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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 420

“Haha, do you think there is anyone else who is my opponent in the ninja world today? Besides, even if they have some conspiracy, if they can’t defeat me and I want to run away, no one can stop me.。”

Bai Ye laughed and said nonchalantly, but Bai Ye was very touched by how much these people cared about his emotions.。

If anyone else can pose a threat to him, it would be Madara Uchiha or Kaguya Otirigi.。

And it’s impossible for them to be resurrected now。


In Akatsuki’s base。

At this moment, the huge fingers of the heretic demon statue were filled with people, including Kakuzu, Deidara and Kisame!

But if you look carefully, you will see that although they have smart eyes and the same attitude as always, their strength has been greatly reduced.。

“You guys actually died so easily. Even I can’t bear the vitality required to resurrect a person. Only by using the art of elephant rotation and a trace of the natural power of reincarnation can you be resurrected in this state, but Even this takes a toll on my energy.。”

Above the head of the heretic demon, Payne shouted angrily, but the weakness in his eyes was extremely obvious.。

“I didn’t expect that Bai Ye was so powerful. It was my miscalculation.。”

Kakuzu said calmly, but the panic in his eyes could not be concealed no matter what.。

After all, Bai Ye’s terrifying eye power is really impressive. He has a feeling that even if he escapes to the ends of the earth and another space, he can’t get rid of that locked feeling.。

“Orochimaru, tell me why you were the only one who survived this operation.。”

Payne looked at Orochimaru, the suspicion in his eyes was very obvious.。

“This body of mine is about to reach its limit. I spent a lot of chakra to summon the first and second generations that day, which has already exhausted me. If Brother Kakuto hadn’t helped me delay, I would probably have died too.。”

Orochimaru waved his hand, looking like he was trying his best.。

He had his own calculations in mind, so he didn’t say anything more.。

Pain also knew that Orochimaru was hiding something, but now was the time to employ people, so he didn’t care about it.。

“I went to Taki Ninja Village to check and found that the Seven-Tailed Jinchuuriki was gone, taken away by Byakuya. So the plan to capture Nanao may be interrupted. But I’m curious why there is a huge ravine thousands of meters long and hundreds of meters wide outside Taki Ninja Village.。”

Jue said with some doubts。

“Don’t look at me. There was absolutely no such ravine as you mentioned before I died.。”

Kakuzu saw that Pain actually looked at him, and quickly waved his hand and said。

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter anymore. With the power of the first generation and the second generation, any battle with Bai Ye is possible. Not now we have a chance. There was a mysterious guy who asked me to cooperate a few days ago. He wanted to hunt down Bai Ye.。”


When Kakuzu heard this word, he almost laughed out loud due to his indifferent character.。

Who else in the ninja world would be so arrogant as to say that he wanted to kill Byakuya? The most important thing is that his leader actually believes it!

Not only Kakuzu, but also the other members of the Akatsuki organization at this moment were all suppressing their laughter, secretly cursing the mysterious person for being crazy.。

Even if they have never fought against Bai Ye head-on, through the deaths of their

companions, they can understand that the opponent’s strength has probably surpassed the average shadow level. What kind of idiot would want to hunt down a person who has surpassed the shadow level? Super powerful person?

This is as if at the beginning of the establishment of Ninja Village, an unknown little person came out and said that he wanted to challenge Senju Hashirama in a duel. It makes people laugh.。

“Although this plan seems stupid, it is actually very stupid, but it is also an opportunity. Since he can let Bai Ye be alone, we can also take the opportunity to test his trump card.。”

Orochimaru analyzed rationally.。

“Okay, so the plan is set. Wait until tomorrow, let the few rebel ninjas who have taken refuge with us in the past few days take the lead, and then we……”

It is not without reason that Sunagakure Village can be called the most barren area in the ninja world.。

The endless desert paired with the scorching sun is like a huge steamer。

Those rebel ninjas who wanted to take advantage of the war between the Akatsuki organization and the Immortal Alliance were directed by the Akatsuki to the places they must pass by Byakuya. At this moment, they were all as hot as if they were cooked, and they were constantly complaining.。

“You’re so fucked up, why did you ambush me in this godforsaken place?”

A rebel ninja from Iwagakure Village cursed carelessly.。

“Okay, isn’t this kind of place just right?”

A ninja who didn’t know which village he was from, but had a very strange glow on his body said with a smile. It seemed that being in a place like this was particularly beneficial to his special physique.。

“The bosses assigned us here for a reason. Think about it, that Byakuya can actually defeat the boss Kisame on the water, then his water escape must be very powerful. Of course we were right to choose a place without water.。”

A fat man who looked like the leader of these people spoke.。

“But isn’t that ghost boy also very powerful in fire escape? The boss of Kakuzu died under his fire escape. This poor place is also good for him.。”

The rebel Iwagakure still protested.。

“That Bai Ye, according to the intelligence, was capable of water escape, fire escape, thunder escape, and wind escape. But I didn’t see him use fire escape. We choose this place, Earth Escape is the real highlight!”

“Everyone, please stop arguing. We all know what you and I are thinking. No one is convinced by anyone, everyone wants to show their abilities and then enter the Akatsuki organization and become a formal member. But everything must be done after we kill Bai Ye。”

The fat man said, and sure enough, after he finished speaking, everyone in the room fell silent and disappeared. Quietly waiting for the arrival of the white night。

Qin Feng was walking on the road at this time, with his domineering power unfolding, and everything within a radius of dozens of kilometers was clearly perceived by him.。

Pity those unlucky ones who thought they wouldn’t be able to see them during the night if they were hidden.。

“oh? Are there just a few rookies?”

Bai Ye looked at the energy fluctuations emanating from the sand dunes not far away, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised.。

This was the time for Bai Ye to show off his acting skills. He walked slowly, moving forward with difficulty like a snail.。

The journey that was originally a few minutes ended with him dragging it to half an hour!


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