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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 383

Danzo looked at the blurry face outline on his left shoulder and asked with some dissatisfaction.

Yes, the person standing next to him right now, debugging various potions, is Orochimaru who just had a battle with Byakuya!

On the surface, he betrayed Konoha, but secretly he was still working as a double agent, working for Shimura Danzo. It’s his other identity.

But now he seems to have returned to normal. There was no trace of the severe injury suffered by Bai Ye just now.

Danzo knew about Orochimaru and the masked man’s plan, but he did not interfere or participate.

Both of them have evil intentions, and it is difficult for anyone to take advantage of the other.。

“How could the chakra of Lord Tuanmiya and the First Hokage be so easy to control? You are really making things difficult for me. “After Orochimaru said this, he injected another tube of medicine into Danzang’s body.

Without pausing, Orochimaru picked up two more medicines.。

“Implanting Thousand Hands cells into you in advance now is just to allow your body to adapt better and to prepare for our future plans.。”

“Well, that plan still cannot be relaxed and must be accelerated. How is the evidence? “A trace of greed flashed in Tuan Zang’s eyes, and he asked。

“Danzo-sama, you can rest assured that we already have almost all the evidence of the Uchiha clan’s rebellion. According to various signs, they are already planning a rebellion. It is estimated that it will not take five or six years for them to take action. Orochimaru


“Hum, Uchiha people are born with anti-bone spots is the best example. The purpose of assigning them to the edge of the village is to better control them. According to me, the security work of Konoha should not be entrusted to Uchiha in the fi

rst place. It is unwise to give them rights like this. “Danzo snorted coldly and said with a hint of dissatisfaction – it can be seen that he was also slightly critical of his teacher, the second generation Hokage.。

“Oh, by the way, how did Danzo end up like this? Could it be that he had a battle with Kyuubi? Hahaha. “Orochimaru joked.

Fighting Nine-Tails? Don’t be kidding, just based on his understanding of Danzo. Danzo is a timid person. If he is not pushed to the limit, he will only choose to escape. He is more accustomed to instructing his men to die.

So who pushed Danzo to this point, making him almost use the forbidden technique, causing the suppression of the Wooden Chakra to almost collapse? Orochimaru is really

good Curious.

Could it be that man?

Thinking of this, Orochimaru gritted his teeth with hatred.

Because of that man named Byakuya, he was forced to use the reincarnation technique in advance. In the next three years, even if he encountered an excellent body, he could not Taking it away, how could he not hate it?

“Why, didn’t you go to the ground to see what happened? ” Danzo glanced at him lightly. A coldness suddenly filled the entire laboratory.

In the ANBU, if someone dared to mock him like this just now, he would be a frozen corpse now. But Orochimaru is not him His subordinates can be regarded as partners at most. With this delicate relationship, he can only express his dissatisfaction slightly in this way.。

“Oh~oh~oh~ Danzo, don’t be so angry. I’m just curious, nothing else. “Orochimaru casually waved his hand to drive away the coldness that wanted to surround him. This hand

made Danzo look at Orochimaru with admiration again._To

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