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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 430

“I didn’t expect you to be so powerful!” Pain stared at Bai Ye, and Bai Ye surprised him more and more.。

“snort! “Bai Ye’s feet suddenly exerted force, and his five fingers clenched into fists. With a fierce fist wind, he hit Payne.

Not to be outdone, Payne fought back.

In the air, the air was slightly agitated, like gold and iron. The impact of the confrontation exploded, and the terrifying force spread out between the two like a torrent, and the surrounding ground shattered and hung in the air. Suddenly,

Bai Ye was stunned, and was punched by Payne, but he was still flying. Unscathed.

At this time, Byakuya Tensei saw 7 kilometers away. Konoha’s ninja troops were under fierce attack, and more than half of them had been killed or injured.。

“Shura Path, Animal Path, Deidara, Scorpion, A Fei, Jue…..”Bai Ye suddenly became angry。,

“I discovered it, so far away! “Penn was secretly shocked.。

“I won’t play with you anymore! “Flying straight into the sky during the white night, ready to go to support。

“Don’t run! “Penn shouted from behind, standing in front and trying to stop him.。

“Get out of here! ”

Bai Ye yelled angrily, and rushed towards the place where Payne was. He struck out with a palm, spinning wildly, whistling, and creating a terrifying and majestic momentum. Boom~~


was directly pressed to the ground. , a big character lay on the ground, and a huge palm print appeared directly on the ground 10 meters around.

Bai Ye left quickly, driving to the maximum speed, and a gust of wind blew up in the air, and the roar of the air was heard far away.

2 minutes later, Bai Ye rushed arrived at the scene.

At this time, the battlefield was littered with corpses, and Akatsuki was wreaking havoc.

Baiye glanced coldly at the Akatsuki crowd。

“Starry eyes, open!”

“Hoshizora Susana appears! ”

A huge giant of thirty or forty meters tall, covered in starlight, stood across the battlefield, majestic and domineering.。

“Holy shit! Why is he here! ” Deidara was so frightened that he quickly drove the flying bird to rise rapidly.。

“Nima……”Scorpion shook his hand, and the puppet next to him stabbed him directly with a needle. The toxin was activated and the pain was so painful that he was dying.

A Fei was startled and quickly turned into a blur and disappeared on the ground.。

“Is this the leader of the White Night Alliance?”

“God, so powerful! ”

The ninjas who were originally defeated felt greatly boosted in confidence at this moment.。

“snort! Want to run? ! “Bai Ye snorted coldly, like the clash of gold and stone, and to some people’s ears it was like an explosion.

A simple long knife appeared and swung in the direction of the fleeing Xion. The red light sword energy swept across, and Xion didn’t resist at all. With no room left, the shell was directly chopped into pieces all over the sky.

Scorpion, seriously injured!

Deidara was frightened and fled even faster.

At this time, the animal path commanded the big lobster, split dog, Yatagarasu, and rhinoceros…..Rushing towards the white night.

For a time, the momentum was high and everyone was panicked.

All Konoha ninjas couldn’t help but worry about Byakuya who was besieging the center.

However, Bai Ye roared loudly, soaring into the sky and rolling the clouds. Susanoo suddenly rose five meters taller, and the golden light became even brighter, like fiery red magma about to erupt.

The long sword in his hand suddenly stretched out, and the energy was like a rainbow, suddenly cutting through the sky and sweeping across all the psychic beasts.

Sharp and unobstructed!

Just like cutting tofu!

These beastly psychic beasts, which had not suffered any damage from numerous ninja attacks, were cut open in

the air and turned into white smoke and disappeared into the air.

The battlefield was silent, and everyone looked at Bai Ye.

It’s too strong!

Kakashi was half-kneeling on the ground. The crisis just now caused his Sharingan to successfully activate the divine power, causing his body to be consumed rapidly. However, at this time, most of his mind was on Byakuya, and he sighed in his heart.

At this time, the Beast Path and the Shura Path fled quickly, and the Shura Path even shot countless rockets and laser bombs at Bai Ye while fleeing, trying to stop Bai Ye’s actions.。

“snort! “Byakuya ignored it directly. An attack of this level could not even break Susan’s outer shell, or even the outer protective clothing, and it was difficult to scratch. Susan’s red light flashed, and the

red sword light swept across, and he had left. The animal path and Shura path of more than 800 meters were directly cut into ashes.

A Fei shrank his eyes and left quickly. Who knew that Bai Ye had some strange moves on him.

At this time, Deidara no longer knew where to escape, and Zetsu had already Entering the land, there was no trace.

Bai Ye searched around, but couldn’t find it in the end, so he had no choice but to give up.

At this time, the surviving ninjas had begun to cheer, having narrowly escaped death, and their own side had beaten the opponent to pieces.

Morale Great news!

Everyone looked at the majestic figure in the sky with feverish eyes.

Byakuya canceled Susana state, landed, and came to Kakashi’s side. At this time, Sakura was treating Kakashi.

Kakashi: ” What to do next? Over there in the sky…..”

At this time, Kakashi felt that his body could no longer hold up, and Byakuya became the only backbone of the unit.

Byakuya thought for a while, “Let Neji and Shikamaru organize the troops. I’ll go first. You can come over later.”

Neji and Shikamaru are considered the most mature jounin in the entire team except Kakashi. Leave it to them.

This time, Bai Ye no longer concealed himself, and flew away in the eyes of everyone.。

“Who wants to keep fighting? ”

Shikamaru, Neji received Kakashi’s order and began to gather ninjas who could continue to fight.。


“I! ”

The morale of each ninja is high and they are actively participating. Even the injured ninjas are not far behind and actively sign up.。


At this time, Deidara returned to the Sky Fortress in embarrassment.

At this time, although Hungry Ghost Path tried several times to absorb Zero-Tail’s chakra, after Shennong discovered the secret of Hungry Ghost Path, he began to use physical attacks with tentacles, resulting in Hungry Ghost Path’s failure to suppress Zero-Tail…….,

which made Shen Nong feel more and more that his strength was already at the peak of the ninja world. Even the leader of Akatsuki could not help him. As long as he grew a few points stronger, he would be invincible.

At this time, Deidara came back. When Shen Nong saw Deidara’s embarrassment, he became even more proud and couldn’t help laughing.。

“Ha ha~~~The garbage fruit is garbage. It can’t even deal with the opponent’s ninja. You still want me to join Akatsuki? You should go back and practice for a few more years. Of course, if you join my men, I will reluctantly accept you. ”

Deidara yelled angrily, thinking that I was crushed by Bai Ye because he was so powerful. How dare you, a scumbag, challenge me?

“I want you to taste the power of my art! ”

At this time, Hungry Ghost Road stopped Deidara: “Bai Ye will come over immediately, let Bai Ye deal with this guy.

Deidara laughed loudly upon hearing this: “Let Bai Ye deal with him? ” What a great idea. ”

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