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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 118

“Well… As expected of a university teacher! ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help sighing when she saw the other party’s cautious wording.

Compared with the strict high school teachers, the university teachers were obviously much more polite and polite.

But she didn’t expect that Qingbei’s movements were so fast…

Remember In my previous life, it was quite troublesome to recommend students

like this, right? Unlike now, I simply received the admission notice without going through any procedures, and a teacher came to notify me with special prestige. The only thing is that there are

some The trouble is probably that Qingbei is in the imperial capital, and he has to fly to school.

Li Qingyue quickly replied to Lin Qingqing’s message, told her the address, and replied with a smiley face.



Yawning, Li Qingyue started to get up.

It seems that there are quite a lot of things to do today. There is a message from Gu Yusheng on the prestige, saying that he and Xiao Tam will come to see him today and discuss the anniversary.

Another thing is that the tea delivery was not picked up.


after taking a look at Weixin, Li Qingyue saw Gu Yusheng’s message.

He said that he was adding a server today and he could take a day off today.


Although not broadcasting has no impact on Li Qingyue, taking a sudden break during work always gives people a feeling of lightness.

All in all it was a blast!

After getting up, she casually put on a short-sleeved shirt and skirt, and then washed up. Li Qingyue originally wanted to order takeout, but after thinking about it, should she try cooking by herself?

Although it is a bit hypocritical to say this, takeout seems to be too monotonous while being dazzling.

If it’s too complicated, I don’t want to eat it. If it’s too simple, it’s soy milk and fried dough sticks… Even if Li Qingyue is not taboo, he will inevitably want to change the taste after eating too much.。

“The first rule of survival for homesteaders is to cook a meal for yourself first! ”

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue rolled up her non-existent sleeves and rushed to the supermarket downstairs to buy some vegetables.

Half an hour later……

“Let’s order takeout, it’s pretty good. ”

Li Qingyue looked at the delicious and delicious chili fried pork, and silently picked up the phone.

Cooking seems to really require a little talent.

But fortunately, at this time, Li Qingyue was waiting for his savior.

Gu Yusheng They came with someone!

But what was surprising was that it was not just Gu Yusheng and Xiao Tam. The Demon King was also following behind.

After opening the door, probably because they had met once, the Demon King swooped down. I went up and gave Li Qingyue a big hug.。

“Wow! ! Xiao Qingyue, long time no see. Did you miss me? ”

Li Qingyue felt a little helpless as her face was rubbed.

But considering the character of the Demon King… let her do whatever she wants!

“Demon King, stop it! ! ”

Little Tam followed behind and screamed.。

“Then little Tam will come too? ”

The Demon King rubbed Li Qingyue’s face while throwing a wink at Little Tam.。

“Can, can it? ”

Little Tam was stunned for a moment, but quickly reacted, “Okay, you even want to take advantage of me! ”

Gu Yusheng behind him held his forehead and separated the two people with black lines on his face.

Then he brought some gifts in from the door and said helplessly: “This is Mr. Zhang’s apology to Xiao Qingyue. He said it was for the server yesterday. I’m sorry for the crash, but it won’t happen next time.。”

“I originally wanted to give you some surprises, but I didn’t know what you liked, so I just bought some jewelry… You can’t go wrong with gold, right?”

“Well, that’s what it means anyway! ”

When he said this, Yusheng was also a little embarrassed.

After all, a company as big as Mouyin would collapse because of too many live broadcasts. It’s a bit embarrassing.。

“Is it so valuable? ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but feel startled when she saw the gift box. The gold should have cost tens of thousands of dollars.。

“Darling, is Mr. Zhang so generous? The

Demon King squatted aside and couldn’t help but exclaimed when he saw the gold jewelry, “Mr. Gu, you should have told me earlier!” I told you earlier that I would transfer from a certain fish to your company!”

“Hehe, yes, you can still be in a relationship with Qingyue, and maybe you can even post a post. ”

Gu Yusheng crossed his arms and couldn’t help laughing.

But he quickly added。

“The reason why Mr. Zhang apologized so solemnly this time was mainly because Xiao Qingyue made 30 million in one night. This is not counted as some other income from a certain sound, but is purely a reward.。”

“Others, such as new users, stocks, and even some peripheral sales related to Bengtie, have begun to grow hugely.。”

“Let alone asking Mr. Zhang to get some gold, he would be happy to give Xiao Qingyue a house. ”

After finishing speaking, Gu Yusheng seemed to suddenly smell the smell of food in the air, and couldn’t help but walk towards the table.

After hearing this, Xiao Tam and the Demon King looked at each other, and then both looked at Li Qingyue.。

“Thirty, thirty million?

The devil’s little mouth turned into an O shape, “Little rich woman Qingyue! ” ”

Compared to the Demon King, Little Tam is much calmer.

As Li Qingyue’s house manager and the fi

rst person on the list, she has witnessed the miracles Li Qingyue created. Seeing the

Demon King’s reaction at this time, Little Tam couldn’t help but He hummed proudly: “How about it, my wife is amazing! ”

It’s just 30 million a night, what does it mean?

In Little Tam’s opinion, Li Qingyue is so cute, even ten times more is not too much!

“What is this? You don’t know what Qingyue is?……”

Gu Yusheng originally wanted to tell them that Li Qingyue was a rich third generation, but after thinking that this was not a good idea, he stopped abruptly.

Then I took a bite of the fried pork with green pepper made by Li Qingyue.


it’s not unpalatable, but it still feels subtle.


She suddenly remembered that Li Qingyue usually lived alone, and when he cooked for himself, the taste seemed average, so he probably cooked occasionally.

So what does she usually eat?

Thinking of this, Gu Yusheng suddenly looked at Li Qingyue。

“Xiao Qingyue, do you usually eat takeout? ” (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“ah. ”

Li Qingyue felt a little embarrassed when she saw Gu Yusheng eating the meal she cooked. She couldn’t help scratching her head, “Usually it’s takeout, but today I wanted to cook on a whim, but I failed.……”

“Been eating takeout? ”

At this time, the originally calm little Tam suddenly widened his eyes, “How can that be done? This is too unhealthy!”

“Yes, fast food like KFC is okay, but if you order from a small restaurant, the environment will be so dirty. The Demon

King stood aside and made a scary look, “And you are still a girl. If you meet a delivery person with poor quality, you may be recorded!””

“sorry sorry……”

Li Qingyue didn’t dare to refute, so she quickly bowed her head and admitted her mistake.

Asking for flowers.

In fact, she also knew that eating takeout was not a good idea, but there was nothing she could do about it. There was really nothing she could do about cooking.

As strong as the Thunderbolt General, he is also a mess at cooking!

“There are still some dishes in the refrigerator, leave them to me today. ”

Gu Yusheng sighed helplessly when he saw this. She knew Li Qingyue’s family environment. She had no father or mother at the age of fifteen. She had no one to take care of her in life. This was the only way she could do it.。

“What to do next? The

Demon King also heard some things about Li Qingyue, and couldn’t help but worry a little: “Sister Gu can take care of Qingyue for a while, but she also has work to be busy with. Qingyue can’t keep eating takeout, right?”。”[]

“I, I, I have a proposal! ”

Little Tam raised his hand at this time, “I happen to have nothing to do, how about living with Xiao Qingyue? I will take care of my wife’s three meals a day!”

“ah? ”

At this time, Li Qingyue was also stunned.

Why did things develop in this direction?

But she didn’t dare to say anything, because judging from the reactions of the three people, it seemed that her constant eating of takeaways was indeed quite serious.……

“Okay, you are so bold! ”

When the devil saw this, he couldn’t help but rub little Tam’s head.。

“Wait! ”

Little Tam struggled and said: “Demon King, you can come too. Anyway, you have been broadcasting by yourself recently, right? When the time comes, hehe……”

Upon hearing this, the Demon King’s face suddenly turned red.

After looking at Li Qingyue, he suddenly coughed twice.。

“Although I really want to, I live with my friend……”


Little Tam suddenly looked at the Demon King with wide eyes. The Demon King with thick eyebrows and big eyes turned out to be…

For a moment, all kinds of gossip news appeared in his heart.。

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s a girl! ”

The devil waved his hand quickly. She was really living with her friend and couldn’t escape.。

“All right. ”

Xiao Tam nodded, then looked at Li Qingyue, with stars in her eyes, “How about Xiao Qingyue?”

“Um…will it be troublesome?”

“How come, don’t look at me like this, I’m a super little cook! “Little Tam showed off her non-existent muscles.

Li Qingyue was stunned for a moment, then nodded subconsciously: “I have no problem. ”

Anyway, Little Tam is doing it for herself, which makes Li Qingyue feel warm in her heart.

Speaking of the hesitation just now… it was mainly because Li Qingyue thought that she was a superpower.

But forget it, she didn’t use it much anyway. , and because her strength has been improving, Li Qingyue is not worried that she will be exposed.。

“Great! ”

Little Tam suddenly became happy after hearing this.

While chatting, Yusheng had already prepared the meal.

Several people were sitting at the same dining table. It was rare for Li Qingyue to feel such a lively atmosphere, so she picked up a piece of potato and put it in her mouth , I suddenly felt like opening up a new world.

After eating so much KFC, suddenly switching to home-cooked food, my taste buds were activated!

“tasty! ”

While being moved, Li Qingyue suddenly saw little Tam playing the spoon.

Suddenly he was stunned. He

had always regarded her as a good friend before, so he didn’t think much about living together.


his family That is, a simple one room and one living room.

If little Tam wants to live in it, wouldn’t it mean… that

he has to sleep in the same bed?

That’s not right.

The situation is very wrong!



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