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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 084

Unlike the Mihuang team, at this moment, the TX department is constantly staring at Bengtie’s data.

Although they can’t see the specific number at the moment, if they want to judge the status of this game, they can actually know it by looking at the number of downloads.

The current download volume of Bengtie is around 100 million, which is close to saturation. At this time, everyone is staring at the download volume and watching.。

“It grew, it grew, and suddenly there were 50,000 more downloads!”

“ah? ? Are you kidding me about this conversion rate? The number of downloads alone suddenly jumped by 50,000? ?”

“It’s still growing, with at least thousands of downloads every minute… Damn it, 60,000!”

“It’s about to break through the 100,000 mark… What an outrageous conversion rate is this? No one in her live broadcast room has ever played Bengtie! ?”


There were exclamations one after another, and everyone had different expressions of shock on their faces.

What the hell is this!

Bengtie is already quite popular, and logically speaking, even if there is a promotion effect, it should not be too big, but in just ten minutes, the number of downloads alone is suddenly close to breaking through the 100,000 mark?

This is almost like a joke!

Among them, TX’s operations director couldn’t believe his eyes.

Originally, he predicted that Li Qingyue’s promotion of “Four Zero Three” would bring 20,000 downloads to Mihuyou, but he did not expect that it would already reach 100,000 in just ten minutes… The fan viscosity is so

high Of?

On average, one out of a dozen fans will be diverted?

After understanding this concept, he suddenly took a breath of air。

“Damn it, doesn’t that mean that Li Qingyue’s commercial value is simply terrifying? Her cohesion alone can even affect the life or death of a product? ”

The appeal of public figures is terrifying, especially for someone with such great influence as Li Qingyue, which is even rarer! Especially

before TX and Mi cheated, they were still competing openly and secretly. It can be said that the two families are real rivals.

Now Mi The champagne is popping up over there, but the TX side is in pain.

Who would have thought that Li Qingyue’s commercial value is really so high?

“Damn it, if Li Qingyue continues to cooperate with Mi Huyou… won’t our game be ruined?”

“No, no, we must also find Li Qingyue to cooperate! ”

Thinking of this, he slammed the table。

“finance! lawyer! data!”

“arrive! ”

The three of them came together.

Supervisor TX waved his hand, pointed at them and said: “You guys, go get Qingyue’s cooperation!”

“ah? ”

After receiving such an order, the three of them were stunned, looked at each other in disbelief, and then whispered in unison, “Us? ”

They were dumbfounded.

No, Mi Huyou can cooperate with Qingyue because they have a basis for cooperation before. Let us go to them to discuss cooperation…


With money?

Maybe Qingyue doesn’t care about it either. !

Look at the astonishing amount of rewards, and look at the number of people in the live broadcast room who have broken the record of a certain music. People with this kind of volume can really count hundreds of millions at the touch of a finger. If it were an ordinary

anchor, he would have already started to bring goods. But Qingyue doesn’t have it, is it because he doesn’t want to?

Of course he’s not short of money, bastard!

Does this director understand that there are some things in this world that money can’t solve?

“Yes, it’s you! ”

The TX supervisor was very cruel and shouted: “We TX will give you double the amount of rice you cheat!” ! ”

TX is rich and powerful, unmatched by any game manufacturer.

When he said it was double, it was really double.

However, even though they were so rich, they still sighed.

No, how can we talk about this?

You still have It’s not necessarily double, even ten times. Is it because of friendship that Mi Huyou can cooperate?

But there is no way, the director is already talking nonsense in a hurry, and they don’t dare to say anything, and they quickly nod in agreement. They

can only try their best to think Find a way!

At the same time, NetEase.

They also noticed that the download volume of Bengtie was suddenly starting to surge, and the department suddenly became panicked.。

“This is too exaggerated! She has unlimited commercial value!”

“Do we have to ask her to cooperate?”

“Which game should I use? Forever?”

“It’s almost cold in Yongjiewujian! How about letting Qingyue cosplay Hu Tao?”

“We are not a two-dimensional game, and people may not be able to accept it.……”

“Who said that? Isn’t our Back to the Future also a second tour? She must be invited!”

“Back to the Future is still in labor, so we can’t just promote it in vain.……”


Unlike other manufacturers, most of NetEase’s games are 3D, such as “Eternal Calamity” or “Backwater Cold”, etc., and their styles tend to be more ancient.

This caused them to be a little dumbfounded when they competed with Mi Huyou and TX.

This is how to do?

But they have no choice but to find ways to create conditions. Recently, they are about to launch a two-dimensional open mobile game that will compete with Genshin Impact. Maybe it can also be an opportunity to invite Li Qingyue to cooperate?

Similar scenes are constantly happening among major manufacturers.

Even a legendary mobile game suddenly rewarded 1,000 carnival points. I was about to leave a message, but before I could react, I was tricked by Mi and invited him out.。

【Mihuyou official account: prohibit vicious competition from other manufacturers! We will provide a full refund for Qingyue’s reward, thank you!】

【Hahahaha, Mi Huyou suddenly became so tough, I almost died laughing!】

【Mi Huyou did this beautifully! I can also understand other games. What is there to play in a legendary game? Are the brothers coming to kill me together?】

【At first, Mi Huyou couldn’t even give a reward in order to contact Qingyue, but now that he is a house manager, it feels different!】

【Okay, okay, I have finished downloading Bengtie. Brothers, the 5G network is so fast!】


This situation makes other manufacturers even more desperate.

It was only then that they realized that Mi Huyou was so quick, step by step, that it was so cool to directly become a house manager!

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but snicker when she saw this scene, but she realized now that if she didn’t explain it clearly, all the major manufacturers would think that they accepted all advertisements.

Clearing her throat, Li Qingyue said: “I’m sorry, manufacturers, we are currently not accepting other forms of advertising. The reason why we are cheating is because we have a good cooperative relationship before, so everyone who rewards us for cooperation Just don’t tip. (If you want to read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

If you have already tipped, you can apply for a refund from me later, thank you for your understanding.”

One sentence completely blocked other ulterior motives . of manufacturers.

Soon it was time to reveal the lucky bag. Li Qingyue glanced at the winning ID and couldn’t help but said: “The lucky bag lottery has ended. All the winners can see Xiao Tam’s private message in the background. 0 ….

Remember our house manager Xiao Tam’s avatar, the one with two million fans, don’t admit it wrong, the others are all liars.

In addition, our awards do not require screenshots to be sent within one minute. We only need to send the in-game screenshots to Xiao Tam before midnight today. Thank you everyone for your participation. ”

Similar lucky bag draws basically require fans to send two screenshots of the game and the desktop within one minute, otherwise they will be judged to have timed out and miss the reward. However, the memory

of Bengtie is too large, considering that many people do not have good network connections. Because of the。

【Ahhhhh, I didn’t draw, congratulations to those guys!】

【Damn it, with a lucky bag worth 40,000 yuan, and a lucky bag worth 400 times 1,000 yuan that Qingyue paid for at her own expense, Qingyue has unknowingly become a little rich woman!】

【Don’t you need to provide screenshots within a minute? Qingyue is so nice……】

【None hit! But why is there a participation award, 100 stars?】

【Okay, okay, for the sake of a hundred stars, I will forgive Mi Huliu for being stingy, thank you Qingyue!】

【Damn it, I got it! Thank you Mi Huliu, thank you Qingyue!】


Although Li Qingyue handed out a lot of lucky bags, there were too many people in the live broadcast room, so most of them didn’t get lucky.

There was nothing that could be done about it, and there was nothing Li Qingyue could do.

After stretching, Li Qingyue suddenly felt much more relaxed.

At this time, the number of people in the live broadcast room has reached 2.3 million, which has already exceeded the target set by the system by an unknown amount. Moreover, the second most critical task was also completed perfectly. It can be said that it was a complete victory.


After opening the Star Dome Railway and finishing the new activity, Li Qingyue looked at the time. It was almost nine o’clock, and it was almost time for the next broadcast.。

“Very good, it’s time, brothers, see you next time, bye! ”

After saying that, the live broadcast room suddenly went dark.

If Li Qingyue was not experienced enough when she was broadcasting 3.6 before, she would chat with the barrage for a while.

Now, she has completely mastered the essence of the broadcast.

Be quick and precise, No time for everyone to react!

This extremely fast speed even prevented others from reacting。

【What? Just downloaded it? !】

【Stop it, Qingyue, there are 2.4 million people in the live broadcast room now, it is the peak period, and you actually downloaded it!】

【This is the first show! I thought I could watch Qingyue play for a while longer, but this is it? I haven’t seen enough!】

【Brothers, I have a hunch that the canon played by Qingyue is going to be a hot search!】

【Is it just canon? To be honest, Qingyue’s special effects when she appeared today were shocking enough.……】

【I think the most fun thing is the girl version of Kafka, which makes sense!】

【Oh, let’s listen to “Four Seasons” again. I never thought this kind of traditional music was so good before, but now I suddenly feel more elegant.。】

【+1. This song is indeed full of meaning, and the performance of Star Core Hunter + Xuan is so interesting that I won’t get tired of it at all.。】



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