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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 119

The sudden thought of this made Li Qingyue’s eyes gradually start to tremble.

No, no, right?

Probably not possible?

Are you thinking too much…

No, just eat honestly!

In just one scene, Li Qingyue almost burned out his CPU. When he was a boy in his previous life, he and his good brothers slept on the same bed.

But with girls…

I’ve never tried it at all!

However, just when she was in a state of despair, Gu Yusheng suddenly said: “Does Little Tam want to live with Little Qingyue?”

“Yes, Sister Gu, do you want to come too? “Little Tam tilted his head.。

“Hmm… Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered. Gu

Yusheng frowned and said, “It seems a little unsafe recently. Do you two want to change residences?””

“Um? ”

When she heard the word danger, Li Qingyue’s ears immediately stood up.

Could it be…

the rumored extraordinary event?

As a person with super powers, she didn’t know how long she had been looking forward to this situation, and she often thought about what the system was doing. What’s the danger?。

���Now hearing the two words coming out of Gu Yusheng’s mouth, Li Qingyue’s attention instantly increased a hundred times.

Is it “June 17” lurking in the dark night, fighting between superpowers, or is there some kind of murderer looking for money and life?

Could it be that the time has finally come for me, the superhero, to appear on the scene! ?


Little Tam seemed to understand instantly, and said quickly: “Ah, are you talking about the one in the news? It seems that due to the recent control of stray cats, there have been more rats. Moreover,……”

When she said this, she looked a little scared: “On the road today, I actually saw some dead cockroaches, it was so scary!”

“That’s it. These small animals and insects carry many diseases, so take precautions. ”

Gu Yusheng explained like an elder, “Also, two girls must pay attention to safety when they live together, especially not to run around at night, do you understand?”

“That’s right, especially those men who come over to strike up a conversation, run away quickly when you encounter them. ”

The devil added on the side, “Drinking is the most dangerous thing.。”


Xiao Tam replied energetically.

Li Qingyue also weakly raised her hand in agreement.

She had also heard the news that Xiao Tam was talking about. It was said that giant rats were infested in the Magic City. Crops suffered huge losses and so on.

The headlines on the news were quite exaggerated, saying that a mouse weighed nearly ten kilograms!

Darling, what is the concept of a ten kilogram mouse? Isn’t it a big deal for a newborn human baby to weigh five kilograms?

Ten kilograms , must the body shape be like that of a child?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a man-eating rat with this kind of weight!

Li Qingyue was interested when she first looked at it, and couldn’t help but wonder if this rat had mutated or something. The

result… …

That thing is a simple nutria!

It was originally from South America, but it was introduced to China in the 1980s, setting off a breeding boom, and then it inexplicably became an invasive species and started to eat poplars. Things like willows and willows.

Originally, depending on the Chinese people’s ability to eat, this guy should have the same fate as crayfish.

However, nutria are also mice and carry a lot of germs themselves. It’s too late for everyone to be scared when they see this thing. How could it be possible? Go eat.

As a result, there are more and more of these things in the Magic City. Now it is summer again, and they will suddenly appear every once in a while.

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but sigh in her heart.

Damn it.

It seems that she is overthinking it. Now, looking for superpowers in daily life is simply paranoia!

I guess I can only look for clues in the direction of tea.

However, the house problem mentioned by Gu Yusheng made Li Qingyue couldn’t help but think about it a little more. .Now

that I have one bedroom and one living room, it is quite convenient to live by myself.

But if there are two people, maybe we really need to change to another room.。

“What does Xiao Qingyue think? Should she change her house? ”

Gu Yusheng smiled and looked at Li Qingyue。

“Ah, I have no problem. ”

Li Qingyue nodded. She was indeed considering this issue and had no reason to refuse at all.。

“How about the villa? Gu

Yusheng gave Li Qingyue a big chicken leg and said with a smile: “If it is a simple two-bedroom apartment, it may not be enough. What if there are girls coming to live in the future?””

“Will there be more? ”

Li Qingyue was stunned for a moment.。

“That…actually, I have a little selfishness in it. ”

When Gu Yusheng said this, he couldn’t help but blush, “It’s just that I have a sister who is a few years younger than me. She has just finished her exams recently and is planning to live in Shanghai, but I am a little worried about her being alone, so……”

“So this is ah. Li Qingyue was stunned after hearing this, ”

I’m totally fine.”。”

“Me too~!”

“Well, thanks to the two eldest ladies for their ge

nerous accommodation, my sister will be left to you! ”

Gu Yusheng rarely made a joke, and even made a gesture of clasping her hands together, like Amitabha.

But when she said this, she expressed some worry: “But my sister may be a little strange, don’t think too much, she is just a bit… The feeling of second illness. ”

The Demon King realized something on the side, and suddenly his eyes lit up: “The little bird is swimming among the six flowers?”

“Yes, that’s it! ”

When mentioning this, Gu Yusheng immediately started talking non-stop, “She really has that level of chuunibyou. It’s so outrageous. I always had headaches when I was a kid, but unfortunately she was so cute that I couldn’t get angry. ”

The devil suddenly spurted out two streams of hot air from his nose.。

“Sister Gu, tell me how cute it is!”

“……What I wanted to say, but when I saw Qingyue’s appearance, I suddenly felt that my sister was a bit ordinary. Xiao Qingyue, if my sister molests you, you must tell me!”

“Why did it suddenly get involved with me!”


After some fighting, several people suddenly felt that they were much closer to each other.

If there was a sense of politeness before, now it is more like a friend.

After looking at each other, they couldn’t help laughing. (If you want to read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Even Li Qingyue has a special feeling.

I have been living alone these days. Although it is not bad, I can’t help but think about other things in my spare time.

And after Gu Yusheng and the others came, they suddenly felt like, ah, even their free time became happy….

By the way, is this the feeling of friendship after seeing each other for a long time?

Li Qingyue was in a daze. In her previous life, she seemed to have not socialized much since graduating from college. She ate alone and surfed the Internet alone. Even on holidays, she just felt like she had an extra day off.

But now.

Looking at the few people laughing and laughing beside him.

Li Qingyue was stunned.

It seems…

pretty good?

No, why did I suddenly become sentimental?

Just keep your head down and cook!

However, the Demon King seemed to suddenly remember something. He looked at Gu Yusheng and said, “By the way, Mr. Gu, I heard that a certain sound will be linked with a certain fish? Is it true?” Gu Yusheng almost forgot about it and

explained Said: “It’s like this, didn’t you keep giving rewards to Xiao Qingyue when she was live broadcasting yesterday? Then Xiao Qingyue also wanted to give gifts to other anchors in return. After Mr. Zhang noticed this, he planned to talk to

her A certain fish talked about the linkage. Specifically, the anchors of the two platforms can check each other’s rooms during that period.。”

“oh! ”

The Demon King didn’t pay attention to anything else. When he heard that Li Qingyue wanted to thank others, he exclaimed and couldn’t help hugging Li Qingyue.。

“She is indeed the brain woman I have fallen in love with. Qingyue is so gentle!”

“……Suffocating! ”

Li Qingyue only felt that she was buried somewhere and almost couldn’t breathe properly.

However, Little Tam and the Demon King were beside her. After she struggled to get out of the Demon King’s arms, she also asked with a smile: “Do you have anything? want? I have money now。”

“I like whatever my wife gives me!”

“Me too! ”

The two of them were quite excited.

Gu Yusheng also added from the side: “There is also the matter of the anniversary celebration. According to Mr. Zhang, if the cooperation with a certain fish is happy, the anchor of a certain fish will also be invited to the anniversary celebration. It can be regarded as a large-scale linkage.。”

“Damn it! ”

Hearing this news, the Demon King who was still excited suddenly seemed to have heard some shocking news, and looked at Gu Yusheng in disbelief, “Sister Gu 2.8, are you going to have such a big scene? ”

Whether you are a certain fish or a certain sound, both are quite large platforms.

If the two are linked together…

then other platforms will really feel huge pressure! []

After all, there is competition in live broadcasting, and users’ time There are only so many. If the traffic is taken away, then it is really taken away.。

“So it depends on the attitude of a certain fish. ”

Gu Yusheng rubbed his temples, “This matter is still being discussed. The specific situation may have to wait until a few days before the anniversary.。”

“So that’s it……”The Demon King could not help but be shocked.

If a certain sound and a certain fish really want to link up, then this anniversary celebration will probably really be a carnival.。

“Phew, things are almost explained, let’s eat! ”

Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but say.

If you don’t eat, the food will be cold!

Li Qingyue was thinking about the villa. Speaking of which, she hasn’t lived in it yet.

There is always a unique sense of expectation…


Before that , to pick up the courier.

Li Qingyue glanced at her phone and found that the courier had been delivered to the inn.

She didn’t know what kind of tea Xiaoqing had sent.。



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