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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 111

Li Qingyue underestimated her own charm.

In other words, she simply doesn’t know how lethal her beautiful appearance paired with cute songs can be!

【Oh I’m dead! ! What kind of fairy song is this? So cute!】

【I need medics! ! My nosebleeds are about to spurt out. Damn it, this is really good!】

【What did I see in Qingyue’s live broadcast room? Xi’er’s face, Fu Xuan’s voice, plus Deli’s silly song? !】

【Krypton gold! I want to spend money like crazy! !】

【All wages can be handed over, Xier, come to the ship quickly!】

【This isn’t Bengsan, bastard, but Qingyue is so cute!】


The barrage exploded, and the major anchors were even more excited!

At this time, in Xuxu Baby’s live broadcast room。

“Damn it! No way, brothers, I really can’t stand it anymore, I’m going to have a heart attack! ”

Baby Xuxu’s eyes widened, and then he covered his heart in an exaggerated manner and lay down on the chair.

When he sat up again, he was full of sighs。

“Incredible, this is really incredible���The first song just now was originally written by Qingyue, right? I was already singing very well, but the feeling of this song suddenly increased a lot.。”

“When I play tricks on him, it sounds good. It’s mainly about the cute feeling. Do you understand and shouldn’t you be too arrogant? Just that expression… She obviously didn’t do anything, she just felt like swaying gently, but she just couldn’t stand it.。”

“Why am I blushing…I’m so stupid, you’re such a big mouth, isn’t it normal to blush? Is that the feeling of your heart beating faster? Do you understand? It feels like I’ve been hit hard! ”

Baby Xuxu said, lit another cigarette and started smoking suddenly.

Li Qingyue’s beauty is one thing. After all, everyone knows that she is amazingly beautiful after so many live broadcasts.

But this live broadcast, Li Qingyue’s kind of beauty is unknown But the feeling completely appeared.

It was the kind that even if she didn’t do anything, just sitting there and singing, it would give people an inexplicable heart-beating feeling.

At this time, Baby Xuxu noticed someone in the barrage When he said “naturally stupid”, his eyes suddenly lit up. His

temperament, which he didn’t know how to describe at first, was instantly revealed by the barrage.。

“Yes, yes, that’s the kind of natural stupidity! ”

Baby Xuxu patted her thigh, “She just feels like she has no idea about her own charm. Can you see it? Generally, if a girl is good-looking, she will look marginal to some extent, but Qingyue’s charm is completely natural.

She’s the kind that makes you think she’s cute, and even makes you feel flirted with inadvertently. Who can resist this?”

“hold head high? My wife? Qianhuang is also watching Qingyue’s live broadcast! His grandma is a jerk. Qian Huang recently did nothing after taking care of her eldest brother at home. She just watched Qingyue’s live broadcast, and her carnival orders were even more intense than mine!”

“Will it be brushing too much? Hey, I’m not telling you, do you know the price of those 19 earrings? I’m telling you, if I give her a few million, I owe it to others! Nineteen’s earrings, think about it, this is a real little lucky star.!”

When Baby Xuxu thought of his 19 earrings, he grinned even more happily.

This thing directly saved him ten years of detours!

I don’t know how to thank people.

At this moment, he saw Qian Huang’s barrage。

【Qianhuang: Qingyue is intercepting the barrage and selecting songs. Daxu, it’s not too much for me to reward you for a few festivals, right? ]

Before Baby Xuxu could respond, Emperor Qian sent another barrage.。

【Emperor Qian: Alas, Fu Tuan’er got the better of him!】

“ah? Baby Xuxu was happy when he heard this

, “Isn’t Fu Tuan’er from our certain fish side? This young hero doesn’t even care?” ”

Mouyu is a real big live broadcast platform. Under normal circumstances, if you live on the same platform and want to watch other people’s live broadcasts? What a joke! For


kind of obvious attracting behavior, the super management will probably ban your account directly, let alone fight every day. I was rewarded.

But looking at the situation now, a certain fish seems to be completely ignored!

He took a closer look at the reward list in Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room, and he immediately became happy.

Hey, all the people from his old club were there at the same time. Rewards!

At the same time,

Fu Tuan’er was dancing excitedly in the live broadcast room。

“Hehe, I was chosen! Did you see it, brothers? I have already said that Qingyue people are very nice, and our relationship is so strong! !”

“Wait until the next comic exhibition, sooner or later I will hug Qingyue and have a good rua!”

“Wow, you didn’t know that the Demon King was so bold at that time. He went up and hugged Qingyue. She is the kind of lolita control. She must not be able to help herself when she sees little Qingyue… How do I know? The devil told me later! !”

“Envy? I was envious too. Xiao Tam knew where Qingyue was at that time, but Xiao Tam belonged to a certain sound. She and Kono Hana were the official cosplayers of Mihuyou. Kono Hana also knew the Demon King, so they went together, but without! bring! I! Fu

Tuan’er said very excitedly, because in her opinion, Li Qingyue is such a versatile and shy little girl! Just

imagine, Station B has given a contract of 500 million yuan, and a certain voice will naturally not be bad. Ordinary people If you can get so much money, you must have already drifted away, right?

Some people may even change their personalities drastically, become particularly cold and so on…

But Li Qingyue didn’t give her that feeling at all, especially after chatting in the group today, Fu Tuan’er I even felt that Li Qingyue was so nice. If she said something to herself, she would reply even if she was in the group.

This kind of politeness instantly made Fu Tuan’er feel cute. No wonder the devil couldn’t help but hug him.


in the live broadcast room at this time, Li Qingyue saw that it was the song requested by Fu Tuan’er, and smiled and said hello to Fu Tuan’er, and then talked about what the group asked everyone about what to live broadcast today. Thank you to the group Sisters inside.

Fu Tuan’er was immediately elated!

This feeling of being remembered by Li Qingyue was so great that she couldn’t help but feel proud.

She first sent a special effects barrage。

【Fu Tuan’er: Qingyue, let me Rua first when we meet next time! Demon King, step aside! ]

After attracting questions from the Demon King and others, Fu Tuan’er chuckled and immediately arrogantly faced the live broadcast. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“Did you see it? Did you see it? Am I telling the truth? Qingyue always remembers me! She even called me sister! ”

The barrage was instantly stimulated by Fu Tuan’er, which made Fu Tuan’er feel even more satisfied.

Having said that, it feels so good to be thanked by Li Qingyue!

No wonder the big brothers in the live broadcast room like to give rewards. It turns out that Do you feel this way?

But as she was talking, Fu Tuan’er saw that Li Qingyue had found the accompaniment of the song she ordered, which made Fu Tuan’er exclaim in surprise.

She ordered a Japanese song, ” “Blue Bird”!

The original song comes from the theme song in “Naruto”. When this song came out, I don’t know how many websites were ignited.

But the key is…

this song is indeed a foreign language song, and Fu Tuaner is originally I posted it along with the barrage out of curiosity. I never thought that Li Qingyue could really sing.

But when she saw that Li Qingyue had already found an accompaniment, she was instantly shocked.。

“Wow, can Qingyue sing the song “Blue Bird”? This song is very difficult. It has such an ethereal feel that few people can sing it. The style is very different from before!”

“But Qingyue’s musical standards are really amazing. From the very beginning, I felt something was wrong with the violin. Brothers, which cosplayer can be so versatile? She is like a real treasure…yes, a little angel!”

“.Look, she’s pretty, good at playing games, and has such a nice voice, so forget it, Qingbei’s admission notice, and a top-notch voice……”

“Hey, I almost forgot if you didn’t mention this. Qingyue was recommended by Qingbei, so it seems normal to be able to speak Japanese?”

“Come, come, you are blessed, brothers, have you heard of the blue bird? Incredibly good-sounding!”[]

The moment Li Qingyue spoke, even Fu Tuan’er’s live broadcast room became quiet.

This time, Li Qingyue didn’t use any special voice, just sang with Xi’er’s voice, but her decoration was like a dancing butterfly.

Paired with the song “Blue Bird”, it seems to really transport people to another world!

“Damn, this serious expression! ! Qingyue is blooming!”

“This voice… it kills me, oh my god! Her style was directly transformed, and she completely controlled the concepts of vast freedom and sky… Be good!”

“I’m not talking about brothers, I really feel that her singing is so good, I feel like the biology department chief is a little worse!”

“And…this is Xi’er’s voice. Rather than a bluebird, I feel more like a butterfly! ”

Fu Tuan’er was stunned by the scene in front of him. This sound was an ultimate enjoyment!

Is this a song that he can listen to for free?


Different styles bring completely different perceptions to the audience.

If anything, Li Qingyue just now gave people a natural feeling.

So now, everyone saw a young girl full of energy, as if they had truly witnessed the birth of a blue bird to breaking free from its restraints and flying high into the sky.

The audience in the live broadcast room was completely infected. They all couldn’t think of anything sexy to say other than “F*ck!”

In particular, Xi’er, cosplayed by Li Qingyue, is so real, and her somewhat straightforward and domineering voice is even more jaw-dropping.


I was impressed by Li Qingyue! !

In fact, Li Qingyue does know a little bit of Japanese…

It’s not that she knew it in her previous life, but because in this life she learned foreign languages out of boredom because of the top-notch plug-in “Qingguanzhen”.

I accidentally mastered several languages.

Of course, being able to choose Fu Tuan’er was purely a coincidence. After all, Li Qingyue was really choosing the barrage with her eyes closed, choosing which one was which.

She happened to have watched Naruto and she could also sing Blue Bird, so she had no choice but to give it a try.

Fortunately, the system gave a bonus to vocal skills in this small mission, so it didn’t seem like it was overturned?

As everyone knows…

in a certain voice’s office at this time.

Everyone looked at Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room in stunned silence.

They said they were shocked by Li Qingyue’s singing, but in fact there was another reason.

Because, the number of people in Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room at this time…

is about to exceed the sky!



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