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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 406

“Young people today are so arrogant.。”

Uchiha Madara’s black pupils instantly turned into the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, and said coldly。

“Haha, it seems that you, Uchiha Madara-senpai, died too early and know nothing about all this. Then let me tell you. The reason why you can be resurrected is because I used the filthy earth reincarnation technique created by the second Hokage Senju Hima.

This ninjutsu originally had some loopholes. For example, if the main body’s will is strong enough, it may break out of control, but after my transformation, this will never happen. And I also specially added ingredients for you to make your body more advanced than other reincarnations of the dirty earth, and your control power has also been increased several times.。”

Orochimaru didn’t care at all about Uchiha Madara’s murderous gaze, and said coldly。

“Hahaha! How dare you be so arrogant, have you seen my true power?”

Uchiha Madara laughed, and just when Orochimaru was about to stuff the kunai into his body, suddenly, a powerful force suddenly burst out from Uchiha Madara’s body, and Orochimaru was defenseless. It bounced away。

“Magnificent fireball technique!”

Immediately following Orochimaru, he saw Uchiha Madara’s hands quickly forming seals, and a huge fireball rushed directly towards his face!

“boom! ! ! There was a loud noise, and when he looked at Orochimaru, he was almost burned to char!

“You are! !”

Orochimaru held his chest and exclaimed in disbelief.。

“Lord Orochimaru!”

From the side, Jugo hurried over and helped Orochimaru. Turn around and run。

He is not as arrogant as Orochimaru.

When Jugo saw Uchiha Madara, he clearly realized that he was definitely no match for this man. The murderous aura emanating from the opponent’s eyes was enough to suffocate him. Got it!

“I, Orochimaru, will come back sooner or later!”

Orochimaru roared, said angrily, and then left instantly with Jugo’s help.。

Only he could understand the bitterness in Orochimaru’s heart at this moment. He originally thought that he could control a powerful ninja as his assistant, but he didn’t expect that he could steal the chicken but lose the rice.。

This is so embarrassing for him。

“Want to leave? !”

Uchiha Madara snorted coldly, and then used ninjutsu to completely obliterate Orochimaru.。

“Forget it, let him go now. As a spell caster, if he dies or is seriously injured, he can still cause you trouble.。”

Black Zetsu walked in front of him and stopped Madara Uchiha who was forming seals.。

“Then let him go. Black Zetsu, why do you want to resurrect me in this state now?”

Madara retracted his hand, since he didn’t even notice Orochimaru anyway. Turning to Hei Jue and asking。

This is completely different from his plan。

“In fact, the main reason is that a character named Byakuya has appeared in the ninja world. This person appeared without any warning. He directly unified the two countries of Kumogakure and Konoha and established an immortal mercenary alliance. The most important thing is because this person seems to have controlled Obito, and all the Nine and Eight Tails have fallen into his hands…….”

Black Zeuzai carefully told Madara Uchiha all the news he had obtained about Byakuya these days.


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