characteristics are actually quite similar – they are both three-wheeled superchargers.

No, it can be said that the hairstyle and appearance have not changed much at all. The only difference is that one has white silk stockings and the other has black silk stockings.

That’s all!

On the contrary, Bengsan’s Xi’er has a lot of short hair. Even if it turns into long hair at the back, the features are still obvious…

After accepting this setting, Li Qingyue nodded and started to change her clothes.

The next moment, the Beloberg uniform on her body gradually changed and transformed into a unique Valkyrie armor.

It is said that it is armor, but in fact it is not necessarily true. Only the gems on the chest and the top can show traces of armor. The overall tone is blue and black, revealing the white shoulders.

The original windbreaker also turned into a white dress skirt at this time, gradually transforming from gentleness to cuteness.

Lili should be the form of Yaya during the transition from a girl to a royal sister. She still has the unique youthfulness of a girl, but she looks much more mature than Silver Wolf.

However, the unique white silk is quite eye-catching.

What surprised Li Qingyue the most was probably the temperament gap between the two forms.。[]

If the Great Guardian Bronia has a unique gentle and shy temperament, like a sister, then Lili is Geng Sanwu’s younger sister.

Although their appearance is exactly the same, there is such a big difference!

“As expected of me…so beautiful! ”

After Li Qingyue sighed with emotion,

he decisively took out his mobile phone and took a photo.

But he used the guardian form. After all, it was his first time to play such a sassy style, and there was a unique freshness in it.

Then he took the photo I posted it on my scarf and added a text.

Sorry everyone, there are a lot of things to deal with today, but the live broadcast will definitely be normal tomorrow! Here is a preview of the character who will be cosplayed tomorrow, by the way, because Buluo Nia has many reasons, so I prepared two sets… Anyway, good night everyone!

After editing, I will send the pictures by the way.

Everything is done.

Go to sleep!



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