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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 425

Soon, 20,000 flying ninjas arrived over the land and flew towards Konoha inland.。

Of course, with so many things flying in the sky, even a grasshopper would attract people’s attention, let alone a person hundreds of times larger.。

The ninjas guarding the border hurriedly contacted the village of Konoha and reported what happened here to the Hokage.。

“Could the ninja who can fly be the air ninja from decades ago?”

The third generation Sarutobi Hiruzen suddenly remembered something and exclaimed。

“Immediately contact the Sunagakure ninjas stationed in this village and ask them to coordinate with us Konoha ninjas to conduct an aerial investigation!”

Thanks to the establishment of Byakuya’s Immortal Alliance headquarters in Konoha, Sunagakure Village, which is negotiating to join, just came here to show its sincerity and equipped a thousand-man troop that can control sand to make people fly.。

And through these days of hard work, they have now cooperated very well with the Alliance Ninjas.。

Soon, thousands of ninjas flew into the sky above Konoha, flying towards the outside of the village.。

The result is very obvious。

It’s just that although the quality of the thousands-strong Konoha troops is higher, the opponent has too many ninjutsu.。

In just half an hour, he was killed and half wounded by the Sora Ninja. In desperation, Minato had no choice but to order everyone to hide in the house and not come out.。

Only these high-level officials stood on the city wall and looked at the battlefield in the sky.。

The white night comes naturally。

He really didn’t expect that this Kong Ninja would be so good at choosing the right time. He had just recovered and they came to train him.。

“Bai Ye, I can only rely on you this time。”

On the side, Tsunade said without giving him a good look.。

Byakuya is also very helpless towards this Princess Tsunade. It seems that she has not offended her very much. This Tsunade has never given her a good look.。

“Okay, just watch it。”

Bai Ye said lazily. Ever since the shocking battle with Madara Uchiha, looking at these little fights now, it feels like playing house.。

Byakuya jumped up and flew into the sky, standing opposite those empty ninjas.。

“Whoever comes, please tell me your name!”

A Sora Ninja asked。

“Are you worthy of letting me tell you your name? go to hell!”

Bai Ye didn’t even raise his eyelids, he formed a seal with one hand, and instantly fired two ninjutsus.。

“The wind escapes the pressure!”

“Fire escape! The art of dragon flame!”

“Boom boom boom! ! ! !”

The power of two ordinary ninjutsu in Byakuya’s hands was comparable to that of the tailed beast jade. In just a blink of an eye, those empty ninjas killed nearly a thousand people!

“Is he already so powerful?”

Looking at the incomparable white night above, the Fourth Raikage was stunned.。

Once upon a time, I fought against this man, but now it seems that I can’t even block his attacks.。

Everyone else has almost the same thought.。

In another direction of Konoha, the chief messenger of this air raid, Shen Nong, stared at the white night in the sky, his eyes almost turned into cross-eyes.。

“Who is this guy? When did Konoha have such a strong person?”

This time he came to attack Konoha, but he was fully prepared.。

It’s just that he didn’t get the information in advance. The ninja world now is very different from when they left…….

“No, this person must have a weakness if he is so strong! Once I have de

tailed information about him, this recovery operation will definitely be successful!”

Shen Nong thought of the Zero-Tail he was training in his sky fortress, and his confidence greatly increased.。

With Byakuya’s action taking away the opponent’s limelight, those Kong Ninjas were quickly defeated.。

With the help of Tsunade and Minato, these ninjas quickly fled in disgrace. Konoha even organized a counterattack。

However, the Kong Ninjas came prepared this time. According to their plan, Konoha was indeed powerless to resist.。

It’s a pity now……With the Immortal Alliance, which can be regarded as composed of the three countries, their lineup is not that good.。

The ninjas from both sides fought in the air, and Naruto, Sasuke and other young generals also took the opportunity to show their brilliance. After a day and night of fierce fighting, all the Kong Ninjas in Konoha Village were wiped out, and Konoha’s casualties were less than one-third of the opponent’s, which can be regarded as a complete victory.。

But other places are not so lucky.。

The other small villages along the coast of the Fire Country were all destroyed by the Kong Ninjas.。

Those who survived the Fire Nation were all kidnapped by Kong Ninja and imprisoned on an abandoned island. Through a mysterious tunnel, these people were imprisoned in cells of underground steel bunkers, and those on the walls of the cells The black runes are the ultimate device used to absorb human negative energy and strengthen the zero position.。

This steel bunker is the ultimate weapon that Kong Ninja has been researching for decades. Unfortunately, he was kicked out before he could use it, so he had to be buried here.。

“The negative energy provided by the people captured from the Land of Fire this time is enough to resurrect Zero, allowing us to dominate the ninja world.。”

Shennong was sitting in the hall of the steel bunker, listening to the reports from his men.。

This zero tail is a war weapon they made by imitating other tailed beasts. Its energy source is not chakra, but relies on the darkness in human hearts.。

After hearing enough useless words from his men, Shennong walked out and reached a door in the corner.。

Opening the door, the four walls inside are covered with various spells. In the middle of the room, there is a creature wrapped in a film and hung up.。

The face of this creature is extremely weird, as if it is wearing a mask, and it seems that it has no face at all.。

This thing is the ultimate weapon developed by Kong Ninja before, zero tail。

It’s just that at this moment it’s still in control and sleeping.。

If you really give it enough time to develop, maybe he can really become a terrifying existence even comparable to the Nine-Tails.。

It’s a pity that Shennong now doesn’t have that patience anymore.。

With Shennong’s control, the steel fortress that had been dormant underground for decades began to operate, and soon broke out of the ground and flew into the air.。

“I can’t wait any longer! Untouchables of the Fire Nation! Hand over your lives!”

Shen Nong laughed wildly, and the functions inside the steel fortress began to operate, grabbing all the humans in the way, and then converted them into energy through the sigils and supplied them to Zero Tails.。

“It’s so boring. Is there nothing to do?~”

Bai Ye lay lazily on the Hokage Rock and complained.。

“Lord Byakuya! problem occurs!”

At this moment, Kakashi’s voice suddenly came from below.


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