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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 093

When Esta’s image suddenly appeared on the screen, countless people held their breath.

Esta’s outfit is very distinctive. The white uniform reveals her smooth shoulders, and under her collarbone is a large black and gold bow, which highlights her exquisite curves.

The most important thing is that because of the sudden change in her skin today, Li Qingyue looks inexplicably dewy.

Whether it was pink hair or looming skin, everyone cheered excitedly~。

【oh! ! Qingyue’s shoulders are so smooth, I – lick, lick, lick, lick!】

【This bow is so cute. I need medics!】

【Is it actually Esta? Hahaha, Qingyue fits the bill for the eldest lady who has a lot of money and billions of dollars. After all, Qingyue is rich now!】

【The live broadcast started early in the morning, and Qingyue actually worked hard! ?】

【Is this KFC? Is Qingyue live broadcasting on her mobile phone today? This perspective looks so cute!】

【Damn it, the picture quality is a bit blurry. There is no ultra-clear live broadcast today. What’s going on? !】


The water friends were excited at first, but soon discovered something was wrong.

In the past, the definition of Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room was still very high, but now the definition of outdoor live broadcast is a bit worse, which makes some people uncomfortable.。

“Sorry, I can only use my mobile phone today because I am outdoors. The picture quality seems really bad. After all, my mobile phone is not that good.……”

When Li Qingyue said this, she couldn’t help but look at the barrage and read it subconsciously, “Qingyue… your skin is so good. Can you take a look… ah, this?” After seeing this barrage

, , Li Qingyue slightly noticed her exposed shoulders, then leaned forward, bringing her pretty face closer to the camera.。

“How about it? I also feel that my skin has gotten better recently. Going to bed early and getting up early these days is indeed effective, right… huh? ”

When Li Qingyue said this, he didn’t expect that the barrage suddenly started to go crazy.。

【ohhhhhhh beauty crit, Qingyue’s beauty crit!】

【Was it so exciting from the beginning? Qingyue is so cute!】

【Wow, it’s worth it that I stayed here to watch Qingyue’s live broadcast. As soon as I came in, I received a wallpaper!】

【It looks good, please give me more!】

【Is Qingyue here to eat KFC today? ! Wherever it is, I have to rush there immediately! !】


“Eh? ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but wonder as she looked at the barrages that kept coming.

What was going on?

She picked up her phone, looked in the mirror with some confusion, and straightened her hair. She didn’t seem to find anything different.

My own The live broadcast is so normal, with no other meaning at all!


Gu Yusheng, who was sitting aside, was stunned for a moment when he saw Li Qingyue’s cute look.

Was Xiao Qingyue always so cute during the live broadcast?

Li Qingyue herself She is quite beautiful. Even without any shooting angle, she can easily reflect the beauty that belongs to a girl.

But now, when she looked at the camera in confusion, that special sense of cuteness suddenly exploded!

Especially Yes, Li Qingyue is now looking at herself in a mirror, her smart blue eyes shining with curiosity.

This angle completely reflects Li Qingyue’s temperament, not to mention the barrage, it’s her. This woman couldn’t stand it!

Similarly, Li Qingyue naturally discovered this.

But in her opinion, didn’t she just move closer to the camera!

Looking at the barrage that kept coming, Li Qingyue clapped her hands helplessly, Explained: “Okay, okay, let me first explain why the broadcast started so early today.

To put it simply, Mi Huyou wanted to link up with KFC, but he couldn’t think of the advertising words for a while, so he invited me. ”

When she said this, Li Qingyue scratched her head in embarrassment.。

“Of course, even I don’t know what the slogan is about. After all, I have no advertising experience. So I decided to come to mukbang on the spur of the moment, and that’s it, hehe. ”

I have to say that KFC is so appetizing. The

strong aroma of meat mixed with the smell of bread crumbs gradually spread in the canteen, making people appetizing.

Li Qingyue was already very hungry, and now her eyes could only smell the smell. She couldn’t help but shine a little, and kept staring at the front desk like a greedy little cat.

Her expression was seen by the water friends in the live broadcast room, and everyone was instantly excited.。

【Wow! ! Qingyue is too cute, I need medics!】

【If you don’t understand, just ask, if I buy KFC now, can I get Qingyue’s co-branded items?】

【Eat, I want to eat hard! Today happens to be Crazy Thursday, I want V Month 50!】

【Woohoo, I used to be V50 on Crazy Thursdays, but now I miss V!】

【Eat broadcast, yay! I didn’t expect that Qingyue would work overtime just for Mi Huhu, I really cr

ied to death……】


When Li Qingyue said this, March 7th had already walked over from a distance carrying a big plate.

There was a lot of food placed on it, from KFC Family Buckets to various hamburgers and colas, as well as large French fries and egg tarts… The

piles of all kinds of food almost engulfed March 7’s upper body. He staggers when he walks.

Yes, that’s a lot!

Li Qingyue had discussed the portion of the food with Li Qingyue before, so he was so surprised at the beginning of March 7th.

At first she was worried about the waste, but after getting Li Qingyue’s assurance, she happily let the chef do it.

After all, if we can’t finish the meal, we can all eat together.

This scene made Li Qingyue exclaim, and then quickly stood up to help, so that the food did not fall.。

“Hey, I almost made a mistake. Fortunately, Qingyue, you came in time. “(To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

March 7 wiped the cold sweat on her head, and immediately saw Li Qingyue live broadcasting, she quickly shrank her head, “Qingyue, eat slowly first. Sister Gu and I sat at the same table. ”

Li Qingyue put the tray in front of the camera, and then looked at her and Gu Yusheng: “Why don’t Sister Gu and Xiao Sanyue come to eat together?”

“No, no, no, we are afraid of society and don’t dare to appear in front of so many people! “March 7 waved his hands quickly。

“me too. “Gu Yusheng deeply feels the same. Normally, he may not be afraid of others in places like the company or comic exhibitions, but there are too many people in Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room. Just looking at it makes him scared.。

“All right. ”

Li Qingyue nodded and did not continue the invitation. Instead, he sat down for a while and looked at the barrage.

Obviously, the barrage was surprised.。

【so much! ? The heat is going to explode, Qingyue! !】

【Super Big Eater Xiao Qingyue! Are you trying so hard to promote KFC? ?】

【Did Qingyue eat so much so early in the morning? What to do if you gain weight……】

【Shut up, you guys! Qingyue is only fifteen years old and still growing! What if you don’t eat enough and don’t grow big?】

【Yes, watching Qingyue grow up step by step is the most wonderful thing, what do you know!】

【No, are you serious or not? Is it as big as I imagined?】


Glancing at the barrage, Li Qingyue’s head was covered with black lines.

Why did he suddenly end up in that place while talking?


looking down at her slightly bulging little white rabbit, she shuddered violently.

She has not forgotten what the system said before. The fact that her second form transformation can be as large as Kafka means that she will definitely grow that big in the future… Now coupled with

Alicia’s side effects, Not to mention, the scale of Beng San is even larger than that of Kafka.

Maybe one day it will really grow rapidly?

No, no, no, now we are mukbang, we can’t think about that!

Li Qingyue picked up the burger and took a bite. She immediately felt that her taste buds were filled with the aroma of chicken and bread, and she couldn’t help but make a sound of satisfaction.

As expected of a burger, it is indeed delicious!

I remember that when I was a child, my family was poor, and I would always be envious when I saw others eating hamburgers. I still remember it when I grow up.

Now I can eat so much at one time, it’s so satisfying。

“Mmm, delicious! ”

Li Qingyue’s eyes are bright, but she doesn’t eat very fast, maybe because she is cosplaying with Esta, the eldest lady. She also looks very elegant when eating, and she can still find time to watch the barrage.。

【Qingyue Qingyue, who was that person next to Xiao Sanyue just now? I see you have a good relationship. 】


Li Qingyue glanced at Gu Yusheng, then turned back to the live broadcast room and said with a smile: “That is sister Gu Yusheng, the one who signed my contract in a certain video. Didn’t you see it at the comic exhibition before? I and I She came in together。”

【Ah, I have an impression of that young lady, she is so beautiful! But can you finish eating so much Qingyue?】

“Hmm, I should finish eating. Don’t look at me like this. I’ve never been afraid of anyone when it comes to eating! ”

Li Qingyue cheered herself up and ate the last piece of hamburger on her hand.

Just when she was about to say something, her phone suddenly vibrated.

When she looked carefully, she found that it was a friend request.

Li Qingyue’s eyes narrowed slightly. I got up and took a closer look and found that the other party’s ID had several large characters written on it.。

【Fox Fairy Xiaoqing]


Fox Fairy, Xiaoqing…

the combination of these two words made Li Qingyue fall into deep thought at first.

Then suddenly he reacted.

Is this the one selling tea?

Good guy, it seems I encountered a scammer!



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