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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 114

“what’s the situation? ”

When they saw that the server was overloaded,

everyone present was stunned!

Just like that…


What kind of joke is this!

Xiao Ji on the side even shed cold sweat, and he was still swearing just now. No problem, but in the blink of an eye…the server was overloaded!

This is a simple protection mechanism. Any electronic software will have similar settings. After all, the data is too important. Once it overheats, it will easily burn out the motherboard. Then there will be losses

. The value of the expansion pack may be countless.

Therefore, it has the function of automatic restart after overload.

But the problem is…

this is a certain audio server!

I don’t know how much money was spent to build a top-notch server, but it was overloaded tonight. ?!

Glancing at the others, Xiao Ji hurriedly said: “Quick, quick, don’t be stunned, the technicians will repair it quickly and check it out! ! ”

After he finished speaking, he immediately ran towards the server.

Gu Yusheng herself was even more confused.

She thought that Li Qingyue’s data might explode tonight, but she didn’t expect… that

it would explode to such an extent?

Are you kidding me ? Yeah…

You know, Zhang Yiming is usually very strict. As the chairman of a listed company, he has very strict requirements for certain news.。

“After all, this is one of their company’s top software.

Even if it is delayed for a period of time, the money lost can be almost countless.

Thinking of this, Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but secretly glance at Zhang Yiming’s face.

He thought that the other party would He was furious.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yiming’s face was quite complicated.

It was a bit melancholy, but with a little surprise?

Is it so strange?

In fact, Zhang Yiming himself was shocked!

The overload of his own server was on the one hand, as As Gu Yusheng thought, he would indeed lose a lot of money.

But everything must be looked at from two aspects.

Why is the server overloaded?

Because there are too many people in Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room, which causes too frequent special effects and the server cannot bear it. !

In this case, Zhang Yiming can be said to be surprised and happy.

He can be sure that as long as Li Qingyue is still there, nothing major will happen to a certain sound. At most, it will be scolded by netizens and become a hot search.


is this important?

Not important at all!

“It only took one hour of live broadcast to reach this level… incredible… incredible! ”

Zhang Yiming walked back and forth with his hands behind his back. The more he talked about it, the more obvious the excitement on his face became.。

“The board of directors always felt that the contract price of 550 million yuan I gave was too high, and they wanted to bargain.……”

“But today, Li Qingyue’s audience reached a record high, breaking all live broadcast records!”

“This kind of flowing water… Hahahaha, I want to see what wonderful expressions those guys will have when the time comes! ”

When he said this, he was already very excited.

No one expected that while Li Qingyue was singing children’s songs, the number of users would increase to such a terrifying extent! It is

not an exaggeration to say it is a miracle!

“Mr. Zhang would behave like this……”

Gu Yusheng, who was observing from the side, was also a little confused.

But she didn’t react until she came to her senses.

Indeed, the server could not hold up, which was a good thing from another perspective, but she ignored this.

All I can say is that as expected of Mr. Zhang, he has a very long-term vision!

At this time, Xiaoji hurriedly reported: “Mr. Zhang, Mr. Gu, there is no major problem with the server, all data has been retained, and the restart is complete!”

“Take a look at Qingyue’s last live broadcast room data and record it for me. ”

Zhang Yiming nodded, and then said immediately.

The staff immediately followed the instructions, and saw the computer slowly loading from the startup interface, and then starting to read data…

Everyone involuntarily clenched their fists, feeling that these few seconds were quite long. It was unbearable.

Finally, when the administrator used the key to log in to the certain music management backend, Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room data suddenly appeared on the screen.


A visual column chart suddenly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. It was a direct breakthrough. The crowd statistics chart on the screen.

Below are a group of other anchors, but compared with Li Qingyue, the number of viewers seems to have been cut in half.

Only then did everyone see clearly the peak data of Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room.

Number of online viewers: 5.4 million!

Total number of paying fans: 2.07 million!

“hiss! ”

I don’t know who took a breath of air-conditioning.

Then, the office suddenly exploded!

“Holy shit! The number of viewers has soared through the sky! ?”

“There are 5.4 million viewers, of which 2.07 million are paying. If this kind of data is released, other platforms may think that we are cheating!”

“Is this data from Li Qingyue’s live broadcast for less than an hour? Damn…are you kidding!”

“Record breaking! This really breaks the record! ”

Everyone exclaimed one after another.

This data is too exaggerated!

Zhang Yiming even clenched his fists. What is the concept of more than five million online viewers?

It can be said without politeness that some large-scale games have such Multiple people are enough to feed the entire company!

However, Li Qingyue is just a live broadcast…

The value of the traffic generated is impossible to estimate, especially in this era where traffic is king.

Once this kind of data is released, it may It wi

ll cause shock on other platforms! (If you want to read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

And the most exaggerated thing is…

this is just the traffic of mobile software!

You must know that certain music also has computer and web versions. , although these two clients have small traffic, they cannot be ignored.

If these viewers are added, it is likely to refresh everyone’s knowledge again.

There are also those who have not registered an account……

“I didn’t expect that Qingyue would be so powerful. ”

Zhang Yiming’s face turned into a chrysanthemum smile, but suddenly he thought that Liu Shui hadn’t looked at it yet, so he asked immediately: “How about Liu Shui? ”

If traffic can show value, then turnover represents the stickiness of fans!

Even for the top anchors of a certain fish, if a live broadcast can generate millions of turnovers in one night, it can already be called a miracle. .

And going even higher?

Those are the anchors who bring goods, such as Li Jiaqi, Xiao Yangge and so on. By harvesting fans for conversion, they may be able to generate nearly 10 million in revenue overnight. However, Zhang

Yiming He knew that Li Qingyue’s turnover had exceeded 20 million before!

He wanted to know what happened just now that caused even the server to become overloaded?

Xiaoji quickly started to retrieve the turnover data.

When the data came out, Everyone is numb again。[]

Forty million in turnover!

Just when Li Qingyue sang the last song, her flow suddenly doubled!

“Damn it……”

The employees peeping on the side couldn’t control their expressions when they saw this scene.

No goods, no windmill, just live broadcast for about an hour…

40 million turnover?

Even Gu Yusheng was a little confused. Although Li Qingyue’s revenue exceeded 100 million when he first showed up…

But the first show was different. The platform wanted to build momentum for Li Qingyue, so it directly adopted the method of “self-rewarding” Paying money to Li Qingyue…

coupled with the fans’ support for the debut, that’s why it rushed to that level.

But tonight, it was just a casual live broadcast by Li Qingyue.。

“Mr. Zhang… our data has been restored, and everyone on the platform will be able to continue live broadcasting normally.……”

Xiao Ji whispered to Zhang Yiming。

“Well, I get it. Zhang

Yiming nodded, then thought for a moment and added: “I asked you to record Li Qingyue’s live broadcast data just now. Did you record it?””


“I will compile it into a ppt and send it to me later. ”

At this point, Zhang Yiming had finished sorting out his thoughts and said to the others: “Yusheng, when Li Qingyue was live broadcasting today, the anchor of a certain fish also came to reward me, right? If you have a chance, go talk to a certain fish and ask if our two platforms can be linked.。”

“Linkage? ”

Gu Yusheng was shocked when he heard Zhang Yiming’s decision, “Mr. Zhang, if we do this, aren’t we sending traffic to a certain fish? And…it seems like they have no reason to accept it.……”


Zhang Yiming laughed out loud when he heard this, “You are still too young. ” Those anchors can openly watch Li Qingyue’s live broadcast without any concern. In fact, they have already released a signal. Users will go to Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room regardless of whether they watch it or not. So it is better to simply release the authority and let the anchors join in. look.

At least the audience can see other people’s reactions, right? This is more interesting。”

“As for the traffic, there is no need to worry, the users are the same, and our linkage will benefit both parties. ”

Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but be surprised after hearing this. As expected of Mr. Zhang, this decision is very powerful. There seems to be no reason to refuse on the certain fish side. And when watching the live

broadcast, she also discovered that the anchor on the certain fish side had a vague intention. There are some human factors. It really doesn’t make sense if we don’t interact with each other.。

“In addition, we should also work on the scarf aspect, find a publicist to issue an apology statement first, and Li Qingyue’s live broadcast data can also be published.。”

“There is also 0.8 to add a server to at least ensure that similar things will not happen again. ”

When talking about this, Zhang Yiming was silent for a while.。

“By the way, we will have an anniversary offline event in a while. Yusheng, ask Qingyue if she can come.。”

“This…Okay, I’ll ask her later. ”

Gu Yusheng was stunned at first, but then he thought of something and couldn’t help but nodded.

The anniversary celebration is different from the Comic Exhibition. It is an official offline gathering of a certain voice, and its main focus is the exchange between anchors and bloggers.

After all… Although Li Qingyue has been to the Comic Exhibition once before, as a contract anchor of a certain sound, she has never communicated with fans in this situation. In fact, since the last time

Li Qingyue went to the Comic Exhibition, some people have come to scold her. A certain sound official website is official.

After all, there are so many people who want to see Li Qingyue, and I don’t know how many people have not been able to grab a ticket.

Even Mi Huhao can invite Li Qingyue, why is it so unsatisfactory when it comes to a certain sound official website?

And Zhang Yiming is explaining After finishing everything, he took a deep breath and looked at Li Qingyue’s data again.

This kind of traffic, no matter how you look at it, would feel very exaggerated.

But he only felt very lucky.

A mere 550 million, it was nothing. What?

A certain sound may change because of Li Qingyue!



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