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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 092

After hearing the news, Gu Yusheng felt his head buzzing and his computer was a little down.


One hundred billion?

Did you hear it right?

Her eyes widened suddenly and she opened her mouth. She didn’t know what to say for the first time.

When he reacted, he found Li Qingyue looking at him with a smile.。

“Xiao Qingyue, are you kidding me? ”

Gu Yusheng realized, how could she believe this kind of thing unless……

“No no. Li

Qingyue shook her head and said quickly: “Actually, someone contacted me yesterday. I have an uncle overseas…that is my great-uncle. He seems to be the richest man in a country overseas?”

Because there was no heir, he accidentally bumped into me, so he called 100 billion first. ”

As for Gu Yusheng’s worries, Li Qingyue only discovered it now.

Also, if it were a normal person suddenly faced with a contract of 300 million, I am afraid that he would have been unsteady for a long time.

If it was Li Qingyue who had not broadcast live, it might really be She would be tempted, after all, she has never seen so much money.

But there is no way, she has now completely turned into a super rich woman, and she really doesn’t have much feeling about money.

And even if you take a step back, Li Qingyue also I have no intention of going to Station B.

I even started live streaming because I wanted to complete system tasks.

My life is already good, so what else do I pursue?

What’s more, Station B suddenly gave me a contract worth 300 million yuan. Don’t they want to make money back?

If they ask for Li Qingyue’s live broadcast time or various cooperation… Li Qingyue won’t be embarrassed to refuse in March, right?

After all, she still knows that people are soft-hearted. .Completely


“This, this? ”

Gu Yusheng was still in a daze after hearing this.

Until she saw the balance in Li Qingyue’s account.

After the 1, there was a long string of zeros…


This made Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but take a breath.

This is actually true!

That one Gu Yusheng had indeed heard about Li Qingfeng, the richest man overseas, but she never thought that he and Li Qingyue would have a relationship…

This was too scary!

After she came to her senses, she couldn’t help but let out a heavy breath。


The sadness on his face disappeared in the blink of an eye, replaced by a little embarrassment and guilt.

It turns out that I have misunderstood Li Qingyue all along. Yes, this girl has always been like this. How could she have other thoughts?

However, she would have doubts about her, and even have some conspiracy theories…

Li Qingyue noticed the changes in Gu Yusheng, and couldn’t help but tilt her head, her little face full of doubts。

“It’s nothing, it’s just that I had a small misunderstanding before. Anyway, I’m really sorry.……”

“A misunderstanding or something is too exaggerated.……”

Li Qingyue shook her head.

Gu Yusheng suddenly thought of something.

Li Qingyue’s 100 billion came at the right time. Station B, Penguin and even other companies all wanted to poach Qingyue, and they even started competing on price secretly.

However, no one knew that Li Qingyue suddenly had 100 billion at this time!

This exaggerated figure is enough to shatter everyone’s expectations.

Gu Yusheng didn’t even dare to think that when Penguin and Bilibili Zhuangzhi came hesitantly with contracts and prepared to sign with Li Qingyue, they suddenly saw that Li Qingyue had a hundred billion… Wow, that scene was too embarrassing, wasn’t it


Gu Yusheng even felt embarrassed for them. If it were him, he might be able to deduct three bedrooms and one living room!

I don’t know if Li Qingyue knows about this?

Forget it, forget it, it won’t be you who will be embarrassed when the time comes.

In fact, Gu Yusheng is also a little angry about the practices of Bilibili and other platforms. Xiao Qingyue has only just made her debut on the first day, and she can’t wait to poach them. What does this mean?

It’s good now, Li Qingyue suddenly became the third generation of rich people. With this money, he can buy all the stocks of major platforms. See how others end up!

Thinking of this, she smiled evilly.

But after seeing Li Qingyue’s confused expression, Gu Yusheng quickly changed the subject and said, “That’s right, aren’t you going to eat KFC? Come on, I haven’t had breakfast yet!” Li Qingyue nodded upon seeing this,

although Some people didn’t quite understand what Gu Yusheng’s evil smile meant just now, but now it was obvious that the most important thing was to do the work.

KFC rush rush!

After arriving near KFC, you can immediately see that the old KFC man has been replaced by Jing Yuan. The difference is that Jing Yuan’s body is now wearing a KFC apron.

Also following were March 7, Dan Heng and Little Pam.

As soon as Li Qingyue and Gu Yusheng walked over, they were immediately recognized by March 7 in the distance. After all, the only person who could recreate such a resemblance was Li Qingyue.。

“Xiao Qingyue, here, here! Seeing

her waving, Li Qingyue walked over curiously and said in su

rprise: “Xiao Sanyue, are you actually an employee of Mi Huliu?” ”

The March 7th cosplayer in front of me was the one I met at the Comic Con last time. At that time, Li Qingyue thought that she was the same cosplayer who worked with Mi Huyou, just like him.

But now he saw her wearing Mi Huyou’s employee hat. , Li Qingyue felt that things were not simple。

“Hehe, we are the ones who are paid~”

March 7th coser blinked, and then said to the fans who wanted to crowd in: “Everyone, don’t collect stamps and autographs for now, Qingyue (agbc) is here to give us this time Endorsing KFC! Stamp collecting is no longer within the scope of my work. Please understand, thank you!”

“Wow, it was so hard to meet Qingyue but I couldn’t take a photo with her. You are so cruel, Mi Hu!”

“Qingyue turned out to be the little rich woman in cosplay today!”

“Damn it, even if you say so, I will secretly take pictures!”

“Stayed at KFC today!”


Hearing what March 7 said, the originally enthusiastic fans suddenly howled.

But it’s work, everyone can still understand it.。

“Well, thank you all for your cooperation, thank you!

March 7 waved to everyone, and then invited Li Qingyue and Gu Yusheng to sit nearby. However, when she

saw that Li Qingyue brought a mobile phone, she was a little surprised and said: “Eh?” Xiao Qingyue’s outdoor live broadcast without a selfie stick?”

“Is there any other way to say this? ”

Li Qingyue was startled for a moment. She usually used her computer at home to broadcast live broadcasts, and she really didn’t think about the outdoor situation. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) She only reacted after being said like this. It seemed

like You need a selfie stick or something, otherwise holding the phone would be tiring。

“Hey, we just happened to be prepared, just wait a minute. By the way, are you sure you want to eat that much? ”

As March 7 said, she asked another question that shocked even herself.

When she was chatting with Li Qingyue on the phone before, she accidentally discovered that…

Li Qingyue wanted to eat a lot!

This can make March 7 I was shocked. Even though it’s a mukbang, you still have to act within your capabilities. What should I do if I get a bad stomach?

“Well, trouble. “Li Qingyue scratched her head in embarrassment.。

“okay! ”

After getting a positive answer, it didn’t take long for March 7 to bring a selfie stick over and help Li Qingyue place an order.

Li Qingyue took out her mobile phone and fiddled with it for a while. The live broadcast on the mobile phone was similar to that on the computer, and more convenient.

In addition , Gu Yusheng, the operations director of Mouyin, was guiding by the side, and everything was done in a few minutes.

When the camera was pointed at Li Qingyue, Gu Yusheng also walked to another table and sat down.

After knowing Li Qingyue’s intention, she also completely relaxed , and looked around from time to time, looking forward to the moment when Mr. Chen came over.

I don’t know what Mr. Chen’s expression would be like after taking the contract?

Hehe, I’m really looking forward to it.

But speaking of it…

I quietly glanced at the main office . Li Qingyue was working hard on the software, and Gu Yusheng’s throat was a little dry.

She didn’t pay much attention to it before, but now she suddenly realized it. She

had been watching Li Qingyue’s live broadcast before, but it seemed like the first time to watch it live, right?

That kind of seriousness The little expression, I don’t know why, is so attractive.

Damn it, why is Li Qingyue so cute?

With the habit of biting a Coke, Gu Yusheng also started to click into Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room.

The time at this time is eight o’clock in the morning, for the majority of netizens Generally speaking, this time is very early, and those who can get up are either in school or preparing to go to work.

Similarly, there are only tens of thousands of people chatting in the dark live broadcast room, and these people have regarded Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room as a chat room , started chatting about gossips when nothing happened, and looked forward to whether Li Qingyue would start broadcasting.

Li Qingyue also saw this scene, couldn’t help but smile, and changed the title of the live broadcast room。

【Crazy Crazy Thursday, let me try the Family Bucket~ Crazy Crazy Thursday, help me~ Grandpa KFC~!】

Then click to start live streaming.

The sudden launch in the morning immediately caused a sensation among everyone!

You must know that the first time Li Qingyue broadcast live was in the morning, and he happened to meet Baby Xuxu at that time, but after that day, Li Qingyue changed it to evening, which is unforgettable.

The number of people in the live broadcast room began to skyrocket, and it soared to half a million in just a few seconds.

Li Qingyue was a little surprised by this situation. He didn’t expect the traffic to be so high in the morning, but he soon smiled.。

“Good morning everyone, today is a special show for little rich ladies!”



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