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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 415

“Let’s handle these things slowly in the future. Now that the two villages have just formed an alliance, there are still many things that need your help.”

Tsunade smiled at Jiraiya. Since returning this time Later, she gained new perspectives on many things, and naturally developed a good impression of Jiraiya.

The two smiled at each other and walked into the office.

After that battle, the entire ninja world fell into silence, just like the calm before the storm. Bai Ye immediately went into seclusion after returning that day. That battle made his sky-grabbing hand upgrade again. Shao, there are already five levels now.

Deidara refused to listen no matter what he said, so he let him go.

On this day, while Bai Ye was meditating boredly in the house, he suddenly saw a white snake lying on his door.

The white snake, neither big nor small, crawled directly in front of Bai Ye, opened its mouth, and spit out a note.。

“The next target of the Akatsuki organization is the Seven-Tailed Jinchuuriki of Taki Ninja Village. At that time, we will dispatch half of our manpower. It depends on whether you dare to come.。——Orochimaru stayed. ”

Looking at the contents of the note, Bai Ye smiled lightly.。

“Provoking or testing? It doesn’t matter, you are all dead anyway. In the face of real power, everything is empty. ”

Baku Ye hesitated for a while, but still chose to go.

He didn’t care at all whether the Nanao was taken away, it was all within his plan.

Using the Akatsuki organization as the trigger, the five major countries were hit one after another. Then he took action to recover all these people and incorporated them into his alliance, and then killed the people who killed Xiao, upgraded his own skill of Seizing the Sky, and when the Seizing Hand reaches the tenth level, he can get the yin and yang mark of the six paths. , this is almost over。

“Whoever doesn’t will have a grandson. ”

Writing a new note and stuffing it into the snake’s mouth, Bai Ye sneered.

The white snake instantly turned into smoke and disappeared, while Orochimaru, who was flying thousands of kilometers away, looked at the note in his hand. My face is almost turning green with anger。

“This time we must kill Bai Ye! Deidara

roared angrily. It was a great shame for him to be let go as if he was being looked down upon.

He would rather die in Bai Ye’s hands than suffer such an insult, so as soon as he returned to the organization, He joined the action in Taki Ninja Village。

“Kisame died in his hands, why didn’t you? Have you surrendered to him? ”

Orochimaru said angrily from the side. After joining the Akatsuki organization, his little plans have never stopped. He will do anything to break up the differences. But it is obviously all in vain


“Is it? I heard that you, Orochimaru, seemed to have been with him before, so why are you still standing here fine now? ” Deidara said sarcastically, and Orochimaru’s face darkened.

The scene fell into silence. This trip was a team composed of Orochimaru, Angle and Duan.。

“I wonder if you have ever seen Uchiha Madara? ”

Orochimaru suddenly said this.。

“Uchiha Madara? I have not seen. But I have fought against Senju Hashirama before. ”

Angle said from the side。

“Okay, let’s not talk about your record of being instantly killed by others as soon as you came out. ”

Orochimaru rolled his eyes. He had heard about the angle at least a hundred times, and his ears were about to get calluses.

Wasn’t it because he met Hashirama once on the battlefield, and he didn’t wait for the seal to be formed? After completing it, he was beaten to death by a wooden escaper. It was that opportunity that allowed him to learn the art of immortality, and from then on he had five attributes and five hearts.。

“I heard that he was also a super strong man, but he was born at the wrong time. ”

Deidara sighed from the side. He also admired those super ninjas very much.。

“oh? It seems like they don’t know about Uchiha Madara’s existence. Orochimaru

thought inwardly. In the past few days, he had asked almost all the people in the Akatsuki organization. Without exception, they all seemed not to know that Uchiha Madara had been resurrected. Black Zetsu and

Uchiha What is Madara planning? Why doesn’t even Akatsuki’s leader Payne know about it? Black Zetsu is just a member, why doesn’t Payne know about him?

Orochimaru is very sure at this moment that Payne, a seemingly powerful figure In fact, he is not that smart. He has been kept in the dark all this time.。

“It looks like there will be a lot of good shows to watch in the future. ”

Orochimaru sneered inwardly. He didn’t care about anything. Anyway, as long as he could see things that interested him, even if the world was destroyed, it would have nothing to do with him.。

“Based on the investigation and analysis these days, I concluded that that white night seemed to have some kind of predatory power, the ability to transfer the power of those it defeated to itself. Therefore, we must be careful not to let him find an opportunity and be robbed of our strength. ”

Jiao Jiao said suddenly. He has done a lot of homework about Bai Ye these days, but the more he investigates, the more frightened he becomes. Compared with his ability to plunder the heart, Bai Ye’s power seems more terrifying.。

“I think should not be? ? ”

Orochimaru and Deidara were panicking at this moment. They had both been defeated by Byakuya before. Did he take the opportunity to take away their power? They didn’t know. Just these few people

. While heading to Taki Ninja Village, Konoha’s Immortal Alliance headquarters exploded again.。

“What? ! ? Commander Qin disappeared again? ”

The three shadow-level figures sat together and listened to the reports of the people below, all with dark expressions on their faces. Obviously there are still

so many things to deal with in the alliance, and they even negotiated with Sunagakure Village to let them join the Immortal Alliance meeting. It was about to begin, and at this critical moment, as the leader of the alliance, he disappeared without any movement. How could they not be upset?。

“Ah sneeze! Who cursed me again! ”

Byakuya, who was heading to Takinin Village, suddenly sneezed.

Looking at the map, he was only a little away from Takinin Village at this moment.

Although he set off later than Orochimaru and others, Byakuya was in control. His speed increased greatly after flying thunder god and teleportation.

Taki Ninja Village is located at the junction of Konoha Village and Iwagakure Village. It is surrounded by four other countries. There are many waterfalls in the country, and the people who enter the village The only passage is also covered by a large waterfall, which is one of the reasons why their small country living in the mezzanine has not been annexed._To

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