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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 434

“Lost? Brother Scorpion is still seriously injured? Didn’t the leader take action? “Hidan was surprised.。

After Itachi, Kakuzu and others heard this, they couldn’t help but be surprised.。

If it were normal times, Deidara might still be fighting with Hidan, but at this time Deidara was completely shocked and said without much argument: “Byakuya is stronger than we thought. You will know when we get to the scene.”。”

Payne: “I did underestimate him. He already has the strength to compete with me.”。”

Everyone was surprised that the leader had such a high opinion of Bai Ye?

Then Zetsu, the intelligence expert, began to analyze Byakuya’s ninjutsu piece by piece.。

Jue: “First of all, he can fly……”

To be honest, this really scares it a little. Since he was born, it has never seen anyone who can fly. Even his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki, has only heard that he can fly, but has never seen it with his own eyes. From the era of Six Paths to the era of Hashirama and Madara, there were many strong people, and no one could fly.。

The pillar���After that, there was no。

Hidan was curious: “Can he fly? It’s normal for him to have a flying psychic beast. Can’t Konan and Deidara also fly?……Could it be that……Can he fly?”

Hidan asked Itachi, Kisame, and Kakuzu what they were thinking.。

Orochimaru had already peeked at the battle between Byakuya and Uchiha Madara last time, and saw Byakuya flying in the sky, so he was not surprised.。

Jue nodded: “It is indeed his body that is flying.。”

Everyone took a breath of air-conditioning.。

How to hit someone who can fly away at any time?

Totally unbeatable。

It’s so helpless, and Bai Ye can fly a kite to kill you at any time.。

Itachi: “Are there any other ninjutsu?”

Zetsu: “There is another ninjutsu that deserves our attention. He can actually absorb tailed beast jade and replenish himself.。”


“Absorb Tailed Beast Jade?”

This time, not only Itachi, Kakuzu, Kisame, and Hidan were shocked, but Orochimaru was also shocked.。

Pain added: “Also, this method of absorbing the Tailed Beast Jade, I don’t know if it can absorb the wind, fire, thunder, water and earth escape ninjutsu. If it can, it means that the five escape ninjutsu are of no use to him, but will supplement it.” His chakra. Although he didn’t show it, I feel mentally that there is a possibility and I should be wary.。”

Itachi, Kakuzu, Kisame, Hidan, and Orochimaru were even more surprised.。

Hidan yelled: “Brother Jue, let’s tell them all. Anyway, it’s already so exaggerated. No matter how exaggerated the strength is, we can still withstand it.”。”

Jue nodded: “He also has a ninjutsu like Starfall or Tornado and a sword ninjutsu like Tutian. One is a range attack and the other is a concentrated attack. Destroying a mountain is as easy as squeezing an ant to death.”……Besides, let’s not talk about his starry sky giant…….”

Payne said coldly: “There is another trick that can hold up an aerial fortress out of thin air.。”

Itachi, Kakuzu, Kisame, Hidan, and Taishimaru had their jaws dropped to the ground.。

Kakuzu said seriously: “I can be considered an older member of the Akatsuki. I was born in the era when the five ninja kingdoms were coexisting. I have seen countless ninjutsu, but I have never heard of such a ninjutsu.。”

Jue: “So we have to re-adjust our evaluation of Bai Ye。

Itachi: “The biggest problem is that these may not be all his strengths. He may also have other mysterious ninjutsu.。”

Payne: “From now on, we will start to change our strategy against Bai Ye. If we can, we will try not to fig

ht. If we must fight, we will fight with as many people as possible. If we are not sure, we will protect ourselves first.”。”




Xiao nodded one by one.。

Then, Pain talked about a plan to unite other ninja villages to besiege Konoha, muddy the waters of the ninja world, and finally fight for the fishermen’s profit.。

“This plan is much better than before! “Orochimaru said。




Everyone at Xiao nodded in agreement.。

Payne: “Then we will implement this plan. The first step is to publicize Byakuya’s strength and threat to all parts of the ninja world as much as possible, so that the major ninja villages will be wary of him!”

Zhongxiao promised: “Yes!”

The next day, the entire ninja world began to spread the story of Byakuya’s battle against the Sora Ninja Zero-Tail.。

Bai Ye’s reputation began to spread. He was a starry sky war god, a devil’s messenger, a violent war god, an apostle of hell, and a pretentious war god…….

Cloud Ninja Village。

On the mountain, a cloud of dust is flying。

Although it was daytime at this time, the clouds were dense and gloomy.。

Onoki held a stack of information about Byakuya’s strength compiled by Huang Tu and looked at it with a gloomy expression.。

Name: Bai Ye

Strength: Shadow level (or has exceeded Shadow level))

Belongs to: Lord of the Immortal Alliance, subordinate to the two villages of Konoha and Kumogakure。

Age: 21

Nickname: Commander Qin, Alliance Leader Qin

Evaluation: Genius is not enough to describe, it can be called amazing talent, and he may have the power to rule the ninja world in the future.。

Jinchūriki: The perfect Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails, who can communicate perfectly with the Nine-Tails and can call upon huge chakra at any time.。

Looking at this long list of skills, Tsuchikage’s heart was filled with excitement.。

He asked Huang Tu next to him: “Is this person really as strong as the information says?”

Huang Tu nodded: “We have sent people to check the battle scene, and it is indeed as strong as shown in the data.。”

“I knew before that he was not a mortal, but I didn’t expect that he actually looked stronger than the originals!”

Onoki scratched his bald head and said in a deep voice。

At this time, Onoki’s first reaction was to get rid of Byakuya.。

If he is really that strong, it will definitely be a big harm to the Earth Ninja Village. In just a short time, Bai Ye has become so strong. If he is given some more time, wouldn’t it mean that he will go to heaven? ! No, he has gone to heaven now。

Therefore, if it can be eliminated, Tsuchikage will definitely eliminate this scourge as soon as possible。

Huang Tu looked at Onoki’s reaction and sighed.。

Onoki has a tough and domineering nature, and has always been dissatisfied with Konoha’s position as the boss in the ninja world. After three ninja wars, he and Konoha have already had a lot of grudges. The Tsuchikage has always wanted to destroy Konoha and make Iwa Ninja Village the number one in the ninja world.。

Now there is a new strong man who is amazingly talented and does not belong to the legend of the ninja world decades ago – Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara.。

No wonder Tsuchikage is so depressed。

Onoki: “Immediately go investigate everything about Byakuya……I want to have all his information。”



Mist Ninja Village。

Water Shadow Office。

Mizukage Terumi Mei also looked at Byakuya’s information, her expression was not very good.。

“Why does such a genius exist in the ninja world? And it’s not among our mist ninjas? “


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