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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 104

These two pairs actually came together…

Li Qingyue looked at the lottery given by the system, and a question mark couldn’t help but appear in her head.

All along, the role given by the system is the same.

Why did it suddenly become two now?

Could it be that…

this is the rumored system upgrade! ?

It seems like this is really the case。

“By drawing two characters at once, does it mean that I can broadcast them first tomorrow? ”

Li Qingyue was lying on the bed and thinking doubtfully.

She took a closer look at the system rewards…

very good, they are definitely Xi’er and Bronya from Bengtie.

You must know that whether it is Honkai or Bengtie, some characters have the same status. Individual, such is the case with Seele and Bronya. They also have completely different images in Honkai Impact III. The

most famous one is probably Bronya, whose changes from little duck to big duck are completely different.

.Bronya, who is broken by iron, is in between the two, well, it’s not about the size, but… the Oppai。

“Phew, let’s talk about it tomorrow, the main quest hasn’t popped up yet. ”

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue yawned. She

was finally able to sleep happily!


However, while she was sleeping, many interesting comments quietly appeared on the Internet.

First of all, “287” is a hot search for scarves, and the number one title is extremely eye-catching.

Station B spent a sky-high price to invite Qingyue to join, but was rejected!

This is a video that attracted countless people to watch not long after it was posted.

And when many people clicked in, they suddenly discovered that…

Chen Rui, who was quite mysterious in the eyes of countless people, was on the road, looking like a warm man who had been dumped.

The expressions of the people next to him were even more interesting. From suspicion at the beginning, to disbelief, and finally when they heard Chen Rui say 500 million… they

all turned into dumbfounded.

Seeing this scene, I don’t know how many people in the comment section were directly bombarded.。

【Let me go, is this Mr. Chen? Why do I feel so humble all of a sudden?……】

【No, I thought it was outrageous that 300 million was circulated on the Internet. I didn’t expect Qingyue to be worth 500 million! ? And she hasn’t paid attention to anyone yet……】

【If you don’t understand, just ask, is this the highest anchor contract in history? That kind of treatment makes my scalp numb!】

【Is uncle crazy? ! Did you negotiate the contract like this on the street, and was filmed?……】

【Qingyue and I live in the same community, let me tell you what happened. It seemed that Qingyue had no intention of talking to Station B at that time, and ran out after talking for only a few seconds. As a result, Chen Rui couldn’t bear to leave, and chased her onto the main road again.……】

【ah? After all, my uncle is the CEO of a listed company, so he has this kind of attitude?】

【Qingyue is so amazing. If it were any other anchor, her eyes would probably be red after seeing 500 million, right? She refused without blinking an eye.……】

【No, Station B is crazy! ? Can a big contract of 500 million yuan really be taken out casually? Picture what?】


Countless people were shocked by this scene.

Especially, after hearing about the sky-high price contract of 500 million yuan, it refreshed most people’s worldview.

No one expected that Li Qingyue’s net worth would be so high in just a few days.

But the most terrifying thing is…

faced with an amount of 500 million, Li Qingyue even refused directly!

At first, everyone didn’t know why,

but until they saw the second and third hot searches…

KFC’s Crazy Thursday, sales surged 100%, is it because of snackers?

Bengtie’s daily activity reached a new high, and a miracle was born!

When this hot search appeared, everyone reacted.

No wonder Station B offered such a big contract. Whether it’s KFC or Bengtie, their traffic seems to be all related to Li Qingyue.

And this is an indisputable fact! There are even some special user IDs among the major websites such as

Bibo, Mouyin, and Bilibili . They all start with the three words “Knights”, and there are a lot of them. They are obviously Li Qingyue’s loyal fans. In fact, the number of comments on Chen Rui’s feed at Station B has exceeded 10,000 in just one hour, and they are all scolding him!

【Knights – Qingyue’s Leg Hair: Chen Rui, come here and get beaten! Even if I can’t win over Qingyue with 500 million yuan, how can I be embarrassed to hang out at Station B in the future? ah?】

【Knights – I want to be stepped on by Qingyue’s little ice cream: It’s him, can you do it? I read online that you were going to win Qingyue. I thought it was safe this time, but this is the result? Is it because I’m a big member and don’t spend enough money, or am I not buying the peripherals?】

【Take jujube pills at Station B: Hot chicken website, now the new show is not good, even Qingyue can’t handle it, what do you want me to read on your crappy website? ah? Why don’t you laugh at the challenge when you watch those few sand sculptures playing every day? Give me another price increase, one billion!】

【Lafite from Tutu Star: Uncle, please tell me, do you want to increase the price? Otherwise, I will register an account on a certain website!】

【Watermelon Bibimbap: A two-dimensional website, all pushing embarrassing videos to me, is it interesting? Either buy more new shows and take away the ones that are re

viewed before broadcasting, or sign Qingyue, you choose one!】


Countless comments were almost all condemning.

The situation at Station B has been gradually declining. Especially since the top beauty bloggers in the living area were banned, the situation at Station B has become even worse. Even advertisers are no longer willing to advertise here.

Station B originally started with the second dimension, but as the foundation of the second dimension, not to mention the various delays in the new series, and countless holy lights, the viewing experience is extremely poor.

This has led to the fact that now only the living area is left in Station B to compete, and it is gradually approaching the status of a rice circle.

However, fandom is what the real two-dimensional people hate to see the most!

This has resulted in the situation at station B getting worse day by day.

Some UP owners even had to accept cup advertisements in order to survive…

Chen Rui naturally saw the condemnation from these netizens.

At this time, he only felt mixed emotions.

Isn’t it that he doesn’t know the current situation?


five hundred million!

People really don’t take it seriously.

What’s even more uncomfortable is that Chen Rui originally thought that the price was already very high, but when he looked back, he realized that Li Qingyue might have more than 100 billion in hand…


What does this make him do?

He is also very helpless!

Looking at the various hot searches on his scarf, he felt his scalp was numb and could no longer calm down. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)


At the same time, within the major anchor groups。

【Saozhu PDD: Everyone, fuck, did you see it? Qingyue’s contract is for a sky-high price of 500 million, which is really outrageous!】

【Female stream 66: Wow, I already knew that Qingyue was very popular, but I didn’t expect it to be this popular. I’m so envious.……】

【Fu Tuan’er:? ? ? ? Five hundred million! ? Is this top-notch! !】

【Posture: Holy shit, is it true? So high? Did she agree?】

【Wuhu Da Sima: The ultimate sky-high price can’t be true anymore, but she didn’t agree 0 ………】

【Posture: Huh? ? Don’t you agree with this?】

【Baby Xuxu: Hehe, you may not know that Qingyue really feels that money doesn’t matter. And I just got inside information. Guess what it is?】

【Saozhu PDD: Baby Xuxu, is there any inside information? Daxu is so awesome, he has become a prince in a certain voice!】

【Baby Xuxu: I’ll tell you quietly, don’t say anything about the prince’s disapproval. It seems that Mouyin is offering 550 million yuan to renew Qingyue’s contract, and the treatment will be even more exaggerated than before.。】

【Saozhu PDD: Can it be higher? Damn…this is really outrageous!】

【Wuhu Da Sima: Qingyue’s contract should be the largest in the history of the anchor industry, right? But I feel that her commercial value should be more terrifying than the money. I was shocked when I saw the traffic of KFC and Mihuang today.。】

【Dumb Girl: When I woke up… I traveled through time? ? The live broadcast contract was piled up to a sky-high price of 550 million yuan……】

【Nvliu 66: I just watched Qingyue’s live broadcast, ahhhh! I want to be a fan, she is so beautiful!】[]



In Li Qingyue’s small group, the Demon King and others also saw the news and became excited.。

【Demon King: Qingyue, Qingyue! ! You are already worth over 100 million! ?】

【Konohana: Huh? What happened?】

【Demon King: Station B gave Qingyue a sky-high contract of 500 million, but Qingyue didn’t agree! !】

【Fu Tuan’er: I just saw it in a certain school of fish… Where is Qingyue? Let me worship you and breathe in the luck of the little God of Wealth! Qingyue】

【Little Tam: Qingyue is already sleeping at this time! The daily routine of a beautiful girl is so healthy!】

【Demon King: Woohoo, is that so? I have been live broadcasting today and haven’t had time to see Qingyue. I am guilty!】

【Little Tam: Amen, the little angel Qingyue will forgive you.。】

【Kawano Hana: You will definitely not miss Xiao Qingyue’s live broadcast tomorrow! !】

【Demon King: Me too! But little Tam, I heard that Qingyue and Sister Gu posted on the 2.7th today?】

【Little Tam: Ahhhhhhh! ! Don’t mention this! ! I haven’t let Qingyue feed me yet!】

【Demon King: Hahaha, I just watched that video. Qingyue is so warm, it really looks like a little angel! Will I have a fever next time? The kind that Qingyue can’t get up without feeding!】

【Little Tam: Shut up, you bastard, I was the one who came here first!】


The night passed gradually in this situation.

In the early morning, a ray of sunlight shines from the window.

The girl also slowly opened her eyes。


Li Qingyue subconsciously picked up her phone, glanced at the group chat, and found that all the groups she had joined had exploded, and people were constantly commenting on herself.

Hey, this feeling is quite interesting.

Li Qingyue sent a good morning emoticon, but the group was silent, and it seemed that he hadn’t even woken up yet.

Tsk tsk, as expected, I am the most self-disciplined one!

Go to bed at nine o’clock and wake up at seven o’clock, defeating 99% of the social beasts in the country!


After washing up in a daze, Li Qingyue ordered another large takeout before standing in front of the mirror.

Let’s try the transformation first, Xi’er or Bronya, which one will start first?



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