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Pirates: Eat souls to become stronger chapter 377

As soon as Danzo said these words, the ninjas around him were all shocked. After all, Danzo is second only to the Hokage in the village, so what he says is naturally very authoritative. Because most ninjas blindly follow him. At this moment, when they heard what Danzo said, they couldn’t help but take two steps back……

There’s nothing I can do, the guy in front of me is too strong…If they are really enemies, then let’s leave it to the ANBU….

“I said Danzo…”Daime couldn’t stand it any longer and was about to speak out to persuade him.。

“Shut up! Sarutobi! As the former Hokage, you cannot recognize people with your clear eyes. Spies from other villages almost sneaked into the village. Regarding your culpability, wait until I capture this little thief! ”

Before the Sandaime could say anything, he was sternly dismissed by Danzo.

After all, he is now the head of the Anbu, and his power is second only to the contemporary Hokage. And Sarutobi Hiruzen, the predecessor, to put it nicely, is the former Hokage, to put it more bluntly He is just an idle old man. Although he has a say in the Elder Council and can represent Konoha externally.

But internally, the real power is still in the hands of Danzo and Konoha’s senior officials.

The Sandaime is silent. The first thing a ninja must do is The only thing he can do is obey orders. Now he is just an ordinary ninja, and he is just a subordinate to Danzo. It can be said that even if Danzo asks him to kneel down and apologize, he can only follow it. This is the rule of ninjas. Minato? He doesn’t even have it

. Have a say。

“So there’s nothing to talk about? “Seeing Danzo’s attitude. Bai Ye’s tone also turned cold.。

“Let’s take it easy. If you are really as innocent as you say, just follow

me back to ANBU and accept the memory probe. If you resist, I may kill you directly! ”

Seeing that his old comrade-in-arms was now humbled in front of him, Danzo was very satisfied with his high spirits at this moment. His attitude was also unintentionally publicized. Little did he know that the people around him were looking at Danzo like a fool at this moment. The white night was


before They all saw the Kyuubi scene clearly!

“Do you think Danzo-sama is crazy? I remember that Danzo-sama and the Sandaime-sama often competed when they were young, but they never won. And Lord Sandaime is no match for Kyuubi. Now Danzo-sama has to fight a terrible person who casually destroyed Kyuubi……”An elderly chuunin whispered to his old friend in the crowd.

He didn’t dare to let Danzo hear this, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to survive even if he had a hundred lives.。

“Shh! Keep your voice down. You don’t care what he does. If he likes to seek death, just let him do it. We won’t lose anything anyway. “Another old jounin lowered his voice and said.

Danzo was abused? That’s great. I remembered that my young son went on a mission to another village and everyone else died. Only his son escaped and was killed by Danzo. If he thought he was a traitor, he would be publicly executed. He even hoped that Danzo would be beaten to death directly.

“Anbu ninja! Come on! “After giving the order, as soon as Danzo raised his hand, dozens of ANBU jounin surrounded Byakuya. The

positions of these ANBU jounin were very particular, and they vaguely formed a strange formation, which seemed to have What special ability. But Bai Ye was unmoved. He just watched them behaving like this._To

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