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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 087

Is this reasonable?

It seems… somewhat reasonable?

But I got 100 billion inexplicably!

Such huge wealth still made Li Qingyue briefly stunned.

Although she is a person with super powers and has recently begun to make money due to live broadcasts, a hundred billion has still somewhat refreshed her world view.

I have never seen so much money in my entire life.。

“Hello? Miss Li, are you still there? “The man made a confused sound.。


Li Qingyue exhaled and gradually calmed down.

Calm down, since you are playing Esta, that 100 billion is just a small amount of money!

As a person with superpowers, how could he be so rude after seeing a mere 100 billion pocket money?

Li Qingyue paused, then picked up the phone again, her voice gradually becoming more natural: “I understand.。”

“Great, the money has been credited to your account! Mr. Li said you can spend as much as you want, but if you don’t have enough, then ask him again. Thank you for your understanding. ”

Li Qingyue:“……”

This is too much, and it seems a bit much.

After hanging up the phone, Li Qingyue felt mixed emotions.

It’s okay to say that she has super powers, but she really doesn’t know what to buy with money.

Forget it, let’s take it one step at a time. After all, the system tasks haven’t been released yet!

At this time, March 7th has already begun to wail.。

【March 7: Woohoo, Qingyue, are you still there?】

【March 7: Come back to me Qingyue A。】

【March 7: Is it possible that you are not satisfied with the share? We can add a little more……】

I was so surprised just now that I almost forgot March 7th.

But this is difficult to handle. Li Qingyue was still thinking about KFC before, but she didn’t expect it to develop like this.

After thinking for a while, she typed a line slowly。

【Qingyue: Well… I can agree to cooperate with you as long as you split the share, but there is one thing I don’t know how to say.。】

【March 7: Just tell me whatever it is!】

【Qingyue: Now I am actually a little rich woman, so I don’t need so much money。】

【March 7: Hey, that’s what happened. Although it’s nice that 000 Qingyue thinks about us, no one can have too much money! 】

A question mark slowly appeared on Li Qingyue’s forehead。

……Like this?

Is it possible that everyone knows about his inheritance?

Great, then it doesn’t matter anymore!

Replied with a smile, Li Qingyue happily exited the chat interface.

At this time, the system tasks are also refreshed.。

【You have started the main mission and you will be rewarded when completed。】

【Main mission (Part 1): Play as Esta and broadcast live to promote Mi Huliu’s KCF collaboration. After the mission is successful, you will receive random rewards.。】

【Main mission (Part 2): Play as Esta and live broadcast, spending 100 billion during the linkage with KFC. After the mission is successful, you will get more funds and unlock the system mall. 】


Spend 100 billion! ?

Li Qingyue was originally thinking about what kind of mission he would encounter this time, but he encountered such an outrageous thing, and was stunned for a moment.。

“System, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? How do you want me to spend 100 billion! ”

It’s not that Li Qingyue has no concept of money. On the contrary, having been born in two generations, she knows the concept of money very well! It’s easy to say

tens of thousands, millions or even tens of millions. No matter how you spend it, you can spend it all. At this stage, Still working hard for financial freedom.

But 100 billion… Sorry, the richest man in Xihong City was already racking his brains just to spend 1 billion. No matter how much money is spent, it will continue to grow. Money is like It’s the same as making money.

Now, how can she spend all her 100 billion?

【Note: This time the host may encounter the following events, such as the fox fairy selling tea, the telecom fraudster selling aircraft carriers, etc. Note that the host will not be deceived. You can choose to buy the goods or not. 】


The system actually gave a prompt this time?

Li Qingyue was slightly startled when she saw the statement given by the (afeb) system.


seems interesting.

Whether it’s the fox fairy selling tea or telecommunications fraud, these seem to be things that Esta has experienced in The Iron Break.

Could it be that! ?

Li Qingyue’s eyes lit up slightly, maybe she could really find some clues about the danger in this mission.

This made her feel relieved, but at the same time she was still a little confused.

Even so, it seems to be too exaggerated… right?

Forget it, go to sleep.

Li Qingyue yawned.

Her schedule has already been adjusted, but now she feels sleepy when the time comes. Now, due to the cooperation between the system and Mi Huyou, it has already timed out.

If I don’t sleep, I might stay in bed tomorrow.

Turning off her phone and lying on the bed, Li Qingyue hugged Fufu and prepared to take a nap.



The phone rang again.

This made Li Qingyue a little crazy. Is it over?

I looked at the caller information and saw that it was still a stranger, but this time it was a domestic call.

After a little hesitation, Li Qingyue finally chose to answer the call.。

“Hello? Hello, is this Miss Li Qingyue? ”

The voice was also that of a man, but Li Qingyue felt a little familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.。

“It’s me, who are you?……”

“That’s right, I am Mr. Chen, the chairman of Station B. I saw your live broadcast today and found it particularly attractive. ”

Station B?

Li Qingyue frowned when he heard the other party’s self-introduction.

It’s strange, why did Station B suddenly come to call him?

Or is it Mr. Chen… (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network! )

This should be the one, the uncle from station B!

“Sorry, Mr. Chen, I can’t accept business cooperation. Currently, I only accept advertisements from Mihuyou and Mouyin. If it is other matters, you can contact a certain voice……”

“No, no, no, what we mean is to invite you to live broadcast at Station B! ”

Mr. Chen’s voice was filled with some confidence, “Please believe us, as the largest ACG cultural gathering place in China, we have excellent two-dimensional soil. Your style just fits our website perfectly, and maybe it will also develop. become bigger……”

When it comes to the origin of his website, Mr. Chen has already talked about it.

From the history of Bilibili to the prosperity of the two-dimensional culture, we have almost covered it all.

In fact, what he said is indeed correct. Station B is indeed inseparable from ACG culture. Even Mi Huyou was a loyal partner of Station B in the early days. Even game promotion requires the UP owner of Station B.

But before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Li Qingyue。

“Although what you said is good, I have already signed a contract with a certain music player, so I am embarrassed. ”

For Li Qingyue, it doesn’t matter which website she goes to. Anyway, she is not short of money. Especially

after getting the template of the little rich woman Esta, her money has exceeded a terrifying figure, and it basically doesn’t matter. Money can trap her.

As for where to live broadcast, Li Qingyue has no need to think too much. She has such a good relationship with Gu Yusheng, how could she change websites casually?

Friendship is more important than anything else!

Hear this When Li Qingyue said this, Mr. Chen continued to talk eloquently: “Don’t worry, we are naturally aware of your contract with a certain music player. But I can tell you that liquidated damages can be paid by Station B.

And in addition to this, our conditions can definitely satisfy you. The signing fee is 300 million, and your basic salary is also fixed at 300 million. What do you think? ”


300 million?

Li Qingyue blinked.

In fact, she really didn’t have much idea about the amount of money. Not to mention that she didn’t suddenly get 100 billion. Even if she got it, she wouldn’t be moved by it. .

In addition, she is a person who will not change something easily. Since she met Gu Yusheng from the beginning, she would just follow Gu Yusheng all the time.

This kind of thing is of course a rejection.

Li Qingyue almost did not hesitate and immediately Said: “I’m sorry, Chen……”

However, the other party seemed to have known what Li Qingyue would say for a long time, and said quickly: “Miss Li Qingyue, you don’t need to give the answer now. I hope you can give us a chance to think about it. Of course, even if it doesn’t work out, we can still be friends, no matter

what The station welcomes you anytime and anywhere.”

This tone was quite nice.

Li Qingyue really didn’t know how to deal with this kind of person who spoke politely, so she simply said: “I understand.。”

“Thank you for your understanding. Station B is always looking forward to your response. By the way, our B station headquarters is also in Shanghai, and it happens to be in the same area. Maybe we can meet up there if we have a chance. ”

Mr. Chen let out a sigh of relief and hung up the phone after thanking him.

At this time, Li Qingyue also realized some belatedly. It seemed that after the popularity of his last live broadcast debut, major manufacturers really The undercurrent is beginning to surge!

The call from Station B this time is probably just a precursor. You must know that when Li Qingyue was live broadcasting before, other platforms had already come to poach him. Although he was kicked out by the super

management at the time, the other party in the private message Already requesting cooperation。

“The invitation from Station B is just a signal.……”

Li Qingyue sighed. Although it was the first time for him to face such a thing, he knew how to deal with it.

You must contact Gu Yusheng first, otherwise other manufacturers will probably blow up the day when your mobile phone number is completely exposed.

After dialing Gu Yusheng’s number, Li Qingyue could still hear Gu Yusheng’s busy voice.。

“Isn’t Qingyue still sleeping? “Gu Yusheng couldn’t help being a little surprised after answering the phone.。

“Sister Gu, Mr. Chen from station B suddenly called me and said he was offering 300 million to poach me away.……”

Li Qingyue briefly and quickly told Gu Yusheng what had just happened.。

“Three hundred million! ? ”

When Gu Yusheng heard this number, he was stunned.

Isn’t Station B so wealthy?

Listed companies are different, how dare they poach like this!

And Li Qingyue continued: “What else did he say about Station B after that? The headquarters is also in the Magic City, so we still have a chance to run into something… Anyway, that’s what happened, Nan. ”

After hanging up the phone, Li Qingyue yawned.

You’re just at Station B, but you want to come here to poach someone?

How presumptuous!

If you keep talking, you’ll really have to stay up late, not to mention that Gu Yusheng is also working, so it’s not good to disturb her time at this time.

However , After finishing the matter, I finally felt relaxed.

No one can disturb my sleep!

Using the Ether editor to set the phone to not accept external calls, Li Qingyue hugged the fufu pillow again and showed a satisfied smile.

Sure enough, Hatsune Miku’s pillow is She slept peacefully.

But after her eyes closed, she suddenly remembered.

It seemed that she had not told Gu Yusheng that she rejected station B?

Forget it, Mi Huyou knew that she had become a rich little woman, but Gu Yusheng had not I don’t know why, but she must know that she is not short of money.

That’s it!



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