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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 419

Senju Hashirama and Senju Hirama couldn’t help but sigh when they saw the power exerted by Bai Ye.

After shooting Kakuzu through the heart with an arrow, Byakuya started chatting with the two previous Hokage, and explained in detail the current situation of the ninja world and his own abilities, especially when the Taoist organization began to capture tailed beasts. The two Hokages frowned.

But before they could wrinkle up for long, confetti began to fly out of their bodies, and their bodies began to collapse.。

“It seems that the caster must have lifted the forbidden spell of reincarnation from the dirty earth. We are going to be ruined, but I believe we will definitely meet again by chance. I just hope that the next time we meet we won’t be in this state. ”

Senju Hashirama said with a smile, waved his hand, and the two bodies began to gradually disappear.

Byakuya watched the two people leave, and then the Seven-Tailed Jinchurifu not far away came over with a curious expression.。

“Those two people just looked so powerful. Are you familiar with them?”

“They two are…

Qin Feng had just opened his mouth and before he could finish his words, at this moment, from a distance, the senior officials of Taki Ninja Village came running over.

shouted to Bai Ye。

“white night! This time because of you, our Taki Ninja Village suffered heavy losses! You Immortal Alliance must give me an explanation!”

“Explain? ”

Bai Ye, who was still a little happy at first, turned dark instantly.。

“Starfire falls and explodes! ”

Qin Feng snorted coldly, and endless starry sky flames suddenly appeared in his eyes, converging into a huge whirlwind in his hands. He threw it casually, and the huge starfire whirlwind suddenly flew out and headed outside. Sweeping out, countless trees and forests were swept away like fallen leaves, and then turned into fragments in the air and shattered!

A large amount of soil was dug out, forming a huge ravine and slamming into the high mountain behind that had been protecting Taki Ninja Village.。

“Boom! ! ! ! ”

In an instant, the earth shook and collapsed, and countless amounts of dust flew up!

After the dust dispersed, a gap hundreds of meters wide suddenly appeared in the mountains. The ravine started from Bai Ye’s feet. Through the mountains to the sky!

“this…this! ! ! ”

The high-ranking ninjas of Taki Ninja Village and the ninjas who were watching or watching were all dumbfounded. They looked blankly at the terrifying scene caused by Bai Ye’s casual wave of his hand. The fear on his face could not be concealed at all, and he could not even say a word. I can’t even speak complete words.。

“This is my explanation, are you satisfied? ”

Bai Ye brushed off the droplets from what he just said and said coldly.。


The droplets stuttered for a long time, but they didn’t dare to come again.。

“Wow, Bai Ye, why are you so powerful! “Fu on the side didn’t seem to care about other opinions at all, with countless stars worshiping Bai Ye in her eyes.。.

“Do you also want to be so powerful? Then join our Immortal Alliance. I will give you the position of leader. Not only can you command thousands of ninjas, but there are also ninjas who are as powerful as me. They are very willing to teach you ninjutsu. ”

Bai Ye smiled like the moon and said with a smile。

“That’s great! ”

Fu Ru was

like a seven or eight-year-old girl who jumped up happily when she saw the doll.。


Fei Mo and others on the side were very angry. After all, Fu was the only Jinchuuriki in their village. How could he join the Immortal Alliance? But when they thought of Bai Ye’s terrifying moves just now, they didn’t dare to speak.

In the end, they could only watch Bai Ye take Fu away.。

“Damn it! ! Damn damn it! ! ”

After Bai Ye left, Fei Mo finally roared uncontrollably.。

“Sir, this may be of some benefit to us. If Fu still stays here, those Akatsuki people will probably come again. If he goes to Bai Ye’s territory, it will be of great benefit to himself and the village. ”

A senior official of Taki Ninja Village thought for a while and said。

“Yes, Master Fei Mo. This will also allow Akatsuki’s people to go all out to deal with that Immortal Alliance, which will only bring benefits to us and no disadvantages. ”

Another senior member of Taki Ninja Village also said flatteringly.。

“Alas, now we have to accept the reality. ”

Fei Mo sighed helplessly, nodded, and then turned his eyes to the terrifying scene created by Bai Ye. Is

this really possible with human power? And it was only done by one person, even if The first-generation ninjas back then didn’t necessarily have such terrifying power, right?

Even if they drank the magical water of heroes, they definitely couldn’t do it.

It seems that they and others have been closed off for too long, and they can’t follow. We have moved on with the times.

After Bai Ye settled Fu, he suddenly received a very unexpected news。

“The first mission our Immortal Mercenary Alliance received? ”

Bai Ye sat in the huge office, looked at a scroll on his desk, and raised his eyebrows.

Just after he came back, he saw Tsunade and the three and four generations sitting around here. It turned out that in three days Before, an unknown person suddenly sent a few million taels of gold and a note, which specified that Bai Ye would be a mercenary to escort a big shot to the Kingdom of Sand. And these millions of taels of gold were only Just a deposit。

“Interesting, really interesting. Bai

Ye looked at the contents of the scroll and said with a smile.。

“We also think it’s quite interesting. Why bother the leader of the alliance with this kind of thing? We can just go to one of them. ”

Sarutobi Hiruzen also chuckled. It’s not that they are arrogant. In fact, in today’s ninja world, they are among the top ranks.。

“No, since I have been designated to go, of course I will go. After all, if someone comes to die, how can I accept his life without giving him face? ”

Bai Ye said meaningfully, with a sparkle in his eyes.。

“Could it be?…”,

the Fourth Raikage suddenly thought of something at the side。

“Humph, I have long said that this mission is very strange. Now that the ninja world is in such chaos, how can anyone put up a deposit equivalent to the annual income of the five major countries combined. I didn’t expect that someone would target our Immortal Alliance. It’s like living to the end! ”

Tsunade on the side snorted coldly.。

“I also think it’s better to be careful. It’s most likely done by Akatsuki’s people. They should be targeting the Kyuubi in your body. ”

Jiraiya analyzed it very calmly._To

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