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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 107

It was also some time before Li Qingyue started broadcasting.

A certain sound, in the office.

Gu Yusheng and others immediately started working overtime. Zhang Yiming, who was originally responsible for going to the meeting, was now in the same office with other employees, watching the current data in Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room.

After all, the contract is about to be changed, and Li Qingyue’s live broadcast data still needs to be evaluated.

This is related to the board of directors’ evaluation of Zhang Yiming!

After all, he directly raised the contract to 550 million. Although other members of the board of directors did not respond, we still have to take a look at the live broadcast data no matter what.。

“Qingyue’s data today… is a bit scary. ”

Gu Yusheng looked at the traffic in the background and couldn’t help but said in surprise: “This hasn’t started yet, and the audience is already around 500,000, and it’s still rising.……”

“There’s also a lot of new traffic in there. ”

Xiaji, a technician on the side, said: “Qingyue’s live broadcast time is very irregular, and old fans usually come in according to the live broadcast prompts. Once Qingyue starts broadcasting, the number of real viewers will soar to a terrifying number.。”

“I see……”

Zhang Yiming nodded aside.

To be honest, he was already surprised when he saw that Li Qingyue had so much traffic even before it started broadcasting.

He had been watching Li Qingyue’s live broadcast before, but he was just a spectator and had no idea about the real data behind the scenes.

Now when I walked backstage, I realized…

this girl is scarier than I imagined.。

“Judging from this data, her audience seems to be fixed at around 2.3 million? “Zhang Yiming asked the people on the side.

This number definitely represents a very strong strength. The value generated by the fixed number of viewers of 2.3 million is enough to be jaw-dropping!

“That’s right. Xiaoji

nodded aside, “But as time goes by, it should continue to grow, but it shouldn’t be as fast as at the beginning.” After all, Qingyue’s live broadcast content is relatively complex, and the style of 487 is not unified.。”

“indeed. ”

Zhang Yiming nodded.

Generally speaking, anchors will have a fixed live broadcast style, such as those who specialize in playing games, those who specialize in delivering goods, and those who specialize in chatting…

This fixed style will gradually attract people who like to watch this kind of broadcast. This kind of audience is also very good for pushing streams.

But Li Qingyue’s live broadcast style changes a lot, from drawing cards at the beginning, to playing games and eating broadcasts later, each live broadcast has a different style. This

is An advantage, but in terms of absorption, it may be a little slower.

Of course, this is slower only for Li Qingyue. Her followers are increasing at a speed that other anchors can’t imagine.

While everyone was discussing,

suddenly there was something An employee said: “It’s started! ”

In an instant, the main screen in the office suddenly switched and turned into Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room.。

“Wow go! ”

In just a moment, the office suddenly burst out with a cry of national quintessence.

The beautiful figure like a butterfly attracted everyone’s attention.

Is this the beauty of a girl?

Madam, madam, too strong!!

It’s not just the people who are shocked. The office, but…

the entire live broadcast room!

The moment they saw Li Qingyue appear, everyone exclaimed。

【Qingyue? ! Xier! ! I saw butterflies dancing!】

【My wife’s body has already turned me upside down!】

【What did I see? This waist, these big white legs, this collarbone!】

【It’s over, Qingyue took us hard this time!】

【It actually starts at seven o’clock! Thanks for the scarf, the scarf never deceived me!】

【Xier is not a head launcher, she is a lively and beautiful girl in our downtown area! !】

【Qingyue, I want to be stepped on by your little ice cream! ! !】

【Qingyue, do you want to eat? Dumao is so cute! ! 】(ajde)【……】

The barrage in the live broadcast room has completely exploded. From 500,000 people just now, it jumped directly to one million people in an instant, and the number is still increasing rapidly.

Such a large jump directly caused a slight lag in Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room.

Li Qingyue looked at the barrage, smiled softly and said: “Good evening everyone, this time the cosplayer is Beng Tie Xi’er, does it look good?” It was just

an opening, and the barrage suddenly exploded again, with all kinds of dense bullets. The curtains have overlapped.

Immediately afterwards, a large number of gift special effects began to be refreshed.

Li Qingyue originally wanted to thank her, but soon found that the gift rolled too fast and she couldn’t read it.

After thinking about it, let’s interact with the barrage first.。

【Qingyue Qingyue, are you still eating today? It was so cute when I saw you eating yesterday!】

“Humph, I came to the show after dinner last night, so I won’t eat today. ”

After seeing the barrage, Li Qingyue shook her head, and then saw Xiao Tam coming over with a few carnival messages and starting to leave messages.。

【Xiao Tam: Qingyue actually gave birth to Xi’er! Can I come out of Bronya and post it next time?】

“Sticky stickers or something…I refuse!”

【Clear moon, clear moon, what are you broadcasting tonight? Beng Tie came out of Jingliu today, can you do it for me?】

“Let’s take it slow for a while, after all, Xi’er hasn’t been reproduced yet, and this time it’s not a cosplay of Fu Xuan. Li

Qingyue thought for a while, then said with a smile: “As for what will be broadcast today…do you want to hear me sing?” How about I sing in Shee’s voice? ”

As soon as he finished speaking,

the barrage in the live broadcast room was overwhelming!

【What! ? Sing with Shee’s voice! ?】

【Qingyue is an angel! The last live broadcast was about violin, but this time it’s about singing. I love you so much! !】


was thinking about playing some games before, but I didn’t expect Qingyue to take the initiative to sing. This is great!】

【Can I request a song? Please Qingyue, please let me order a song. I want to listen to Love Like Fire, and I want to see Qingyue’s eyes turn into little hearts!】

【Hey, being cautious is going too far! No astringency allowed!】

【Qingyue has completely turned her lips upside down. Can anyone really stand up to singing with such a voice? !】

【What does Qingyue want to sing? Can you tell us something?】


Looking at the crazy barrage, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but said angrily: “What the hell is it that eyes turn into hearts? Love is like fire, it’s not that exaggerated, you bastard!” When she

spoke, her voice was really similar to Xi’er’s.

So much so that the scolded comments made me even more excited.。

【Yes, yes, that’s the voice, that’s the expression, Xi’er, scold me! 】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【Woohoo, I also want to be scolded severely by Xier’s wife, a strange switch has been turned on!】

【I! love! like! Got it! I want to be humiliated by Qingyue every day!】

【This is too much. Why doesn’t my wife scold me?】

【Damn it, don’t argue with me, my wife is clearly scolding me again! I am Qingyue’s repair dog!】


With the craziness of barrage, the number of people in the live broadcast room is also increasing.

In the office of Mouyin, Gu Yusheng and others who were looking at the data graph were shocked by the data in front of them.。

“Breaking two million! And every user data is real, there is no possibility of cheating! ”

As Xiaoji said these words,

Zhang Yiming reacted instantly。

“This breaks two million! ? ”

He originally thought that according to Li Qingyue’s speed, it would take at least half an hour to reach 2 million viewers.

But now…

has it been ten minutes since the broadcast?

Only a few words of interaction, is this the case? []

Unbelievable !

“Yes, the viscosity of Qingyue’s old fans is very scary. Basically, as soon as she starts broadcasting, people who are watching our music will immediately click on it. “Gu Yusheng explained with a smile beside her.

She had been shocked by this kind of data many times before.

It was obviously the first time for Zhang Yiming to see such exaggerated data.。

“It’s really awesome. ”

Zhang Yiming’s mood instantly became very good.

There is one big anchor who is more powerful than Qingyue, and that is Brother Xiaoyang.

However, he is different. Brother Xiaoyang’s live broadcast room has a lot of viewers, but… In fact, quite a few of them are fake, just to gain popularity when the broadcast starts, and then use the streaming function of a certain sound to continue to promote.

This kind of data is completely incomparable with Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room.

However, when several people discussed it, Then she suddenly saw Li Qingyue looking a little angry.

That stupid hair flickered in response to Li Qingyue’s voice.

Together with her cute face, everyone was stunned in an instant.。


Zhang Yiming subconsciously rolled his eyes.

What’s this?

It’s so cute!

He never expected that a girl could be so cute when she was angry!

He is a grown man in his forties or fifties, but he is attracted by the appearance of a little girl?

That’s outrageous!

Even Gu Yusheng on the side couldn’t help but exclaimed.

If I had known that Li Qingyue would cosplay with Xi’er today, she would have stayed at Li Qingyue’s house!

That stupid hair…

I really want to touch it!


at the same time.

Li Qingyue is sorting out his hair.

After all, many people on the barrage were saying that they wanted to touch the stupid hair, which made her feel that there was something strange about the stupid hair. However, after touching it, she found that it felt really good.

He couldn’t help but smile.

But soon I saw someone saying, “The expression of touching the stupid hair should be shy. What I did was wrong.””,“Shouldn’t the stupid hair be like the ears of a beast-eared girl, and you will definitely feel shy when you touch them?”……

“That person who said that idiots are sensitive, stand up for me! This is hair, don’t be fooled by the second dimension! ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but say.

It’s so strange for Du Mao to be said like this!

After a barrage of false apology, he immediately changed the topic。

【Qingyue sing the confession balloon, I want to listen to the confession balloon!】

【Sing that, sing that, tear ~ Xinhai shoulders~】

【I want to hear Xier sing the love cycle! !】

【It’s better than love is like fire, I have to watch my heart, that’s what Lan Yin sang! !】


Seeing that everyone had started to request songs, Li Qingyue quickly refused: “My singing skills are not as good as the violin. After all, I just need to sharpen my singing skills in battle… So I prepared a simple song today, and we don’t have a sound card or anything…

cough Well, anyway, don’t blame me if you don’t sing well!”

“Yes, original, simple… Well, wait a minute, I’ll get the lyrics done first. ”

When Li Qingyue said this, he opened the document he had prepared.

The sharpening of the gun during the day was not a secret. What should be prepared was already prepared.

However, Li Qingyue did not just prepare the song “Swear on the Hook”. In fact, in order to do After completing the task, she directly listed several songs.

If it didn’t work, she would have to use that one!

“Ahem, let’s start singing. ”

Looking at the number of people in the live broadcast room, Li Qingyue felt a little uneasy.

Although he had already prepared it, and even felt pretty good when he practiced in the afternoon.

But when it comes to this moment, he feels a little nervous. However

, the arrow is ready . , I had to post it.

After clicking on the accompaniment, Li Qingyue swayed gently to the rhythm, and her hair also swayed.

Finally, when the rhythm came to the first verse,

she spoke softly。



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