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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 411

In the sealed cave。

As the members of the Akatsuki organization continued to perform techniques, the chakra in Gaara’s body was continuously extracted in large amounts, and then integrated into the body of the outside demon.。

At this moment, several eyes have opened on the face of the heretic demon, and one of them has a pupil, and the second pupil is gradually forming.。

Gaara’s body and will have been completely sealed. With the continuous extraction of chakra, his life breath is also constantly decreasing.。

But at this moment, as the battlefield became heated, they were also shaken.。

“I didn’t expect that people from these big countries would come so quickly. Although the Kisame and others copied by the Shouzhen Jutsu are not that strong, they should be enough.。”

“It might have been enough just now, but it doesn’t work now. I can already feel it. That man is coming.。”

On the side, Jue said with some worry。

“Who is coming?”

Payne asked。

“Kirabi, the eight-tailed jinchuriki, and the nine-tailed jinchuriki, Byakuya who can perfectly coordinate with the tailed beasts to release ninjutsu!”

When Jue said the name Bai Ye, everyone present who knew the members felt their hearts sink.。

This name is really too popular these days.。

“Hey, it’s a pity that we can’t spare the manpower now, otherwise we would definitely still be able to get two tailed beasts.。”

Payne said with some regret.。

“Forget it, boss, let’s not talk about how powerful one Byakuya is. Just one tailed beast now makes us overwhelmed. If there are two more, we will really be exhausted.。”

Hidan complained at the side, and the others nodded.。

“Boss, let’s do it next time. It’ll be good if I can get this one done smoothly this


“Well, it is indeed difficult to catch them. After all, there are only Zetsu and Deidara outside now. Even if we add the White Jue army, we may not be able to break through the blockade of the million ninja army.。”

Black Zetsu wanted to say several times that he could catch him. After all, Madara was not far away. However, Madara’s identity was strictly confidential and he could not reveal his existence.。

At this time, in the outside world, Uchiha Madara, standing on the top of the mountain, also saw the coming white night.。

“oh? Is this the White Night of the Immortal Alliance? It smells so familiar, it’s Kyuubi。”

Uchiha Madara’s eyes were gloomy and uncertain。

Below, the arrival of Baiye is like a shot in the arm, filling many ninjas with fighting spirit.。

“Is everyone okay?”

Bai Ye entered the center of the battlefield. At this moment, the masters of the alliance were trying their best to deal with Deidara in the sky. Unfortunately, they did not have the ability to fly. At this moment, they were all bombed to disgrace, and there were also White Zetsu troops around who were difficult to kill. Existence, these things have no fear of death. Even if they will be blown to pieces, they will drag the Alliance ninjas to death together.。

“Lord Baiye, you are finally here! This enemy in the sky is so difficult to deal with!”

When Namikaze Minato saw Byakuya coming, he was immediately overjoyed. He hurriedly approached Byakuya and asked for help.。

There is no way, even if he has the Flying Thunder God, he can’t reach the sky。

“Well, okay, let me deal with this person, and you can go support other parts of the battlefield.。”

Bai Ye nodded, then jumped up and flew directly into the sky.


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