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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 386

“Originally, you were going to stop Itachi, Danzo and Orochimaru after the Uchiha clan was exterminated. But due to changes in certain circumstances, the plan has now changed. You should be prepared to stop their plan to destroy Uchiha in three days! I will help you secretly。”

After saying this, the voice disappeared together with the silver film, and everything returned to normal.。

“Damn it, you are so awesome! “Bai Ye slapped his thigh and sighed.。

This change was simply too pleasant for him, who had a straightforward temperament. And he didn’t want the Uchiha clan to be wiped out. Wouldn’t it be nice to just wipe out all the people like Danzo in the past?

Then, Byakuya appeared in the Hokage’s office。

“Forehead…Mr. Byakuya, I swear on my Hokage’s name that this will never happen!”

“I also swear on my behalf that there is no such thing…”

The Sandaime and the Yondaime looked at the high-spirited Bai Ye in front of them, and they were both speechless for a while….

After all, if someone suddenly appeared in front of you and said that you were going to kill all your relatives, no one would believe it….

“This matter was conspired by Danzo and Orochimaru. Anyway, whether you believe it or not, I want you to……”

“so….Oh well. “Minato hesitated for a moment and finally agreed.。

After all, this thing is not difficult to do, and he is Konoha’s benefactor, so it is worth doing this to repay his kindness.。

Although it would seem so unreal if Bai Ye told the matter directly before, it would still attract their attention. Then as the subsequent requests are made, it will naturally become more reasonable.。

In the underground se

cret room of ANBU:

“How’s it going, Orochimaru? Have you almost collected the evidence? ” Danzo stretched out his right arm. When he thought that soon his arm would be covered with Sharingan, he couldn’t help but feel excited.。

“Hey, don’t worry. The evidence has almost been collected. “Orochimaru patted the thick file in his hand. It was full of evidence that the Uchiha family organized a rebellion and colluded with other villages.。

“Shisui, Itachi. Are you ready? “Seeing that everything is ready and all we need is Dongfeng, Danzo nodded with satisfaction, and then asked the two most important executors of this plan.。

“Ready! “The words came out in unison, and two teenagers were seen walking out of the door. One of them had the Mangekyo Sharingan. It was Danzo who should have taken away the eye. Then he entrusted the other eye to Itachi and then committed suicide in the river. Shisui Uchiha。

But at this moment, due to the arrival of Bai Ye, everything changed, and Shisui became the executor.。

The other person is naturally Sasuke’s brother, Uchiha Itachi, who can be called the “most powerful brain” among Hokage. But now Itachi only has the three Magatama Sharingan.。

There was an inexplicable coldness in their eyes. But no matter what, tonight, for the sake of the village, they will all become the sinners of genocide, the rebellious ninja of Konoha.。

At the moment, there is no Akatsuki organization outside. They will be left outside after tonight. As Konoha’s Anzi, go to other villages to assassinate people who threaten Konoha until they die. From this moment on, it can be said that their lives are destined to perish in the darkness.


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