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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 412

“Who are you? !”

Deidara was shocked when he saw that there was someone in the alliance who could fly in the sky.。

“white night! I am the leader of the Immortal Alliance! Deidara, suffer death!”

Bai Ye laughed, and the simple long sword in his hand immediately appeared. Light flashed in Duotian’s hand, and the sword was instantly covered with strange starry flames. It looked so majestic.。

“You’re a fool, let’s see how I kill you!”

Deidara didn’t show any weakness, he stretched out his hand and a bunch of bomb birds flew out, blasting towards Byakuya.。

The two of them started chasing each other and fighting in the sky.。

Unfortunately, Deidara soon fell into a disadvantage.。

“damn it! Why does this person’s chakra seem to be infinite!”

Deidara had a bitter look on his face. He had obviously prepared everything to drag this man to death. After all, his ability to fly relied solely on the power of secret techniques, which did not consume a lot of chakra.。

The man in front of him obviously used chakra and combined it with some kind of ninjutsu to force him to fly. Logically speaking, the other party should be dragged to death by him first.。

But now that all his chakra has been depleted, and the man opposite him not only shows no signs of depletion, but is getting more energetic as he fights? !

This makes him unable to understand。

Just kidding, there is a Nine-Tails in Byakuya’s body. The Nine-Tails’ chakra is almost unlimited. This consumption can only continuously stimulate Byakuya’s fighting spirit.。

Due to Bai Ye’s joining, the biggest trouble on the entire battlefield has disappeared. Under the training of high-level ninjas in the alliance, the number of Bai Jue’s army has continued to decrease sharply.。

There was even more comba

t power left to break through the blockade, and the situation on the battlefield was instantly reversed!

“damn it! What should we do now? !”

Payne looked anxious. Even he, who was not a sensor ninja, could feel the sound of fighting coming from outside at this moment.。

Their current situation is different. When using Magic Nine Dragons to block, they cannot attack. Once they attack, all their previous efforts will be wasted.。

“Everyone speed up the progress! Full output! Just hold on for a few more hours!”

Payne shouted in a deep voice。

There was no other way. In this case, everyone in the Akatsuki organization, including Obito, stopped covering up and released all their chakra.。

After all, Bai Ye told him to fully cooperate with the Akatsuki organization and act as if he never knew him.。

In an instant, the power of the originally stable Phantom Nine Dragons’ Forbidden City suddenly grew huge, and began to frantically extract the power of One-Tailed Shukaku.。

“Deidara, attack with all your strength! Be sure to keep the enemy at bay!”

Pain sent a message to Deidara. Deidara, who had been ordered to stick to his guns, seemed to have made some kind of decision and kept running away. Instead, he turned around and faced Bai Ye.。

“oh? Why didn’t the little mouse run away?”

Bai Ye joked。

“Humph, I was just letting you off the hook just now! Now you die~!”

Deidara roared with disdain, and then he saw him taking off his coat. At the position of his heart, a black word “Explosion” was so clear.。

“Next, is my real art! drink!”

Deidara roared angrily, and streams of chakra exploded out of his body. Immediately afterwards, he saw that his entire body began to become transparent, and everything converged on the word “Explosion” in his heart.


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