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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 407

“Byakuya? When did such a character appear in the ninja world? From what you said, he seems to be somewhat similar to my old rival, Senju Hashirama.”

Uchiha Madara’s eyes There was a light of interest in him. Having a strong opponent would certainly stimulate his warlike character.。

“So will our Eye of the Moon plan continue to be implemented? ”

Hei Jue asked with some worry.。

“Of course we have to execute it, the Eye of the Moon is our real plan, the rest are just appetizers to add to the fun. ”

Uchiha nodded and affirmed.。

“Well, I understand that. ”

Hei Zetsu also nodded, secretly relieved in his heart.

The Eye of the Moon plan is not only Madara’s ultimate goal but also his ultimate goal!

If Madara doesn’t use the Eye of the Moon, how can he resurrect Otongmu Kaguya? Woolen cloth?

“What’s going on over there now, Nagato? He should have mastered the art of reincarnation, right?”

“I should have it under control, but the current situation is a bit troublesome. ”

Hei Zeuzai carefully explained the situation on Nagato’s side and Obito’s problem.。

“Humph, Obito is not being controlled, but the spell in his body has been released. ”

Uchiha Madara snorted coldly, feeling the broken connection.

Time passed in a blink of an eye, and three days passed.

On this day, Byakuya, who was traveling around, suddenly got big news, that is, Sunagakure Village was raided. Got it!

“oh? Calculating the time, it was too late. ”

Byakuya nodded. According to the plot, although it is still a few years away, he is not too surprised that something like this happened now. After all, Kisame is also dead, Kumogakure Konoha has also merged, and the Akatsuki organization has accelerated its progress. It’s not unrealisti

c, and he also has some tips for Obito.。

“Then let me have a hand. ”

Byakuya smiled slightly, and left the scene in a flash, speeding towards the direction of Sunagakure Village.

In Sand Hidden Village.

At this time, an earth-shattering war was breaking out.

People from the Akatsuki organization mobilized in large numbers, Deidara, Akisa The scorpion, and even Fei, who was disguised as Obito who had hidden his identity, attacked Sunagakure Village. At

this time, the whole village was in a mess, with ruins and broken walls, and screams one after another.

In mid-air, there was still Gaara, a young boy who became Kazekage in advance because of Byakuya, controlled Shukaku’s giant claws and chased Deidara flying in the sky. And Deidara in the air was not to be outdone, using the explosive clay

ninjutsu The various bombs he created were constantly dropped. When attacking Gaara, he did not forget to bomb the Sand Hidden Village. Most of the buildings below were destroyed by him. And Gaara was still too young at the moment

. , unable to completely control Shukaku’s power, his movements were so slow that he couldn’t even touch Deidara’s sides. The

battlefield became so anxious, and because the battlefield was in mid-air, the people below were also powerless.。

“I said, Kazekage kid, I’m tired of playing, you can go and die. ”

Deidara sneered, and spit out several explosive birds from the mouth in his hand. He avoided Shukaku’s giant claws and attacked Gaara.。

“Guardian of the Sand! Gaara ,

who was still a little immature, waved his little hand, and countless sands came to his side in an instant, forming a layer of defense._To

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