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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 122

Li Qingyue stood in the brand new bedroom.

The decoration style is a little different from before, it is simple, but Li Qingyue also brought the wind chime.

At this time, she was stepping on the floor covered with blankets with her bare feet, wearing pajamas, looking solemnly at the express box in front of her.

At the same time, a sickle appeared next to her. It was Xi’er’s special weapon. Once she encountered any danger, she could ensure that she could deal with it immediately.

There is also a hot water kettle and a tea cup next to it.

Just to make tea.

Everything is ready!

“Amitabha… No, Immeasurable Heavenly Lord……”

Li Qingyue bowed somewhat unreverently, and then took a deep breath.

Come, the suspense of the superpower world!

Today I will reveal it completely!

With this in mind, she cautiously picked up the sickle and carefully cut a gap along the tape.


After feeling no crisis, Li Qingyue picked up the box, looked at it, and then suddenly opened it quickly.

I saw a simply packaged tea leaf appear.���Nonaka。

“……Is it really tea? ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but feel a little dazed after seeing it. She opened the plastic bag and looked carefully again.

Well, ordinary tea leaves.

Nothing spiritual or ethereal as in the impression happened, nor did any light appear, even when she smelled it. , it just feels like…

it’s really just ordinary tea!

“Bastard, what the hell am I doing? ”

After reacting, Li Yue couldn’t help but scolded herself for her stupidity.

She had indeed completely thought wrong!

Because the other party gave her a blessing at the beginning, Li Qingyue subconsciously thought that this so-called tea was probably from some novel about cultivating immortals. Spirit tea and the like.

After all, this is what is written in novels!

For example, the protagonist spent a lot of hard work and finally drank the tea he had always dreamed of. Then suddenly his spiritual energy surged and he easily became a Super Saiyan… …

There are even other enlightenment teas. As long as you drink it, your brain will feel clear and your thoughts will become clear, and you will become a Buddha in an instant.

Or worse, it is the type where you can start to cleanse your essence after just one sip, such as After drinking it, something dirty was suddenly discharged from his skin…


After becoming so strong, Li Qingyue didn’t feel any unique breath from this so-called tea. The

only difference is that this thing should Is it tobacco tea?

It has a faint smoky smell.

After calming down, Li Qingyue decided to brew the tea first and take a sip first.。

“What if……”

After all, it cost 100 million to buy, which is more valuable than this villa.


Li Qingyue has been looking forward to the occurrence of extraordinary events. If it ends in such a hasty way, she will not forgive herself!

I twisted a handful of tea leaves and put it into the water cup, then poured hot water. Not long after, I could smell a bitter smell.

Li Qingyue herself doesn’t like drinking tea very much. Compared with these, she prefers things like happy water or milk tea. She doesn’t have any feelings about tea, and she thinks they all have the same taste.

But tobacco tea is an exception. The unique smoky flavor is quite good.。

“Make sure it’s non-toxic, then……”

“A bite to eat. ”

Picking up the tea cup and blowing it for a while, Li Qingyue took a small sip.

Then he waited for two minutes.



Any changes!

Crunch –

Li Qingyue’s little hands couldn’t help but clenched, but soon relaxed again. .

He comforted himself and said: “Li Qingyue, Li Qingyue, you have spent 100 million to buy the hunting blessing. The tea and other things are just incidental. Don’t be too greedy.”……”


According to Li Qingyue’s inner thoughts, the functionality of the tea is secondary. In fact, she is very much looking forward to what events this tea will cause.

But now I don’t say that at all…

I can’t even deceive myself!

Sighing with some disappointment, Li Qingyue drank the entire cup of tea in one gulp.。

“Never mind, it tastes pretty good. ”

Thinking about this, Li Qingyue went to rinse his mouth again, and then lay down on the bed a little tired.

Anyway, he was still quite tired today, mainly because he had to move, so Li Qingyue could be said to have sat for a whole day in the afternoon. Then

Gu Yusheng seemed to have said that he would leave for Rongcheng at the latest the day after tomorrow, where the anniversary celebration of a certain sound was held.

For this, he had to buy a plane ticket…

If you think about it this way, recent events seem to Suddenly there are more?

But it’s quite interesting. It seems that the cooperation between Mouyin and Mouyu has been negotiated. Many anchors from Mouyu will also go to this anniversary celebration, and it seems that they can see many familiar people. When I think about

it , Li Qingyue changed her position, twisted her waist slightly, and lay on the bed。

“Um? ”


Li Qingyue felt something was wrong.

Why did it feel weird?

Feeling carefully, it seemed that something suddenly appeared in the tail vertebra. Because he was lying down, he suddenly felt a little pressure.。

“Strange, what does this feel like? ”

Li Qingyue frowned. She had never felt this kind of being pressed before. What was it…

She subconsciously reached out and touched it, but suddenly her whole body stiffened.

It was something furry and fluffy, and she didn’t know what to do with it. Describe something.

It feels a bit like a doll, but the fufu that Li Qingyue has been holding is right next to her.。

“No…this isn’t right! ”

After realizing something, Li Qingyue suddenly jumped up from the bed, turned on the light, and took off the pajamas that covered her whole body.

Then, her eyes suddenly widened. She

saw a fox tail suddenly appeared on the side of her tailbone. ! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

The reason why I think so is because the tail (bdee) is neither a dog nor a cat. The whole body is brown and very fluffy, similar to the stop in the game. The clouds are exactly the same!

“What’s going on? ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t believe her eyes, but when she touched it carefully, she couldn’t help but shudder.

She has feelings!

Because the tail is connected to the coccyx, when you touch it, you will even feel that the whole waist is like It was like being touched by static electricity, and…

as long as she thought in her heart, her tail would sway with her thoughts.

The changes didn’t stop there!

The moment she realized she had a tail, Li Qingyue suddenly felt that the area nearby was gradually getting noisier. It gets mixed up.

If you listen carefully, you can even hear Little Tam’s voice upstairs.。

【Hmm… I can actually sleep with Xiao Qingyue today. Do you want to have a night attack tonight?】

【It’s a pity that we couldn’t sleep in the same bed. I thought we could sleep in the cabin together.……】

【However, this feels great! 】

She is not asleep yet, and the sound seems to be that she is talking to herself while playing on her mobile phone.

Then, the sound can still come from far away。

【Damn, the stock fell again today!】[]

【Hahaha, I suddenly made 20 million, am I a good person?】

【Do you know that one plus one equals two? What about two plus two? Equal to five? How could I be so stupid for giving birth to you?】

【Husband, should I eat first or take a shower tonight? Or…eat me first? 】

Hey~ You are so disgusting!

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but feel the cold at first, but she quickly recovered.

After several times of strengthening, her hearing was already very good, but she was always careful not to listen to other sounds, and this detection ability began to shut down in a sense.

But why did it suddenly appear now?


the sound doesn’t sound like it’s coming from normal ears.

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue suddenly touched his head.

Very good, they are indeed fox ears!

For a moment, her eyes widened and she felt the furry feel. She immediately took out her phone and turned on the camera function, then turned on the front camera.

At this time, Li Qingyue also completely saw her appearance.

The overall details have not changed much, they are still so cute.

However, the two furry fox ears just stood there, like two antennas, constantly collecting nearby sounds…

Seeing this scene, Li Qingyue fell silent.

Good news, I started the extraordinary event, probably because of that tea leaf, and even turned into my favorite beast-eared girl.

Bad news, it’s me who turned into the beast-eared girl.。

“How on earth can this change back? ”

Li Qingyue almost laughed out loud and couldn’t help but pull his ears.

But this thing is quite sensitive!

Okay, okay, this kind of super power incident, right?

When others wake up tomorrow, she won’t know how to explain it!

And ! It’s not good to sleep lying on your front, as it will press your tail.

You can only sleep on your side.

This is all the same!

“What about the system? Come out and explain! ”

In desperation, Li Qingyue could only ask the system, “What is going on?”

【The host does not need to worry. This is a characteristic of the fox tribe. After drinking tea, there is a probability of gaining the ability to stop the clouds. 】


Like this?

Li Qingyue was a little surprised.

No wonder this fox ear always feels so familiar. It turns out to be Miss Tingyun?

Well, Fox Fairy, Tingyun, seems to make sense.


Li Qingyue picked up Fufu and threw her to the ground.


Are you worried about your ability?

How on earth are we going to meet people tomorrow?

“Can I change back? ”

The system suddenly stopped talking.

This made Li Qingyue angry and laughing at the same time. Are you kidding? There is such an irresponsible system?

I believe you!


just at this moment, her phone vibrated slightly.

Carefully At first glance, it turned out to be a message from the fox fairy Xiaoqing.。



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