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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 439

Iwa Ninja Village。

“The leader of Akatsuki was killed!”

Onoki Tsuchikage was also shocked after receiving the news.。

At this moment, he decided that he could no longer allow Konoha to develop like this, otherwise the Iwa Ninja Village would really become a vassal of Konoha in the future.。

“Someone come!”

Ohnoki quickly wrote a secret letter, handed it to his subordinates, and sent it to Akatsuki.。

Cloud Ninja Village。

The Raikage also received the same news. He was surprised and had the same idea as the Mizukage and Tsuchikage. They had fought against Byakuya before, and had killed many people in Konoha. Although they were allied now, the barrier could not be eliminated. They didn’t take much action when fighting the empty ninja.。

“A joint operation between the three major ninja villages and Akatsuki? I’m looking forward to it!”

“Konoha, it’s time to settle the previous accounts!”

“And the eye roll!”


Mount Myoki。


A stranger suddenly appeared here。

“Is this Mt. Miaomu? Sure enough, the energy of nature is everywhere!”

Madara looked around and sighed.。

At this time, the Great Toad Immortal opened his eyes: “I feel that someone broke into Miaomu Mountain, a very powerful person.”。”

Shima: “The old man must be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease again. How could someone break into this place?”

Fukasaku: “Damn it, don’t say that to the great master.。”

Frogs around:“……”

As a result, the next moment, Uchiha Madara appeared in front of everyone。

Shima and Fukasaku were both shocked: “How is that possible! How could you appear here?!”

Uchiha Madara looked at the big toad sage on the throne and was stunned.。

“Who are you? “The Great Toad Immortal babbled, “Stranger, you have come to Miaomu Mountain. You are destined to Miaomu Mountain…….”

Shima, Fukasaku:“……”

“Sir, this is the enemy!”

“Sir, he is here to steal the reincarnation eye。”

Big Toad Immortal:, “Reincarnation Eye? What is it from?”……”

Shima covered his face: “Oh my God, you demented old man……”

Fukasaku: “Damn it, don’t call me a demented old man!”

Big Toad Immortal: “Okay, okay, you husband and wife don’t quarrel…….”

Banji felt helpless: “Please, my terrifying enemy is here, shouldn’t you be nervous and afraid?”

“I’m here to get my reincarnation eye back, otherwise I will burn this place to the ground!”

Madara issues a warning!

As a result, the Great Toad Immortal showed no fear at all, and Yigui said in a daze: “What is your name?”

Madara said coldly: “My name is Madara Uchiha…….”

“oh……The Great Toad Immortal nodded, but within two seconds, he asked in confusion: “By the way, what’s your name?””


Uchiha Madara almost vomited blood。

There’s nothing left to talk about!

Damn old man!

“Go to hell, Fire Release: Hao Huo Miyaji!”

Uchiha Madara roared, and a huge flame rushed towards the Great Toad Sage。

“not good!”


Boom boom boom~~~~

An earth-shattering battle begins in Miaomu Mountain。

half an hour later……

Most of the entire Miaomu Mountain was directly destroyed, and the location of the Great Toad Immortal became the center of the battle. Countless toads died, and the natural scenery turned into a piece of scorched earth.。

The only ones who survived were the big toad sage and a group of protected little toads. The others, such as Fukasaku, Shima, Gamabunta, Gamaken, etc., were all seriously injured!

Madara, on the other hand, walked away with his samsara eyes.。

Later, Uchiha Obito got one reincarnation eye, and the other one was given to Zetsu.。




Obito channeled the heretic demon, and 10 Akatsuki members, including Madara, returned here using the image again。

“Oops, can you finally project remotely? Meetings are much more convenient now. ” Deidara exclaimed。

But everyone else looked at Ah Fei in surprise, because the reincarnation eye of former leader Payne appeared in his eyes.。

Madara: “Let’s start laying out the plan……A group of Itachi, Kisame, and Scorpion went to contact the former guardians of the twelve ninja Kazuma, while Kakuzu, Hidan, and Deidara went to contact Beiruhu.

Jue and Ah Fei go to the land of swamps to get in touch with the underworld……Then, go to Mist Ninja Village, Rain Ninja Village, and Iwa Ninja Village, contact Kage, and inform them of the joint plan to destroy Konoha…….As for the reason why we took the initiative, our leader was killed and we need revenge.。

Everyone: “Yes!”

fire nation。

Itachi, Kisame, and Scorpion came to a remote and hidden house near the Fire Temple.。

Kazuma said dissatisfied: “You guys came too late!”

Scorpion: “There is no way, I need to be more prepared, and now, the opportunity has finally come。”

Kazuma smiled and said: “I heard that your leader died in the hands of the stranger Bai Ye. Isn’t your leader too weak?”

Kisame chuckled: “Byakuya is not weak, how about this attack, assign you to hold off Byakuya?”

He Ma smiled and said, “I still don’t want it anymore.”。”

Are you kidding? Although he thinks he is awesome, compared to a terrifying beast like Bai Ye, forget it.。

At this time, Kazuma’s red-haired female Fu Feng looked at Itachi and giggled charmingly: “You must be the genius of Uchiha – Itachi, right? You are indeed a handsome guy, I really want to kiss you……”

After saying that, he walked towards Itachi with enchanting steps.。

She has a secret technique called “ghoul kissing”. Anyone she kisses will have all their chakra sucked away by her. After the technique is over, the person who performed the technique will die.。

Soon she kissed Itachi on the mouth, and then she was overjoyed and started sucking hard, laughing even more in her heart: “I didn’t expect this Uchiha Itachi to be such a person. It seems that the name is not worthy of his name. Come on, take all of it.” Give me all your chakra!”

Unexpectedly, not long after she sucked, she was interrupted by her partner.。

Fudong said: “Don’t be embarrassed.。”

When Bu Feng looked at it, she almost vomited blood. Only then did she realize that the person she had just kissed was not Itachi, but a stone pillar next to her. It turned out that he was under an illusion without knowing it, and the people next to him were all suppressing their laughter.。

I must have kissed the stone pillar just now, and my demeanor must have been very coquettish.。

Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed.。

“you! “The red-haired man looked at Itachi angrily.。

Itachi said coldly: “Next time you dare to do this, you will die!”

“Itachi, I apologize to you on her behalf. “Kazuma quickly tried to persuade him, but murderous intentions arose in his heart. Uchiha Itachi’s illusions were so pervasive that he could not detect them in advance and had seriously threatened his safety.。

If it weren’t for the cooperation stage, he probably wouldn’t be able to resist killing Itachi.。

Ghost Country。

a certain house。

“Mr. Huangquan, there are two people calling themselves Akatsuki outside.。”

A man in white clothes came to Huang Quan to report。

Huang Quan in black raised his head and said impatiently: “Xiao? Is it finally here? I’ve been waiting for too long.”


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