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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 394

Bai Ye felt the violent aura on the fist, and directly displayed the armed domineering force and the iron block, one of the six navy styles.。

His fist was instantly covered with a layer of black substance, and he didn’t see any movement to accumulate power. He just punched out lightly, but it caused endless explosions in the air. !

The fists of the two people collided with each other!

“Bang! !”

There was a loud noise, and endless ripples of air erupted from the fists of the two men. But in the end, the shock wave from Bai Ye’s side was better. Lei Ying’s whole body was like a cannonball, and was directly knocked away to the thousandth place. Meters away!

With just a light punch, he was able to repel the violent Raikage. Not only the people of Konoha were shocked, but even the people of Kumogakure had unconcealed shock on their faces at this moment.。

Others don’t know it, but they know it. Although the Fourth Raikage has just come to power, he has been famous in Kumogakure Village for a long time, not only because he is the son of the Third Raikage, but also because he is powerful enough to compete with the Eight-Tails head-on. !

But now the Fourth Raikage was actually defeated by Byakuya? Doesn’t that mean……Is Byakuya’s power more powerful than the Eight-Tails? ! !

“Hahaha! happy! I never thought that there are people in this world who can compare with me physically!”

The Fourth Raikage, who had stabilized his body, dodged and entered the battlefield again. Instead of becoming angry, he laughed loudly, and his eyes showed a touch of respect for Byakuya from the initial disdain.。

“It’s just each other. The Fourth Raikage, your power is something I have rarely seen in Byakuya’s life.。”

Bai Ye rubbed his fists and said。

In fact, he didn’t feel much better just now. The fourth generation R

aikage felt like a bomb to him. At the moment when the two people’s fists butted, if Byakuya hadn’t added the overlord’s domineering energy to his body in time, then that moment just now would have happened. Suddenly it was not just the Fourth Raikage who was repulsed, but both of them suffered losses.。

“This Navy Six Style is still good at dealing with pirates, but it pales in comparison here.。”

Bai Ye couldn’t help but sigh. If he had used other moves, he was confident that he would cause pain to the Fourth Raikage in one move. But now he has a full understanding of his own power.。

“Without further ado! Take advantage of me again, this time I won’t have any reservations! Thunder escape chakra mode!”

The Fourth Raikage roared loudly, and a layer of electricity directly covered his whole body. His body, which was already one size larger than an ordinary person, once again grew larger. Under the influence of the Haki of the Seeing Color, Bai Ye clearly I feel that if the Fourth Raikage just now was as powerful as the One-Tailed One, then he can compete with the Three-Tailed One now.。

“No one will die after taking advantage of my move. Bai Ye, don’t let me down! Thunder-torture level Chiyomai!”

The Fourth Raikage, who was covered by the Thunder Release Chakra Mode, roared angrily, and then his body disappeared in an instant!

When he reappeared, he was already on top of Bai Ye’s head, and all the thunder-attribute chakra from his body was gathered into his hands, forming a thunder knife that was a hundred feet tall, and it was pointed straight towards Bai Ye’s Tianling Gai. Crack it down!

If hit by this move, even a person who has cultivated his armed color domineering to the extreme will definitely be split in two! After all, this is the ultimate move of Susanoo who once destroyed Uchiha Madara!


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