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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 086

In the room where the wind chimes were swaying, Li Qingyue yawned and put on brown bear pajamas.

She was quite satisfied with the performance of her first performance today. Completing the difficult tasks of the system was secondary. The most important thing was that she could really feel the unique atmosphere when playing the music.

It felt like we were really performing together with everyone from Star Core Hunters.

Now Li Qingyue finally understood why Silver Wolf often used ether editor to create several friends for himself in the settings. It was indeed very interesting.

However, it’s time for the system to appear, right?

When Li Qingyue thought so。


【Congratulations to the host for completing all the main missions. Your mission this time has been completed perfectly. 】

Hmph, are you kidding me? After all, I am a superpower.

It’s just a system task, it’s harmless!

【You have received one of the rewards from the mission: Thunder and Lightning Band Suit (outer circle), Kafka impersonation +10%, Lost Crystals*100。】

【You have received the second reward of the mission: all existing character templates have +10 playability%。】

【You get any third reward: +10 to all light cone levels you’ve earned. 】

When the second and third rewards appeared, Li Qingyue suddenly felt that he had become a lot stronger, especially regarding Fu Xuan’s calculation ability.

Qionguanzhen seems to have suddenly improved its performance a lot at this moment.

If Li Qingyue was not completely sure about things like drawing cards before, now she can completely determine when something will appear and when something should not appear.


No, the Qiongguan Formation is obviously such a powerful thing, why do I only think about drawing cards?

It seems that he was misled by netizens.

Then, Silver Wolf’s Aether Editing and Game Talent, Clara’s Swaro, and Kafka’s Spirit Speaking were all enhanced.

The most important thing should be this spiritual speaking technique?

Li Qingyue cleared her throat, and was about to find a target to try the effect of the Spiritual Talking Technique, but soon found out helplessly that the psychological suggestion ability of the Spiritual Talking Technique seemed a bit too dangerous.

You can’t really hypnotize an ordinary person, right?

After thinking about it, I decided to experiment with another ability.

She stretched out her left hand and pulled gently.


In an instant, five silk threads spread from the fingertips, like threads pulling a puppet, and connected to the green radish in the distance. With a slight movement, the green radish danced like a puppet under Li Qingyue’s control, as if it was dancing.。

“Oh…this ability is amazing! ”

Seeing this situation, Li Qingyue’s eyes lit up. Kafka’s ability is really elegant. This is so cool!

Imagine fighting with the enemy, suddenly appearing among a large number of enemies, crossing your hands, and then… silk threads, intertwined !

The enemy who was wielding swords and guns suddenly began to act like a puppet under his control, and then the little girl looked at him with admiration…

This is the true meaning of a hero!

“Very good, now I am close to being omnipotent! ”

Withdrawing the thread, Li Qingyue showed a satisfied smile.

Now she has various abilities, each of which is extremely powerful. Each has its own power in protection, voidness and destruction. The void also divides Silver Wolf and Kafka. It’s perfect.

If this was placed in the Star Dome Railway, he might be able to form a team by himself.


That’s right.

Seeing the three tasks prompted by the system, Li Qingyue suddenly remembered that this time the system also mentioned that he If you can complete all tasks, you will be rewarded with a mysterious gift. What is this?

Before Li Qingyue could ask, the system’s voice came again。

【This time all the prerequisites have been completed, and the host has received a mysterious reward: Alicia’s side effects. 】


Seeing the side effects, Li Qingyue subconsciously frowned: “System, what are the side effects? Please explain them carefully!”

Normally, when you hear side effects, you will think they are something bad, right?

Why is the system so unfair!

【Alicia’s side effects are specifically manifested as abnormalities in body metabolism. The manifestation is: no matter how much you eat, you will not gain weight, and you will have beautiful lines even if you don’t exercise. My skin is getting better day by day and my hair is becoming shaggy. 】

Li Qingyue: …

It turned out to be such a side effect! ?

That’s okay.

Only then did Li Qingyue react, almost forgetting that Alicia was a perfect girl, so it was natural to have such side effects!

“I have money, I have an education, and I am still a superpower… If I put it in my previous life, it would definitely be a perfect life, right? ”

Li Qingyue was lying on the bed, looking at the milky-white ceiling, and her thoughts wandered for a while.

Although her life today is not colorful, it is certain that she would never have lived so smoothly in her previous life. It can be said that she is already in another life. A perfect life.

But the premise is that this is a normal world!

Li Qingyue has not forgotten the conversation he had with the system when he first traveled through time.

At that time, Li Qingyue asked the system what the beautiful girl cosplay system was, and the system’s answer was, this system is dedicated to In order to make the host perfectly recreate the peerless beautiful girls of each dimension, break the dimensional wall and obtain their various abilities, so as to save the world…

What is saving the world!

Also, when I played Fu Xuan for the first time, the system also What did you say, there m

ay be a certain degree of danger in this world, please improve your strength as soon as possible…

What the hell is danger!

This answer made Li Qingyue a little insecure, always feeling like he was carrying some kind of mission.。

“System, what exactly is the danger you are talking about?”

【The system cannot give a reasonable explanation for the danger, but the only thing that can be determined is to ask the host to improve its strength and reputation as soon as possible. 】

A black line appeared on Li Qingyue’s forehead. He had completed so many tasks, but he didn’t even see the prototype of danger. What the hell is this?

But when I think about it carefully, it seems that it hasn’t been long since I came to this world. I haven’t seen any relevant clues. It seems to be within the normal range?

Well, that makes sense.

Forget it, if you don’t want to talk about it, don’t talk about it. No matter what, you should develop yourself first and improve your strength first.

Didi –

At this moment, Li Qingyue’s cell phone suddenly rang.

I looked down and saw that it was from March 7th.。

【March 7: Qingyue Qingyue, I dare not bother you so late, but please save us! 】


Li Qingyue had just talked with the system about whether it was dangerous or not, and was still wondering if something had happened to Mi Huyou.

But he soon thought that Tam had said something similar to him before, but it turned out to be a joke.

After thinking about it, Li Qingyue began to reply to her。

【Qingyue: What happened?】

【March 7: Woohoo, it’s Mad Thursday! KFC wants to cooperate with us, but we really can’t think of any other way, so we can only ask Qingyue for support. 】

Li Qingyue: …

It’s really a joke!

Fortunately, I was prepared, otherwise I would really have been caught.。

【Qingyue: Are you endorsing KFC?】

【March 7: Yeah, we discussed it with KFC for a while and decided to come up with a sharing model. KFC has linked up with our set meal. For every meal sold through your discount code, you can get 30% of the profit. What do you think? 】


Seeing what March 7 said, Li Qingyue was stunned for a moment.

Generally speaking, this kind of endorsement is a fixed advertising fee, and it is impossible to give a share, but Mi Huyou made such a big concession, which really surprised Li Qingyue.

It seems that Mi Huyou attaches great importance to cooperating with her, otherwise he would not give such generous treatment.

But what should I cosplay by myself then?

While I was thinking about it, the system suddenly started to show prompts。

【It is detected that the host is about to start a hidden mission, and you have been given a chance to draw. Do you want to draw? 】


Why don’t you just link up with KFC once? Why is there such a thing as a hidden mission?

Li Qingyue was stunned for a moment, then nodded without hesitation. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“`~Extract! ”

Although I don’t know what the hidden mission is, I always have a feeling that I may find some answers about the “danger”. She looked

at the lottery interface nervously. There were only so many five-star female characters in Bengtie, and she was almost ready to play. It’s over, I don’t know what character the system will pull out this time.

Just as I was thinking about it, the picture in front of me suddenly froze.。

【Congratulations to the host for unlocking the Esta template. 】

Wait a minute, Esta?

Bengtie…little rich woman?

Having said that, this should be his first four-star role, right?

Li Qingyue was still thinking about what she could do as a little rich woman, when suddenly the system’s upgrade sound came again.。

【You get pocket money, a hundred billion. 】

How many?

One hundred billion!

Seeing this number, even Li Qingyue couldn’t help but cover her mouth.

This is a total of 100 billion!

Even with her current net worth, it is extremely difficult to own 100 billion, and it can even be said that it is almost impossible to reach this number.

But now, she suddenly and inexplicably owns 100 billion.

The most exaggerated thing is… is this just pocket money?

“System, if you suddenly gave me so much money, are you sure it won’t have an impact on the financial system? ”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but be surprised. One hundred billion is definitely not a small amount. The most important thing is that if so much money suddenly hits the market, there is no certainty what the consequences will be. Are you sure you won’t be invited to drink tea suddenly


【Hosts, please rest assured that the source of 100 billion is legal and compliant. 】


When Li Qingyue was confused, she suddenly saw her phone ringing.

The incoming call information showed an unfamiliar number. Li Qingyue hesitated for a moment and suddenly answered the call.。

“Hello, are you Li Qingyue, Miss Li? ”

A rapid male voice came from the microphone.。

“It’s me, who are you?……”Li Qingyue frowned, still wondering what kind of medicine the other party was selling in the gourd.

As a result, the man suddenly became excited。

“Well, your great-grandfather of the Li family has three sons, one of whom is your grandfather, and the other is your grandfather’s brother Li Qingfeng.

This Mr. Li Qingfeng went overseas due to infertility in his early years. As a result, he became the richest man in the local area and had a huge fortune that needed to be inherited.

Originally, he had no heirs around him, but he suddenly saw your video at the comic exhibition not long ago and recognized you immediately.

In other words, you are the only relative of Mr. Li Qingfeng in this world. He decided to give you 100 billion pocket money for you to spend first. ”

Pah –

Li Qingyue’s cell phone fell to the ground.。



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