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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 108

Li Qingyue is more or less familiar with the song “Hook Fingers Swear”.

Speaking of V, some people may not know what it is.

But when it comes to Luo Tianyi and Hatsune Miku, I’m afraid everyone will be more or less impressed.

And Gou Zhi Swear is one of Luo Tianyi’s mythical areas. It became very popular on Bilibili when it was born, attracting countless UP masters to cover it.

A simple and beautiful melody, a sweet love theme, a Valentine’s Day gift…

countless buffs make this song a quick hit.

When Li Qingyue opened her mouth, the afternoon training had a good effect. She was completely absorbed in it, and her original nervousness disappeared a lot.

But when I sang, my face was still a little red.。

“You believe it ~ The content of the opening poem?

The end of the fairy tale?

You are a natural miracle?

You are the moonlight is so beautiful?

You are Santa Claus’ gift to me?

A good child’s gift? You are my one

in the three thousand beautiful world?

gourd of water……”

Li Qingyue’s voice is very gentle, and Xi’er’s unique voice makes her extremely cute.

Because I was still a little nervous, my cheeks were a little red, and the playfulness of the entire song was fully displayed at once.

However, Li Qingyue was a little serious when singing this song, and the hair on her head was like a purple fluorescent stick that was constantly swaying.。

“So let me get a little closer?

Because you are too warm?

I will become a little stronger?

Because you are too soft?

Exchange the golden contract on the ring finger?

Give each other years?

Promise to hold hands from now on?

Because we have to go for a long time. Far……”

The lyrics are not long. When Li Qingyue sang this, her ears turned red and she pursed her lips subconsciously.

There’s nothing I can do about it. Even if I’m mentally prepared, I still feel a little ashamed when I actually sing.

When the whole song was finished, she quickly turned off the accompaniment and asked nervously: “How, how was it?”

As she sang, she could see various small gifts floating around, and her heartbeat even soared to 200,000. .

You know, this thing costs one yuan a piece. Two hundred thousand people don’t know how many people gave it together.

And when Li Qingyue’s voice appeared in the live broadcast room.

The gift suddenly exploded

【Little Tam tipped the anchor Carnival*50 and left a message: So cute, so cute, so cute! Who can withstand this! !】

【I’m Xi’er’s Daimao tipped the anchor Carnival*10, and left a message: It sounds so good, I love it, and Qingyue’s shy look is so pretty, I’m going to have a nosebleed! !】

【The leader of the Dongguang Province Knights rewarded the anchor Carnival*10 and left a message: I will be straight in this life, really straight! ! 】

An almost astonishing carnival, occupying the entire screen almost instantly.

However, the carnival, as the most expensive gift for a certain music player, is already so much, not to mention other things?

Legend of the Treasure Elephant, Whale in the Cloud, Return of the Whirlwind…a lot of gift special effects suddenly started to flood the screen at this moment.

Accompanied by the barrage of water friends who were crying and howling like ghosts and gods.。

【What’s this! ? So cute! !】

【I have never heard this song before, my ears are getting pregnant!】

【The combination of this kind of Xi’er’s voice and sweet love songs is simply awesome! I understand, Qingyue likes me! !】

【It’s Qingyue who is shy while singing! What kind of magical anchor is this? I’m so cute!】

【I’m in love! Qingyue’s sweet voice is also so beautiful. Is this what you said about her singing? ?】

【Qingyue, what else can’t you do? ?】

【Damn it, this girl is too perfect, who can be worthy of her? ?】

【My heart is beating fast when I hear it. Everyone, I like Qingyue! !】

【Let’s hold off on confessing for a moment and pass the level of our knights first! I swear to protect the cutest Qingyue in the world! !】

【I show my cards, I am a licking dog, I am Miss Qingyue’s licking dog!】


If ordinary people sang this song, everyone might think it was just cute.

But Li Qingyue is different.


the role of Xi’er that she cosplayed today.

In Collapse of Iron, Xi’er’s image is actually more straightforward and frank, the kind of sassy and straightforward little girl.

If you stand with a weak girl, she is definitely the type of sister who dares to stand up.

But when Li Qingyue sang this song, she felt nervous unconsciously, which made Xi’er like this even more adorable!

That red face and somewhat evasive eyes make people want to stop just looking at it.

The most important thing is that the character Xi’er also appeared in Beng San, and her image perfectly matches Li Qingyue’s current performance.

This makes some familiar viewers feel like they want to pinch themselves, otherwise they will really be so cute that they faint!

Of course, not to mention those who know, even those who don’t know, after seeing Li Qingyue’s current expression, they can’t help but look at the screen and burst out laughing.

Even a grown man would look at the screen and giggle unconsciously.

And this person is…

Baby Xuxu!

At this time, in Xuxu Baby’s live broadcast room, looking at Li Qingyue in front of him, Xuxu Baby even forgot about his usual live broadcast style.

While making a silly smile, he kept recharging a certain sound.

This scene made the barrage stunned.。

【Hahaha, Lao Diao is fascinated, I tricked you into a monkey, this song is s

o nice!】

【Not to mention being silly, I couldn’t help but reward a carnival myself. Qingyue is getting more and more knowledgeable about live streaming!】

【That shy expression, that somewhat evasive look! There is no mistake, Qingyue is the perfect girl, matching all the fantasies in my heart!】

【Why is Lao Diao still charging? Qian Huang’s eyes are already full of murderous intent!】

【You bastard, DNF, you don’t even play anymore, why don’t you come to watch Qingyue’s live broadcast?】


The barrage was scolding and sighing, because Li Qingyue was so beautiful. At this time, Baby Xuxu was recharging some money, but surprisingly they had no objection.

Baby Xuxu also came to his senses at this time, glanced at the barrage, and couldn’t help laughing.。

“My parents are so good-looking, how can I live with it if I don’t pay for a few carnivals, Ang? And it’s not just me saying that it’s one thing for Qingyue to sing well. The most important thing is that she is so cute that people can’t help but want to watch her.。”

“Look at her cosplay of Xi’er today. I remember this character was called Big Head Launcher at the beginning, right? But Qingyue Yi’s cosplay, look where there is such a sound now?”

“Such a cute contrast! Her temperament is really unmatched by any beautiful anchor. If you look at other cosplayers, wearing too revealing clothes will make you look a little sideways, but Qingyue is completely different. She is really that kind of… indescribable With his temperament, it is really not an exaggeration to say that he is an angel. ”

When the word “angel” was mentioned, Baby Xu Xu’s big mouth suddenly grinned. Li Qingyue’s cosplay was indeed pleasing to the eye. Just looking at it made me feel relaxed. 0

Asking for flowers

, but his expression instantly made him feel happy. The barrage sent out question marks all over the screen。

【Look at your arrogant, married man, and still stare at Qingyue? presumptuous!】

【No matter how you look at the clear moon, it is not yours! !】

【Lao Diao, have you felt Emperor Qian’s gaze?】

【Wow, you are already in your 30s and 40s, how dare you be interested in this little girl? ?】


When he saw the barrage, Baby Xuxu immediately smiled.

Are you interested in others?

Is that possible? (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Baby Xuxu is not boasting, although he is now considered to be at the forefront of the live streaming industry, and the money he earns is not bad.

But even so, I still feel inferior when I see Li Qingyue, that kind of

feeling…I don’t even dare to look at him.。

“Look at you bunch of fashionistas, I’m not kidding, how many men can be worthy of a little girl like Qingyue? Stop talking about me, just list a few men at random. Do you think they will feel inferior next to Qingyue? ”

When talking about this, Baby Xuxu also specially zoomed in on Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room. That pretty face immediately attracted the fans in the live broadcast room to exclaim.

Even though they have seen it a lot, even through the screen, that kind of expression, that She still looks like a girl who came out of the second dimension. No matter how many times she watches it, she never gets tired of it.。

“I won’t talk about my appearance. I’m lucky enough to be able to get 19 earrings. I play games so well. I even play musical instruments and sing so well. Not to mention the admission notice from Qingbei… That alone is a lot. Isn’t the person worthy? But think about how much money she can earn?

People don’t even look down on 500 million!”

“Adding up these conditions, who wouldn’t feel inferior in front of Qingyue? On weekdays, you can just say that you like her in Qingyue’s live broadcast room. Do you really want to fall in love with her in real life? Brothers, let’s take a pee and look in the mirror.……”

When I said this, the barrage almost broke through.。

【I’ll fuck you for being such a big mouth! Dude is just a loser, do you want to be so sharp? I just wanted to watch a live broadcast and have fun, but you old fool shattered my fantasy!】

【You are not allowed to break my fantasy about Qingyue! !】

【Brother Bao, please stop talking! When I heard these words that night, I was so angry that I was shaking all over. My whole body was sweating in cold weather, my hands and feet were cold, and I was completely despairing of life.……】

【It’s okay to lie to yourself, but don’t lie to your brothers. It’s okay to lie to yourself, but don’t fool your brothers.……】[]

【Brother Bao, I understand what you’re saying. I’m wrong. I shouldn’t tease you. I shouldn’t look at you in the mirror. Please stop talking. If you say it, you’re really going to break your defense!】


“Hahaha, look at you guys! ”

When Baby Xuxu saw the barrage, he immediately became happy. He lit a cigarette and took a deep puff away from the camera. His expression also became cheerful, “Okay, let’s not talk about it anymore and continue listening to the song! Look how beautiful Qingyue is, she can handle all kinds of styles, she is perfect! ”

While talking, Baby Xuxu was still making comments.

As expected, Emperor Qian appeared.。

【Qianhuang: I also watched Qingyue’s live broadcast, she is so beautiful!】

【Qianhuang: Those people in a certain fish are also crazy, hahaha……】

A certain fish?

Baby Xuxu was stunned for a moment. Mouyu was his original live broadcast platform, and there were many brothers on it.

Now a certain fish anchor is also crazy?



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