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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 428

“Looking at your clothes, are you from Akatsuki?”

Shen Nong looked at the red cloud and black robes worn by Deidara and others and asked。

“Eh? Do you know Xiao?”

Deidara was a little surprised. Hasn’t this Shennong left the ninja world for many, many years? The establishment of Xiao should be after him. How did he know about Xiao?

“Huh, I have been working with Orochimaru for so long, I must know you. But your uniforms are really ugly! Ha ha ha ha! ! !”

Shen Nong laughed crazily.。

Everyone in Akatsuki looked at fools。

“Huh, tell me, what do you want to do here?”

Shennong said coldly。

“The main purpose of our coming here this time is to invite you, Shennong, to join Xiaoyao。”

Jue said in a deep voice。

“Hahaha! to join you guys? Did I hear that correctly? Just because you losers who have been defeated time and time again by Bai Ye still want me to join? I won’t team up with a bunch of rubbish!”

Shen Nong snorted disdainfully.。

“What? ! How dare you call us trash? Say it again if you have the guts!”

Deidara shouted angrily, what he hated most was that others looked down on him.。

“Say it again? You can say it a hundred times. You rubbish, rubbish, rubbish! ! how? Angry? Dare you be angry with trash? Hahaha! !”

Shennong didn’t take these people seriously at all. Now he has obtained the zero position, and after many years of research, he has mastered the powerful body activation technique, which can elevate his body to an extremely powerful state. Both speed, power and recovery ability are dozens of times that of ordinary ninjas!

He is no longer what he used to be. In addition, he has always heard about Xiao’s failures these days, so he naturally has no respect for Xiao.。

“Since I can’t destroy this place, let me beat him up!”

Kisame really wanted to destroy this place, but without Pain, he could only use taijutsu to attack that Shennong.。

The two people fought together instantly。

The result is obvious。

Kisame’s body flew back faster than he went out, hit the wall, and opened a big hole in the wall.。

“Haha, I already told you that you are hot chickens, you can’t even block my punch, you weak chickens!”

Shennong looked at Xiao and others with disdain, and smiled coldly.。


Xie snorted coldly, and under his control, a dozen puppets rushed towards Shennong.。

But Shennong was obviously much faster than the puppets. He punched one at a time and smashed the puppets into pieces in the air.。

“Rubbish, rubbish, all rubbish!”

Two consecutive victories made Shen Nong even more inflated. In his eyes, the current Akatsuki were just a group of weaklings who were praised by others.。

But at this moment, suddenly!

Shennong saw the figure of Kisame lying on the ground swaying and disappearing. Immediately afterwards, he felt a pain in his back. Kisame was standing behind him, with several steel needles in his hands, inserting them into the ground. on his back。

And the pleasure in his body disappeared in an instant. ..

“Why is this happening!”

Shennong exclaimed。

“Your form is similar to the thunder attribute chakra activation technique of the guys in Hidden Cloud Village. It just uses chakra to activate the body to improve the body’s ability. I just blocked your acu

puncture points and that’s it. You have too many flaws。”

Kisame said sinisterly, the first time he fought was to feel the true power of this guy。

“Hehehe, it’s my turn now! Art is an explosion! drink!”

Deidara laughed, and seven or eight spiders jumped out of his hands, quickly arrived in front of Shennong, and then exploded!

The scale of the explosion was perfectly controlled by Deidara. It only hit Shennong but did not damage the Sky Fortress at all.。

“I don’t believe you’re still alive!”

Deidara hummed confidently。

Sure enough, as the smoke from the explosion cleared, a bald old man walked out of it。

“I still underestimate you, but don’t think you can defeat me just like this!”

Shennong, who turned into an old man, stared at the few people hatefully, then rushed to the side, opened a secret door, and instantly disappeared into the narrow and slender passage.。

“You can’t run away!”

Xiao and the others hurriedly followed, and finally came to the room where Zero Tail was being held.。

But as soon as they entered the room, they felt as if all the chakra in their bodies had left their bodies and was being sucked out continuously!

“Chakra is actually absorbed here!”

Deidara exclaimed。

At this moment, in the sky outside, the white night is coming!

“All things are attracted by heaven!”

But at this moment, a loud shout came from somewhere in the sky, and Bai Ye’s body was instantly pulled down!

“Holy shit, who used this move? !”

Bai Ye hurriedly controlled his body to regain balance, and instantly opened his Star Turning Eyes。

Directly getting rid of the samsara eye technique and floating in the sky。

“Um? Why is it that there are still people in this world who can resist my all-encompassing force and still be fine? impossible!”

Payne, who was standing on the ground, scratched his hair and looked at the white night in the sky.。

“I didn’t expect it to be you, Payne.。”

Bai Ye fell to the ground, looked at Payne in front of him, frowned and said。

Byakuya had already used his Star Turning Eyes and Seeing Color Haki to completely perceive the surrounding area. He was very sure that there was only Yahiko in front of him here, and there were no other clones.。

“It shouldn’t be. Logically speaking, if Pain comes out so far, Nagato should follow him, otherwise chakra cannot be transmitted that far.。”

Bai Ye searched carefully again, and finally found Konan and Nagato in a cave ten kilometers away.。

“Bai Ye, your strength is really amazing.。”

Payne secretly used the Ten Thousand Elements and Reincarnation Life several times, but they were unable to affect the white night in front of him.。

At this time, Xiaozhong in the Sky Fortress finally saw Shennong.。

Similarly, I also saw Zero-Tail。

“What is this thing, why does it look so strange!”

Deidara frowned and said。

“Haha, despite his strange appearance, his strength is unparalleled in the world! This will let you hot chicks see the power of me and Zero-Tail!”

Shen Nong roared wildly, and countless black energy emerged from his body, which was instantly absorbed by the zero position. Then, countless shots began to extend from Zero Tails’ body, dragging Shen Nong inside, and the beast and the person were instantly integrated!


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