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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 410

Outside the cave, not only were Zetsu and Deidara patrolling, there were also copies of Uchiha Itachi and Kisame created by Pain using the Elephant Turn Technique. Although their strength was only one-third of their original bodies, they It’s also quite powerful.。

But what even the Akatsuki members don’t know is that on a big mountain next to the cave, Uchiha Madara’s figure is standing there, watching everything that happens here.。

“The show is finally about to begin。”

At this moment, outside the headquarters of the Immortal Alliance composed of Konoha Village and Yunyin Village, a super team composed of hundreds of thousands of ninjas lined up for dozens of kilometers.。

Last night, after they received urgent information from Sunagakure Village, they mobilized all ninjas above the genin level to form this Akatsuki-destroying army overnight.。

“Set off!”

Minato, who was standing at the head of the team, gave the order and the Akatsuki army rushed towards the place designated by Byakuya.。

In order to guard against sneak attacks by Kirigakure and Iwagakure, the third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen and the fourth Raikage Yozuki Ai did not set out together, but stayed here.。

However, a team of hundreds of thousands of ninjas alone is basically enough to sweep the current ninja world.。

As for Sunagakure, tens of thousands of Sunagakure ninjas had already arrived outside the cave because they had received the news from Bai Ye earlier than here.。

The people of the Akatsuki organization were caught off guard by this move. Who would have known that they would come here immediately? In desperation, Pain had to release the tens of thousands of White Zetsu troops in the golem’s body in advance. In addition, Itachi and Kisame, who had copied the Elephant Turn Jutsu, and Deidara, who were also with Sunagakure. Fighting without distinction。

After all, Sunagakure’s strength is not as strong as ot

her villages, so it does not disturb the progress inside.。

However, with the addition of the Immortal Mercenary Group, the battlefield became heated. The total number of people in Sunagakure and the Immortal Alliance Corps was even close to one million, and Akatsuki’s people were definitely not enough. Forced into desperation, Pain had no choice but to take a huge risk and use all the golem’s chakra to create White Zetsu, and then sent Scorpion to join the battlefield, thus maintaining the war situation.。

However, due to the chakra shortage of the golem and the lack of one seal caster, the sealing of the Phantom Nine Dragons, which could have been completed in two days, was delayed to three days.。

The melee of millions of ninjas created an extremely huge momentum, as if the Fourth Ninja War had broken out.。

The overwhelming sound of fighting could even be heard by Kirigakure and Iwagakure thousands of miles away, which forced the two villages that were about to make a move to suppress it.。

“Ninjas from the Immortal Alliance, kill these inhuman things for me!”

Namikaze Minato raised his arms and called out, sending hundreds of White Zetsu flying away with a single Rasendan pill.。

“Four generations……Elder Minato, unless these things knock off their heads or break up their bodies, they won’t die at all!”

Kankuro used a puppet to kill a White Zetsu who had been knocked down three or four times but stood up again, and shouted to Namikaze Minato。

“How abominable! You can’t even kill them! Why hasn’t Master Baiye come yet?”

At this time, Minato also observed that the white Zetsu who seemed to be dead actually stood up again after a while, and he couldn’t help but feel impatient.。

I am not like these monsters in this regard! If a ninja dies, he is really dead, but the chakra of these things seems to be inexhaustible, and even if it is consumed, he will definitely suffer a loss!


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