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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 431

Deidara and the Hungry Ghost Road retreated.。

Shen Nong looked at the departing figures of Deidara and Hungry Ghost Road and sneered: “It’s really rubbish, even Bai Ye is afraid of it!”

Shortly after Deidara left with Hungry Ghost Road, Bai Ye rushed over and naturally saw Hungry Ghost Road and Deidara leaving.。

Entering the air fortress, all the way to the center, all the air ninjas passed by were directly destroyed by Bai Ye。

Come to the center。

“Haha, you are finally here, I have been waiting for you for a long time. “Shen Nong looked at Bai Ye like a hunter looking at weak prey.。

Bai Ye looked at the size of the zero tail in surprise, it was at least 10 times larger than the original plot!

Shennong laughed loudly, “Bai Ye, I have been thinking about how to defeat you, and now, I finally found it.。”

“You mean this zero tail? Defeat me? “Bai Ye couldn’t help but roll his eyes.。

“Humph, it seems you don’t believe it anymore, so let me show you the power of Zero Tail! “Shennong roared loudly, Zero Tails transformed into countless tentacles, and attacked Bai Ye, the terror was overwhelming.。

Shikamaru led the newly assembled ninja troops and rushed to the bottom of the sky fortress. Looking at the devastated and smoke-filled destroyed city, he was astonished.。

“It’s so abominable, this Kong Ninja is simply inhumane!”

“Oh my god, how could you kill an entire city?”

The destruction of the city aroused the anger of all ninjas. Although some of these ninjas had nothing to do with the city, they still felt angry.。

Naruto was already furious: “Shikamaru, let’s go up, I must kill these guys!”

Shikamaru: “I want to get there too, but I don’t know how.。

Everyone is silent, the enemy is in the air, they can’t get up at all。

Shikamaru said: “We can only trust Byakuya now.。

Naruto: “Damn it! Next time I must learn a ninjutsu that can make people fly!””

Sasuke was originally hesitant to sign the goshawk’s psychic contract, but now, when he found that he was powerless against the aerial ninja, he finally made up his mind.。

And at this moment


There was a huge explosion in the sky, and one corner of the sky fortress was blown apart.。

At this time, the ninja troops below saw Bai Ye flying out from a distance, and following him were countless black tentacles, constantly waving at Bai Ye, densely packed and terrifying.。

And Shen Nong’s voice became weird and eerie, resounding through the sky。

“quack~~~This is Zero-Tail’s third form. It changes from white to yellow, and then to black. Not only can it absorb people’s chakra, but it can also be exempted from most attacks….Thank you for providing a lot of dark energy, otherwise how could I have cultivated Zero-Tail to this point!”

Bai Ye looked at it coldly and said nothing.。

At this time, Shennong was like a child who got something good and started to show it off.。

“Next, let you see my newly developed ninjutsu!”

At this time, the heads of countless tentacles were all aimed at Bai Ye。

“Death ray!”


All of a sudden, countless laser-like rays formed a large-scale attack and rushed toward Baiye.。

“Haha~go to hell……Forehead……”Shennong’s wild laughter soon stopped, because when those rays hit Bai Ye, they immediately collapsed.。

“Is there anything more powerful? “Bai Ye stood in the sky and laughed.。

“You actually have this ability? “Shennong was shocked。

Nagato, who was in the distance, was also looking at this side, and his heart was filled with confusion: “Why does it look so similar to my own Shinra T


He thought of Bai Ye’s ability to get rid of his own control of all things, and couldn’t help but think of a possibility.。

“He also has the eye of reincarnation?”

“No! This is absolutely impossible! !”

Nagato shook his head in denial, this was absolutely impossible, the samsara eye was an eye that only gods deserved to have. At this time, Nagato did not know that the Rinnegan evolved from the Sharingan. He thought that the Rinnegan was born and was arranged by God to be born in the child of destiny to change the outcome of the ninja world.。

It is precisely because of the Samsara Eye that Nagato feels that he is a god and can do anything!

Therefore, even if he saw Bai Ye in the sky using a strange ability similar to the Samsara Eye, he would not believe that Bai Ye had the Samsara Eye.。

But it’s a pity that Bai Ye has the Star Turning Eye that even surpasses the Samsara Eye. How can the mere Samsara Eye compare?。

At this time, there were new changes in the sky。

Shennong: “I didn’t expect you to be able to block my death ray. It’s really surprising……”

Akatsuki, who was hiding in the dark, rolled his eyes and said: “I’m so surprised. With your little ninjutsu, we can easily dodge it, how can you sit back and watch the sky!””

The following Alliance Ninja also complained:

“This guy must have come from a remote part of the mountain that has never seen the world.。”

“Originally I was going to use this move against Konoha, but now I want you to taste its power first!”

Shennong was still saying proudly。

As Shen Nong’s laughter became more and more sinister, those black tentacles began to twist into a huge tentacle, and the head showed the appearance of Zero Tails’ faceless monster.。

The black energy was condensing and soon formed a huge black ball.。

Shennong chuckled: “This is the ultimate ultimate move that I have always dreamed of, and today I can finally show it to the world!”

The corner of Bai Ye’s lips curled up: “Tailed beast jade? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

By this time, Bai Ye’s chakra had actually been used up.

The Kyuubi’s chakra was also used up a lot, and Nagato Pain’s Six Paths were watching closely nearby, so Byakuya did not use those large-scale ninjutsu. But now, Shen Nong actually wants to use the Tailed Beast Jade to deal with him. This is simply a feast of energy sent to him.。

Shen Nong thought Bai Ye was scared, so he even shouted proudly。

“go to hell!”

With Shen Nong’s roar, the tailed beast jade suddenly broke away from the faceless monster’s mouth and shot toward Bai Ye.。

At this moment, wherever the Tailed Beast Jade went, the sea of clouds rolled and black light danced wildly, showing a terrifying momentum.。

The white night faced each other head on, and the terrible and harsh sound tore through the air, rolling in and roaring like a tide, endless and powerful.。

The tailed beast jade has not yet arrived, and the wind is blowing in the sky, and the hair is flying all over the sky.。

Byakuya pulled out Samehada from behind, but Samehada whined and didn’t dare to take it. It was obvious that the tailed beast jade had exceeded its endurance limit and would cause indigestion. Bai Ye has a black line on his face, puts it back on his back, and loses the chain at the critical moment。

At this time, the Tailed Beast Jade had reached 2 meters in front of Bai Ye, and was about to kill Bai Ye to the ground before his eyes.。

The Konoha ninja troops broke out in cold sweat.。

And in their eyes, Bai Ye stretched out his right hand.


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