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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 117

However, what Li Qingyue didn’t know was that a scarf of hers was sent dynamically.

The comment section, which had already cooled down a bit, suddenly exploded.。

【Damn it, I finally waited until Qingyue posted an update! !】

【Does the sun rise from the west? Qingyue actually talked in the scarf! !】

【Hey guys, registered a scarf and then forgot about it? You already have 12 million fans!】

【It made my family members cry. It’s no secret that I brush my scarves every day. Why was it that I was suddenly moved when I saw Qing Yuefa’s posts?】

【Wow, Qingyue finally saw the private message!】

【A newcomer has just arrived, why do the two posts of this blogger have so many fans!】


It was only five minutes before the dynamic was posted.

There were suddenly nearly 60,000 comments underneath.

Countless divers suddenly went crazy!

Li Qingyue had a lot of fans before, and even after the launch on the same day, the number of fans began to increase dramatically.

But she never posted anything, which made many fans feel numb. It was impossible to unblock her, so she could only send private messages to Li Qingyue every day.

And now her sudden update has directly shocked fans.

Li Qingyue hasn’t forgotten the fans here!


her posts began to receive crazy likes, and the data became more and more exaggerated, and even started to directly attack the scarf headquarters.。

“Boss, it’s not good! ”

In the evening, the data monitoring staff suddenly started calling Cao Wangwei.

Cao Wangwei was stunned. He has been operating this scarf for so many years. Except for some turmoil after Li Qingyue moved in not long ago, there was nothing else. It can still happen

. What could be called “bad”?

After answering the call, he heard the staff wailing.。

“The traffic of our scarf suddenly exploded. One account posted an update. Ten minutes later, there were suddenly 200,000 more comments, and it’s still soaring!”

“953 And… And her fans originally numbered 12 million. The growth had slowed down, but now it suddenly started to increase sharply, and it still exploded in tens of thousands every minute!”

“Many people are registering our bib accounts, and the registration application interface has exploded! ”

The employee said a lot at once.

Cao Wangwei’s head buzzed, and he was still a little unresponsive.

When he heard that the registration application interface exploded, he was shocked.

This thing can still explode. ?

He quickly opened the registration interface and took a look. Sure enough, he found that the website had now changed to 502, and he was suddenly confused.。

“what happened? Are there any big celebrities lately? ”

Good boy!

This kind of traffic growth is a windfall for Cao Wangwei!

The scarf has been around for so long. People who want to register have already registered, and people who don’t want to play don’t even take a look.

This also leads to the scarf now. It has entered a plateauing period, and the number of users is only that much, and there will not be many more people every day.

But today…

it turned out to be like this uncharacteristically?

For a moment, he just felt extremely excited.

Could it be that some star became famous?

A good thing Ah!

But the employee quickly said: “It’s not a celebrity, it’s Li Qingyue!”

“What the hell? Li Qingyue? ”

Cao Wangwei was confused again. Of course he knew this name, but it was already an exaggeration when Li Qingyue registered an account last time. Why does it come again?

“Yes, she just sent an update, and then our registration interface exploded!”

“Fuck! ”

At this time, Cao Wangwei realized the seriousness of the problem.

This is too outrageous!

(bcdb) “Hurry up and add a server, quickly!”

“What? You said that a certain music server also crashed tonight?”

“Our server is not as good as a certain sound. I don’t care about anything else. You must at least guarantee that the registration interface has nothing to do with the main interface of the bib. It doesn’t matter how much you use! ”


After hanging up the phone, Cao Wangwei took a deep breath.

Before, he always felt that the traffic of Internet celebrities could not match that of celebrities, and the bib had always paid more attention to the operation of celebrities.

But now, Li Qingyue only posted an update, It can actually cause such changes in scarves……

“No wonder Station B has to spend 500 million to sign a contract. The traffic is too outrageous. ”

Cao Wangwei clicked on Li Qingyue’s updates and felt his eyes darken. He just

apologized and got over a million likes?

He silently clicked follow on Li Qingyue, then liked again, and then fell into deep thought. .

Do I have to find a certain voice to cooperate with me to show my sincerity so that Li Qingyue can stay?

Otherwise, with the traffic that has dropped from the sky, I always feel a little unstable.……


Early next morning.

After Li Qingyue opened her eyes, she subconsciously picked up her phone and saw a burst of excitement in the anchor group, as if they were discussing the anniversary of a certain music channel.

Half of them are about themselves.

Then Li Qingyue looked at the time, and it turn

ed out to be three-thirty in the morning. A bunch of question marks appeared in his head.

Don’t you all sleep at night?

This routine is too hellish…

After sending a good morning to the group as usual, she saw a new friend request appear on Weixin.。

“Is there anyone else who can add me at this time? ”

Li Qingyue was startled for a moment. Not many people knew about his authority, and everyone in the group would not casually push it to others. Could it be an

extraordinary event like a fox fairy?

Just as he was thinking about it, Li Qingyue saw the other person’s authority clearly. Remark。

【Hello Qingyue, I am your counselor, please give me some advice~]


counselor? (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Seeing these three words, Li Qingyue suddenly remembered.

Did you seem to have been specially recruited before?


why use honorifics!

How can any elder say anything about “you” to students?

As everyone knows, the counselor was also quite panicked at this time.

Lin Qingqing is 28 years old and a first-year counselor at Qingbei University.

Because she usually has a friendly personality, the school assigned her an important task in the past two days – inviting Li Qingyue to come to school!

Well, it was said to be an invitation, but it was just to inform the other party that an admission notice was about to be issued.

After all, it’s not yet the school season, and there’s still some time before school starts.

Originally, this task was very easy, and Lin Qingqing was enjoying her leisure time recently.

But until she saw Li Qingyue’s personal information, she suddenly panicked.

Is this Li Qingyue…

the Qingyue I know?

A super super super super talented beautiful girl, a god-level cosplayer who has become popular all over the Internet in just a few days! [ ]

She was a little skeptical at first, but after watching it in the live broadcast room several times, Lin Qingqing was completely convinced.

This is my student!

Such a discovery shocked Lin Qingqing!


she is Li Qingyue’s fan!

Lin Qingqing noticed this girl from the beginning of Li Qingyue’s live broadcast. At that time, she even shamefully kept sending words like “Let me lick Lord Fu Xuan’s little ice cream” on the barrage.

After all, when people are online, they tend to be less concerned about their image.

After that, I watched it all the way, and even went to the Comic Expo specifically for Li Qingyue, and even took a group photo together.

Lin Qingqing can’t forget that throbbing feeling even now.



The anchor who went crazy became his student!

How to do how to do?

Lin Qingqing, whose eyes were about to turn into mosquito coils, couldn’t help but use honorifics while typing.

A bunch of “you”s were sent.

No matter what, Li Qingyue is still the little, cute and adorable Master Fu Xuan in her heart!

But once the application was sent, she felt something wasn’t right.

No matter what you say, you are an elder, right?

Why use such words?


She wouldn’t notice anything, would she?

If those comments I posted were seen by Qingyue, would they be regarded as a pervert? ?

That kind of thing…don’t do it!

Lin Qingqing felt that her life was gloomy。

“Teacher Lin, what happened? ”

At this moment, the male teacher on the side looked at Lin Qingqing strangely.。

“No, no……”

Lin Qingqing was startled and subconsciously covered her phone.

Although the male teacher glanced at her suspiciously, he didn’t care much. He just said with emotion: “I really envy you. That Li Qingyue is the one on a certain music course, right? Many music schools are going crazy. Can you watch it these days? All kinds of great people come to visit our school.。”

“Haha, and what’s even more amazing is that with Li Qingyue being admitted to us, those top students who originally wanted to apply for the Imperial City have a tendency to change their choices. This is amazing.……”

However, when he said this, Lin Qingqing on the side suddenly became excited.。

“She agreed! ”

Lin Qingqing’s excitement caused countless questions to suddenly pop up in the originally peaceful office.

Several teachers looked at her with doubtful eyes.

This made Lin Qingqing stunned and couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. She pretended that nothing happened. , quietly read Li Qingyue’s reply。

【Qingyue: Hello, teacher. 】

She also used you!

Wow, what a polite kid!

Lin Qingqing’s eyes lit up and she started typing.。

【Hello Qingyue, I am your fan and I like your cosplay of Fu Xuan very much. Also……】


What on earth are you fighting for? !

She took a breath and adjusted her mentality.

First of all, I am informing the other party about the admission.

Well, just simply recruit people, and the teachers should look like teachers!

【Lin Qingqing: Hello Qingyue, because you are a special admissions student, the admission notice must be sent to you by express delivery first… Can you tell me the delivery address? 】

Very good, no honorifics used this time.

Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly felt something was wrong.

Ask yourself a question!

Who is the teacher?



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