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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 121

Just the exposure of daily photos can quickly become famous.

It seems incredible to many people.

But in fact, there are quite few photos of Li Qingyue’s daily life!

Because she has always appeared in cosplay form before, and before this, Li Qingyue only appeared in daily photos twice at most.

One time, I was photographed from the side while eating at a Michelin restaurant.

The other time was after the comic exhibition, when I appeared in someone else’s live broadcast.

But this time, Li Qingyue’s previous popularity has been unprecedentedly high.

This caused her daily photos to go viral after they were posted online!

【Come on, one of the few frontal photos of Qingyue, so beautiful! !】

【This is so cute. The panicked look while holding the package really pokes me. I want it to be my desktop!】

【As expected, beauties are surrounded by beauties, and the young lady next to Qingyue is also pretty.……】

【Although it’s so beautiful, doesn’t anyone think it’s too exaggerated? This battle is a bit too big, right?……】

【Upstairs, as someone who has personally seen Qingyue, I can tell you that it is really not an exaggeration at all! She is one of those people who is particularly dazzling in the crowd. As soon as you look up, you will definitely be attracted!】



On the scarf.

The comments were basically full of praise and curiosity. After all, Li Qingyue suddenly appeared in this way today, which made fans who had been looking forward to Li Qingyue’s broadcast extremely satisfied.

But everything has two sides, and some people are beginning to think that a public figure’s casual appearance on the street will cause such a commotion. Is the impact too exaggerated? It feels like it’s deliberately hyped.

However, as soon as such comments appeared, they were criticized by a group of people.

The reason is simple, Li Qingyue cannot control others!

She really just went to pick up a courier. Is it Li Qingyue’s fault that she was photographed?

This inexplicable rhythm was suddenly brought to the attention of many people, and even unscrupulous media began to use it to increase traffic.

There is nothing we can do about it. After all, when people become famous, they are always accompanied by all kinds of right and wrong. Even these unscrupulous media will find faults and say things that are not true.。

“These people must be sick! ”

At this moment, little Tam, who had finished watching the villa, was sitting on the second floor obediently. As soon as she looked at her phone, she found some bad comments. Even with her good temper, she couldn’t help but curse. I remember there were some bad comments before

. Once, it was just a small anchor, and he was punished quickly.

But this time…

I don’t know if it was because Li Qingyue’s traffic was too high or for some reason, but suddenly there were some little blackheads inexplicably, which was very annoying. Wait

. After a while, Little Tam found that the devil didn’t speak.

His beautiful eyebrows couldn’t help but stand up.。

“Demon King, what are you doing? ”

Looking closer to the devil’s phone, I saw that the devil’s fingers were almost typing afterimages. She was using the trumpet to reply to the bad comments one by one. The content was

all “Sand Dollar, are you talking about you?”

Little Tam: …

Okay, okay, I thought that my ability to block others was already top-notch, but I didn’t expect that the Demon King was even more like a phoenix, and he directly transformed into the God of War and started spraying. At this moment, the

Demon King suddenly became noble in Little Tam’s heart stand up。

“A big tree attracts the wind, and there are ghosts and monsters on the Internet. ”

Gu Yusheng shook his head at the side, and then looked at Li Qingyue with some worry, “Is Xiao Qingyue okay? ”

Who would have thought that picking up a courier could be on the hot search?

And there would be some inexplicable rhythm suddenly.

It’s simply too bad.

However, Li Qingyue blinked indifferently: “I didn’t look. ”

After all, she never looks at the scarf…

Moreover, she has another identity, that is – a

distinguished Zaun player!

In Zaun, if your ability to withstand pressure is too poor, you may hesitate a little, and your account will be scolded. .

And Li Qingyue has also developed a strong mentality in the national server game environment for many years.

Turning to look at the salesperson on the side, Li Qingyue said: “Well… Sister Liu, the house is fine. Hearing this

, Sister Liu quickly waved her hand: “You are too polite, just call me Xiao Liu.” And before I came here, I was told by the superiors that if you want it, you only need to get it at a discount. ”

Li Qingyue originally wanted how much money.

After hearing Sister Liu’s words, she couldn’t help but be startled.。

“……10% off? ”

No, I don’t seem to have any status. Why did the house suddenly go down?

She looked at Sister Liu and couldn’t believe it for a moment.

This is a villa!

And in a prime location like Shanghai, the price per square meter is as high as One hundred thousand, with a 10% discount…

What is this concept?

Li Qingyue was completely confused and turned to look at Gu Yusheng.

Gu Yusheng was also surprised and said in surprise: “10% off, aren’t you kidding? ”

This kind of discounting style does not seem to be done by Mr. Zhang. After all, although Mr. Zhang is the big boss of a listed company, he has nothing to do with real estate. If he really came forward, he would probably just give it away. Where else is there a discount


Liu The elder sister said: “That’s right, because our boss

has business overseas with Miss Li’s great-uncle, so……”

Li Qingyue: …

Is it because of my relationship with my cheap uncle?

This feeling is so subtle. Li Qingyue has always regarded the other party as a setup. After all, from the beginning to now, he has never said a word.

But I got some benefits inexplicably.


forget it, let’s just think of it as a little easter egg.

Li Qingyue has a very good feeling about this villa, because it comes with modern decoration and brand-new furniture. There is no need to prepare anything by yourself. You can just move in with your bags.

What’s new to Li Qingyue is that there is an elevator in the villa…

That’s right, a small villa with only three floors actually has an elevator built in!

Not only can it be directly connected to the basement, there is also a garage outside and a lawn of nearly 100 square meters!

The most important thing is that there is a computer equipped with 4090ti in the bedroom, and it even comes with its own live broadcast equipment…

Damn, this is so exciting.

Li Qingyue hadn’t spent much money before, and she hadn’t realized what money could change for a while, but now she realized, is this what it feels like to have money?

Hey, you’re going to be corrupted by money! (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“How about Miss Li? In fact, according to the wishes of our boss, this villa could have been given to you directly, but I was afraid of scaring you, so I gave it to you with a car.……”

Sister Liu said cautiously.

Although she was considered a top performer, she was shocked when she saw the attitude of her boss, and she did not dare to neglect the fifteen-year-old girl in front of her at all.。

“Also gave me a car……?”

Li Qingyue was already a little dizzy, what is all this?

I am only fifteen years old, and I haven’t even taken the driver’s license test yet!

“Your boss…doesn’t he have any other requirements? ”

She still couldn’t believe it.。

“No, the boss is a woman. She said she would be satisfied as long as you live here. ”

Sister Liu said with a smile and took out a contract, “Look. ”

Li Qingyue had never been exposed to such things as contracts, but Gu Yusheng on the side was a professional counterpart.

After she picked it up and looked at it for a while, she also nodded: “There is no problem with the contract. ”

She felt incredible about Sister Liu’s attitude at first, but after hearing the other party’s explanation, she understood.

After all, Li Qingyue’s great-uncle was indeed very famous overseas.

In fact, even if Li Qingyue���It’s so popular, just because of her great uncle’s relationship, even Mr. Zhang can treat her politely。[]

Things like this are too common.

But Little Tam and the Demon King were shocked.

The two of them had questions all over their heads, and only one sentence echoed in their heads.

What happened?

Is this selling a villa? Why does it feel like giving away a villa?

Li Qingyue glanced at Gu Yusheng. Since Sister Gu said it was no problem, let’s sign it.

After the signing was completed, I followed Sister Liu on another trip to settle some trivial matters, and the house matter was finally settled.

Little Tam and the Demon King rushed over afterwards, like two curious babies.。

“.Qingyue, what is going on? This is too exaggerated! ”

The Demon King rushed over in surprise.

She just took a look at the luxury car in the garage, and it turned out to be a Bentley!

Who would sell a villa like this?

It’s like doing charity!

“Is this real estate boss a fan of my Qingyue? “Little Tam is also puzzled.

Li Qingyue:“……”

Looking at the two people swarming up, Li Qingyue knew that she couldn’t hide it any more, so she immediately cleared her throat.

Immediately he said solemnly: “Let me tell you something, you must not be afraid!”

“Uh-huh! “The two nodded like chickens pecking at rice.。

“Actually…I am the third generation of rich people。”

“ah? ”

Both the Demon King and Little Tam were a little confused.

But after listening to Li Qingyue’s explanation, they couldn’t help but be surprised. (Dehao Zhao)

Is this so?

Fortunately, after witnessing with my own eyes that Li Qingyue lost three thousand dollars in one night, After ten thousand years, they were able to accept this kind of heavyweight information.

Not long after they recovered…

Little Tam happily ran to the second floor and chose a house to live in.

After finishing it together, everyone sat down in the living room。

“Moving later? ”

The Demon King spoke first. While he is still here, he can just do some hard work.。

“Doesn’t Sister Gu have a younger sister? When did you come over? “Li Qingyue thought of what Gu Yusheng said before。

“Hmm… probably the day after tomorrow. Don’t worry, except for a little bit of chuunibyou, she is doing well in other aspects. ”

Gu Yusheng always felt unsure when he said this.。

“I will take good care of them! “Little Tam volunteered.

Li Qingyue naturally had no objection, but she was a little bit looking forward to what this tea would be…

After the discussion, everyone no longer hesitated, and excitedly ran to Li Qingyue’s house to start teasing.

During this period, Li Qingyue changed another one. A slightly better mobile phone, after all, it was too jammed before, and I was really worried that it would burn out one day.

After everything settled, the Demon King and Gu Yusheng had already left. After

Li Qingyue and Xiao Tam had dinner together, they had already It was late at night.

But Li Qingyue never slept.

It was time to unpack the express!



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