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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 403

“I didn’t expect you to be so powerful!”

Kisame looked at the five attributes of chakra emanating from around Byakuya’s body, and even several auras of the blood successor’s limited power. , his face became serious.

Although he has seen strong men who can control many, even all five chakra attributes like Bai Ye, but he has also mastered these five kinds of chakra attributes and can integrate them with the power of the blood successor. Within his knowledge, , only shadow-level characters can do it。

“Water escape! Big shark bomb! ”

Kisame didn’t dare to be careless at all. With his hands quickly forming seals, the huge water attribute chakra gathered into an A-level technique in his hands. The giant shark bomb was a dozen chapters high and was formed by the waves

. The shark rushed towards Bai Ye!

“It is indeed a tailless beast! If it were someone else instead of me here today, it’s hard to say whether I could beat you on this sea! ”

Bai Ye nodded and praised from the bottom of his heart. At

this moment, he had taken off the defenses of Armed Color Haki and Overlord Color Haki, and just relied on his body to feel the pressure brought by the Super Water Shark Bomb. As a result, it felt really good. It made him feel a hint of danger.

On the sea, a ninja who can control water is definitely several times more powerful than on land.

It’s a pity that what he met was not a ninja, but the super god-level Bai Ye…..

“The moves are very bluffing, but unfortunately they can’t even get close to me. Shatter it to me! ”

Bai Ye shouted coldly, and swung out a beast tail from behind, hitting the water shark bullet with a snap. The

water shark bullet shattered directly, and countless seawater was poured out, like a heavy rain.。

“Hehe, who said I can’t get close to

you? ”

But at this moment, Kisame’s face showed an evil smile as if his conspiracy had succeeded.

Then, his hands flew!

“Water escape! The art of shark bombs! ”

The water droplets flying in the air expanded instantly and turned into countless sharks. Although they were much smaller in size, there were so many that even those with white eyes couldn’t even think of counting them in a moment!

“Let me see how you block it now! ”

Kissame smiled evilly. This move was specially developed by him to restrain those ninjas with strong defenses. Generally speaking, they would choose to defend when facing this kind of attack, but at this time, his little shark is more useful. Because

they Another defense will be formed outside that defense, wrapping the entire ninja inside, and then leading the person directly into the seabed tens of thousands of meters below, crushing the person to death with powerful water pressure! This move can be described as insidious

. The limit! No one would have thought that their own defense would become their own grave!

It can be said that under normal circumstances, anyone else would do what Kisame expected in this situation.

It’s just a pity…….·

he met……·

It’s a white night! He is a person who does not act according to common sense at all!

“What a move to scatter the flowers of the goddess, then let me respond to you with a move to scatter the flowers all over the sky! Bai

Ye looked at the countless small sharks and sighed, and then he drew out his simple long sword under Kisame’s disbelieving gaze. Then he slashed out with the sword, and the endless

air waves spread out, sweeping away the small sharks. Everything was turned into steam…_To

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