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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 380

Danzo Shimura hasn’t finished speaking his sexy words yet, this guy is just halfway through pretending. He heard someone around him exclaiming: “Look, it seems that the seal can’t touch his body!”

Danzo was startled when he heard the sound, and turned around to look, only to find that the formation had been restricted to Bai Ye’s feet from just now. , unable to move forward an inch at all.

What’s even more surprising is that Bai Ye, who is standing in the center, doesn’t seem to feel any pressure at all, with a faint sarcastic expression on his face.。

“impossible! This is impossible! ! ! ”

Shimura Danzo roared with heavy breathing, his eyes were as big as cowbells, and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.。

“Why? ! Why am I unable to do anything to you in the Four Symbols Sealing Formation that I have carefully studied for half my life! ”

Shimura Danzo shouted in collapse.。

“What am I talking about, Lord Byakuya! Just invincible..”The nymphomaniac female ninja from before was weak and unconvinced.。,

“With an outward tone, you must also be their accomplice!”

“Wind Escape – Vacuum Jade!”

“Die! “At this moment, Danzo was completely in a state of madness because his life-long efforts were denied. He heard the female ninja resisting him. In anger, he directly hit him with a vacuum jade. He was originally just a C-level wind escape ninja. In the hands of Danzo Shimura, the Jade Vacuum Jade exerted great power, smashing all the earth escape protection created by the female ninja with great force. It was about to hit the female ninja, and everyone around it Those who didn’t dare to anger Danzo didn’t dare to take action, and the third generation was too far away from her. At this moment, the distant water couldn’t save the near fire.

The female ninja hugged herself with helpl

ess hands, but what could stop her!

With Danzo’s Ability, this move may even cut off the hands and head!

At this critical moment,

Bai Ye’s figure, who was unable to move in the formation just now, appeared in front of the female ninja like a god. The vacuum jade hit one meter in front of Bai Ye, and was absorbed by a burst of twisted space black holes in mid-air. It only sent out “Peng!” Peng! “Two muffled sounds. And Bai Ye was naturally unscathed.。

“ah! ah! ah! What kind of monster are you! The technique of instantaneous body and the technique of space! How did you learn it? ”

Danzo’s eyes were red and he roared manically. He didn’t understand what kind of existence the man in front of him who made him feel a sense of despair and powerlessness was.。

“Well. what are you saying? Why can’t I understand? ”

Byakuya looked at Danzo in front of him with an innocent face, and said calmly.

No one noticed the light flashing on his right hand, and a card with the power of the Flying Thunder God and the Mangekyo Sharingan printed on it was absorbed. go in…

“Are you OK? “Ignoring Danzo anymore, Byakuya turned to the petite, cute and nymphomaniac kunoichi behind him, and greeted with a smile.

This smile was as warm as the spring breeze blowing on the face, and the slightly magnetic voice even warmed the surroundings. The frightened hearts of all female ninjas。

“Ah~~so handsome. “The female ninja let out a coquettish cry, then fainted and fell on Bai Ye’s body.。

“Hey, who of you can come over and help her? “Bai Ye said helplessly.

How could he not know that this little girl is still awake? With more than 20 years of memories of the past life, he really understands this kind of little girl’s mentality better._Feilu reminds you:

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